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Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 8:51 PM By: SwiftieHere13

So I'm a simple girl in a little town. I am obsessed with Taylor Swift or as my friends put it "I'm dedicated" I've been playing guitar for 2 years now and it's thanks to Taylor! I am actually a new-ish swiftie.

~How I Became A Swiftie~
One day my mother and I were trying to find a movie to watch on Netflix. Then my mom said, "We should watch Taylor Swift: Journey To Fearless," and I was like, "ok put it on," Then my mom started to play the first episode and I immediately came overly OBESSSED with this singer/song writer ; Taylor Swift. I then had to go to bed after that first episode (since it was late at night). I then found myself not going to sleep instead i was thinking of how talented Taylor was and how badly i want to meet her! i couldnt sleep at all that night or the whole week. The next morning was school (i was dead tired) and I went to my friends and started singing Tim McGraw. They looked at me weirdly like, "What the heck happened to you?" And I'm like "I'm a Fan now". Then later on in the year I figured I turned into a swiftie. WHICH WAS EVEN BETTER!!

~Long Live Taylor And The Swifties!~

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