Hi my name is Karlie and i am 16
I live in the wonderful rainy state of Washington
-If you don't live in Washington State well it RAINS all the TIME we had 30 days of sun this summer, its a record.
I absolutely love the subject English
I love to read all the time
I have red hair blue eyes
I love Taylor Swift
I tend to overshare, if you want to stop reading its okay i promise

I LOVE taking pictures. Not of people but of things, like the way tree's frame the sun or how a flower shows so much color against a world of green in a forest. I feel like people pictures aren't out there, they're not tellling you who they are making you different from somebody else, they're not telling you a story they're just standing there. Now i dont mean all pictures of people but ones where they're sitting on a bench reading the paper, those are everywhere but ones where you're in a place of poverty that's different and it tells so much more of a story.

I am currently a high school student, 11th grade, my grades are good i guess.

"Speak for the Silent, Stand for the Broken" (Mike Smith)
"Dude. Be Nice" (Mike Smith)

My friends always call me the problem solver. I love to help people in any way, when i get older i want to be a teacher or a nurse and travel the world to help the underprivldged or to teach them. Some of you probably think yea right that's a huge thing to reach for but i'm going for it. Right talking about my friends, hm.. Well... We al do crazy things with our friends right? I hope so otherwise we'd be more weird and crazy than we really are.

My favorite movies are/Movies to watch
One for the Money "You had it coming cupcake"
Step up two the streets "It shouldn't matter what you wear, what school or what neighborhood your from because the best part of the streets is not what you got its what you make of what you got."
Real Steal- Charlie- "Max, i.. i really want you to know. No i need you to know, i..." Max-" Don't worry your. Secret's safe with me."
Step up 3- "if you choose that one path, it doesn't mean you have to abandon all the other ones.I realize it actually what happens along the way that counts; the stumbles, the falls, and the friendships. It's the journey and not the destination."
The Blind Side- Coach to Mike-"Were you taking him?" Mike to Coach- "To the Bus stop."
Sydney White- "Don't worry... i'll smile for my mug shot"
She's The Man- "I get to shower, I get to shower" she sings
Next- "I've seen every possible ending, and none of them are good for you" said to the guy holding his girlfriend, guy gets shot in the hand. "That wasn't it" then the guy gets shot in the head. "That was"
-"There's an Italian painter, named Carlotti, and he uh, ahem, defined beauty. He said it was the summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away or altered, and that's you. You're beautiful."
Octoberbaby- "To be human is to be beautifully flawed."
"I'm Hanna... And this is my story... its not what you think"
Brave- "If you had the chance to change your fate. Would you?"
The Odd Life of Timothy Green- Soccer Coach to Timothy "Why are you smiling?" Timothy "Beucase i can only get better"
Trouble With the Curve-"I know I'm as blind as a slab of concrete, but I'm not helpless. I'll put a bullet in my head when that happens."
The Princess Bride- "Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something."
"“Just because you're beautiful and perfect, it's made you conceited.”
Water for Elephants- "August: The world runs on tricks, everyone plays but it's having a true talent, a gift born within something no degree can give you, you have such talent"
Remember Me- "Ally: I have my dessert first. Tyler: Is this a political statement? A medical condition Ally: I just don’t see the point in waiting for something I know I want and am going to have. Why risk it?"

But my absolute favorite movie is Burlesque! I could watch that movie over and over!!!!! If you haven't seen it or any of the movies on the list you really should they're great movies!!!!

Books I LOVE!!!
Vampire Academy
The House of Night
This Lullaby
The Hunger Games
Beautiful Creatures
Harry Potter
Oh Gosh so many more, i love to read...

I absolutley love to read, if you're a reader please message me some really good book's you've read, i'd love to know what they are and read them if i haven't already! Also if you'd like i'd be happy to share some i've read with you...

I have attended three concerts-
Tim McGraw- Love and Theft as his warm up and Lady A as his opening
The Band Perry
Lady A- Thomspson Square and Darious Rucker as their warm up and opening
Hunter Hayes (August 2013)
and hoping to add Taylor to this list

I first heard Taylor on the radio singing Love Story and went home and looked the song up, and thats when i fell in love with her music. My favorite C.d is RED and my favorite song is Long Live, The Moment I Knew, Holy Ground, Fearless, Fifteen, The Outside, Mary's Song. I love the songs at the end of C.D's (Change and Long Live) because they're different from the rest of the C.D

Thank you for taking your time to read this about me, i know it's long but thank you anyway i really apprciate it. By the way i'm on here a lot lately so if you wanna say hi or talk about something just private message me and i'll answer as soon as i can. School, friends and family can keep you pretty busy!

Check out my links to see my pictures.

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