Like many but can't stop hoping

Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 7:03 PM By: Scarletteamswift

I know everyone wants to meet Taylor Swift. I am no different. I absolutely adore her and can relate to her on so many levels. Some days I deal with so much at school. Boys, friends, embarrassing moments ....her songs could be my life some days. I have dreamed since I was 8yrs old of meeting her. We went to see Speak now in Nashville. It was so amazing. It was like being a disney world. It was a fairytale come to life before my eyes. I had seats up high. They took my sign going in. Said they were not allowed. Somehow people got them in. My mom and my nana went. My nana is 63. She had never been to a concert. She was very suprised at how much she liked it. My mom was a single mom so we didnt have enough money to get the close seats. First off they were sold out on the regular ticket site then she had to buy them on one of the mark up sites. She did the best she could with it. It was my Birthday present. I really really wanted to meet Taylor. I sent the text messages to the screen before the show and everything. I prayed and prayed. No luck. i was really glad and thankful I got to even go to the concert but I was so deeply sad that did not and have yet to meet her. My mom wrote ellen like many others asking her to hopefully one day help us meet her. no luck. Now Red is coming. My mom is going to do her very best to get me the VIP tickets It is my christmas present but she said even if she gets them they don't include a meet and greet with Taylor. I am hoping eventually taylor will read this or some message I send and invite me to meet her. I am going to the Atlanta show. Taylor please pick me. It is my dream of a lifetime to meet you. Does anyone have advice on how I can meet her or contest or something? Thanks............Scarlett "Red"

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    On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 1:02 PM, Maddie Mouse said:

    Ahhh i hope you meet her! Your so lucky i really want to go to one of her concerts i've NEVER BEEN!!!Wish she'd tour in the u.k. i really love taylor swift shes so inspiring. I can relate to her to. Do u ever want to sing mean really loud in that guys face who always has to break you? Well i do! But were stronge and together fearless. Tell me if you get to meet her i'd love to hear about it!! xxxxx

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  1. Like many but can't stop hoping

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