Hi there! :)
My name' Anna
I'm 16 years old and from Austria. Austria is this little country in the middle of Europe, which many people either don't know or mistake for Australia, but no, we sadly don't have kangaroos here.
Some things about me: I'm crazy about cats. Like, extremly. I'm quiet sure I'll become one of these weird cat ladys who live in a huge house with flower-patterns everywhere and 50 cats when I'm old.
I love Tadar Sauce, the Grumpy Cat, she's very much like my own cat...
I LOVE baking.
I think there's nothing better than coffee and tea.
I read a lot.
I love sad movies/books way too much that it could be healthy. Something about me must be wrong because I love to cuddle up in a lot of blankets and cry my eyes out because of a sad story. haha ^^
I love to discover new music. I generally listen to a lot of unkown Indie music. I'm SOOOO HIPSTER. (don't worry, that was ironic ^^)
Some of my favourite musicians are: Taylor Swift (Duh!) Imagine Dragons (I MET THEM & THEY'RE SO NICE & COOL!! Sorry I'm always getting very excited about that ^^), Nico Vega, Franz Ferdinand, The Narrative, The Honey Trees, Daughter, Kodaline, Tom Odell, Ed Sheeran, Portugal. The Man and many many more, but I can't write my whole bio just about what music I listen to. ^^
I have this weird love for Britain and everything British. I think I was born in the wrong country. ^^
This was a lot of nonsense, thanks for reading it anyway! :D

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    Hi how are you?????

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    I know :) It's one of my favourite stories :)

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    I love your avatar and your username!! :D

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    hi how are you?

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