Friend troubles?? (for those of you that enjoy reading drama)

Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 6:20 PM By: Starlight13Taylor

Okay so last year there were three of us that were like total bffs. We did everything together. But this past summer they just ran off together and ditched me. I never received one call from them the whole summer long. I didn't even hang out with them at all! It hurt really bad because in school we were such good friends, I don't know what happened. Well something really sad happened to one of those friends over the summer. Her mother passed away. After that, she had to move away because she had to go live with her real dad. Since she was gone, the other girl that I used to be good friends with was all alone. She came running right back to me. I felt really bad about this, but I totally ignored her when she would talk to me. We are in the same Utah Studies class and we sit near each other, and she is always trying to talk to me. I hate ignoring people so I sometimes answer with one word replies like Sure, Okay, and sometimes I just shrug my shoulders. Well the other day one of my other friends asked me if I was still friends with this other girl. I told her no, and when she asked why I wouldn't tell her. I hate these type of things, and I don't want her going up to this other girl and hurting her feelings. She has been begging me to tell her for the past few days lol. Anyways so we had a orchestra concert the other night, and the girl that moved away cause her mom died came to the performance. Courtney (the girl I am not friends with anymore. The one in my utah studies class) is in Orchestra too. While we were sitting in the audience watching another class perform, I looked over and saw the girl who had been asking me why I wasn't friends with Courtney anymore sitting right next to Courtney. They were talking and Courtney didn't really look very happy. I looked away and just shrugged it off. I swear that she threw something at me because I felt something land on my shoulder. It was just a crumpled piece of tape, but still. It made me mad! She was the one that had ditched me and not talked to me for like 3 months! Even in school she was mean to me. Always insulting me and something that made me uncomfortable, is sometimes she would even swear. Grrr that girl makes me mad, even looking at her makes me want to kill her. Anyways getting back to the story. So after the orchestra concert, I went to go see Jasmine (the one who's mother had died). It was great seeing her. She is still the same old Jasmine and is still nice. I am not mad at her at all because Courtney has the reputation of "Friend Stealer", and it's pretty true lol. So we talked for a bit, and then she asked me "So I heard you aren't really hanging out with Courtney anymore." I HATE TALKING ABOUT THESE KIND OF THINGS!! I brushed off the question by saying "Yeah." and kind of laughing a bit (I do this when things are awkward lol). Luckily she changed the subject. But I felt like Courtney would be coming soon (for Jasmine is HER bff) and so I told her I better get going. The next morning, I got on facebook and saw that Jasmine and Courtney had gone to The Breaking Dawn part 2 movie or whatever, which didn't really bother me because I HATE TWILIGHT! But still there they go again, just hanging out together and not inviting me. Well it shouldn't bother anymore, but I like hanging out with Jasmine. It's fun and she is just so nice. Courtney is just kind of like ummmm mean. I wonder why such a nice person would want to hang out with a mean person. But oh well it's her choice, and I don't have the right to say who can hang out with who. I am sorry I wrote this, but if you read it all, THANK YOU SO MUCH! so has anything like this happened to you before? Tell me in the comments if you want haha THANKS!! :)

  1. I Remember Your Blue Eyes avatar

    On Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 1:52 PM, I Remember Your Blue Eyes said:

    I don't have the right to say this happened to me, but I can give you advice. Maybe you could rearrange something where you have Courtney and Jasmine over at your house. Maybe Courtney is just hiding something, but like I said, I can't say this happened to me, so I'm not sure. If your not comfortable with that, then just tell Jasmine how you feel. I guess that always works :)

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    On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 6:33 PM, lovestory123 said:

    I'm sorry i will be your friend!
    I'm going through a similar situation now too! So i'm here if you want to talk

  3. ODD TAYLOR FAN 13 avatar

    On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 6:30 PM, ODD TAYLOR FAN 13 said:

    I cant say that happened to me ever! People can just really suck at times!

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