I don't know if when you click on the picture it brings you anywhere. Something might be wrong. would you tell me if it gets you anywhere?.

True. the sun will come out tomorrow, but just so you know, the Sun is up today. --TayloredToLove

Giving up is like saying, "I think I'll stop believing in something I really Loved.--TayloredToLove

Either you chase your dreams or you fight for them, either way they're worth wasting your breath on.--TayloredToLove

Don't be intimidated...

Be inspired. --TayloredToLove

When I hear the words Taylor Swift I think of happiness, and memories of singing Love Story with my sisters at the top of our lungs and laughing because we were so off key. I think of life, and how wonderful it can be if you let it; I think of dreams, and hope, and love along with heartbreak. Taylor Swift has been with me through a lot. When I felt down in the muck, like my life was nothing worth noting she gave me a reason to be better---I don't know how, but every time I heard her music, she made want to be better. And all the times I danced around in my room it was her song I dance to; smiles on my face came with her loving heart and fantastic writing! : ) I can't thank her enough.
I've seen Swift twice now: once at her Speak Now tour and again when my world turned RED Both time I went with my sisters and brother, who are three out six people that mean the most to me. I'd do anything for them. : )

Now I'm a talk about me, gonna talk about I, gonna talk about number oh my oh my! ;P MAJOR lol. Just quoting country music. :)
Well, about me..hmm. I love a lot of things. So many, I think it wise to only name a few.
I love dance. More than any other passion I love dance. I don't write a whole lot about how much I love and I guess I should so you can better understand. I'm feeling a Blog coming on...;P I also love pink, but not just the color, I also love P!nk the singer. My favorite artist however will be forever and always Taylor Swift. Just like my favorite band will always be Lifehouse. Oh yeah. :)

Thanks again for reading my page! Feel free to comment, or FRIEND me! All Swifties are welcome here!

clips given to me by the ever enchanting FearlesssNovelist

This is me and my sister Clare : ) I'm Selena and she's Taylor. And this is me and my sister catherine. I'm Taylor, she's Abigail.

another pic of me and my sister Catherine. She's Rapunzel and I'm Pascal. :P

I love them both SO much!

By the starlight named Darling it was good.

I love The Doctor with a passion

Laughing doesn't hurt either. TayloredToLove

Love is a mystery to me. But I know one thing. It's RED. TayloredToLove

These are by GlitterFun30

Aren't they Awesome?!

This is mine again. :P

how I get when I'm talking to a boy

this is me when I here a Taylor song

this is me when someones says they don't like Taylor

this is me when someone asks me a question I don't know the answer to

what I really want to be able to do

I know, I really like Dena Kaplan :)

Tayor Swift has been getting a lot of flak about her performances lately, and i'm like:

And if we could make Ta Ta happy I would be like:

So I'm going to make a banner that will hopefully lift Miss Swift's spirits up. So once I make it would you please maybe re-post it everywhere humanly possible in the hopes that she'll see it?

This graphic is by the amazing girl by the TC name Forbidden Kiss. Check out her shop Sparkling Creations! : )

This is by me. I love Fall. ;)

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  1. mcfearless avatar

    On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 10:55 PM, mcfearless said:

    Hey there and no worries, thanks for accepting!

    And yeah, it was great seeing her after her birthday - the crowd sung 'happy birthday' to her and everything, it was great!

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    ;p ttyl;p

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    ;p yep hopefully joining it after high school;p thtas my goal;p then after training nd when i have about a week leave im going to buy a ticket to one of her concerts if shes still an artis. i read this magazine i forget which one cause i burned it since it was cold but she said she would stop writing albumms and become an investigator and that she wouldnt know if it would make her write more songs or less songs

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    Add me ?

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    On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 9:32 PM, ShandiMusic94 said:

    Thank you :) and the fun. club isn't mine haha

  10. charlotte_XD avatar

    On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 3:25 AM, charlotte_XD said:

    i like reading books i'm reading this series right now they are soo good :D
    i also love baking and singing but i don't sing that good and it drives everybody crazy but i
    don't care because i just love it to mutch :)
    have you danst before in a class ?

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