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hi fellow swifties, im violet :)

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I live in australia and love it here!
I'm a vegitarian! Not lying! :)
I would love it if you could look at my song book in the links. (i just started it so I only have one song).
This christmas has been AWESOME!! I got my first computer! I got Wonderstruck, Speak Now concert on DVD, signed by Taylor! I also got her christmas album! :) I feel like the luckiest girl ever!
I would love it if you could visit my grafic shop and my song book. (They are in my links).

I love cats!

i love the cheshire cat!

I love anything taylor swift and bright colours.
I also LOVE dresses (even though none of my friends do!)
My other favourite singer is Katy Perry.

I have been to her speak now concert and absolutly loved it! I wanted to go to fearless but couldnt.
This is what i was like when i found out i was going to her concert:

I couldn't believe it! ^

At my school camp i was wearing a t-shirt i got from speak now and people laughed at me. i just ignored them because taylor taught me to be fearless. All they are is mean. Thanks taylor! :)

I have an older brother who is really annoying and always tells me to shutup when im singing and listening to taylor!
I ignore him though cos he's a hipacrit.
i would be enchanted and wonderstruck to meet taylor swift.

Random facts about me: :)

Fav colour:purple

Fav food:chips

Fav book:the hunger games trilogy

Fav movie:the hunger games

Fav singer: Tayor Swift (duh du jour)

Fav saying:Duh du jour! (duh of the day)lol

I love typing smily faces! :)

My hobbies:singing, writing, doing art and reading.

I like twirling my hair :)

I like random dancing:)

I'm TERRIFIED of spiders!

Pugs are my favourite type of dogs:

I love the red photoshoot!

What do you think of my first grafic?:

I want her room! :)

I love the song Enchanted.

Taylor Swift, the golden girl.

This is how i am to swifties. :)

This is how I am when people say Taylor's a bad singer:

Why?They're mean :(

This is my first grafic. What do you think?

Flipping your hair around is so fun! :D

Love this song!^

LOL :D ^

I am obssesed with the hunger gmes!
TEAM PEETA 4 EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also love Harry Potter:

'Don't mess with us^'
You don't like Harry Potter?

Pffffft! Your crazy!
Ahhhhh! You don't like Harry Potter!
If you do then:

For some reason (i don't know why) I almost always feel like saying:

Hey are you:
Sorry for asking! Yikes!

Not everyone knows your scared of spiders!
I will loveTaylor Swift, The Hunger Games and Harry Potter:

Never forget to:

Thankyou for visiting! :)

Peace Out :)

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