Hi, I'm Emma, you Swifties can just call me Em.
The following is just for fun so, um, you can skip a paragraph if you want to!

So... I,um, hope you guys like my blogs. You know, I used to have this... um, this really awesome account that was... well, really awesome! ;)
So I, uh, um, well, um. Well, uh, everybody loved my blogs and loved me (sorry, I'm uh, um, uh, well, just SO conceited. LOL.) and so, yeah, um, yeah.
Um, so yeah. Sorry about, um, well, um, all the 'um's and 'uh's and 'well's and 'yeah's. It's just a habit.
So, um, yeah... I hope we can all be friends!!!
So... read my blogs! You know!? Click my links! Thanks!!! Um...
PS. Thanks for ,um, thanks for wasting your time reading this too. :D
PPS: Follow me on twitter!

Okay, this is the actual thing, that was, UM, just for fun. ;)

So, the first time I heard the name Taylor Swift was 5 years ago, and at the time I actually thought she was a man!!! And then the next year I discovered Tim Mcgraw, and the Taylor Swift album. I thought, " nice voice. weird hair." But then i heard Our Song and loved it. It was all I listened to. In 2010, there was the Fearless tour. One day at school my 2 BFFs were humming Love Story. I asked which song it was, they showed me the music video. Basically, at the start I was like: 'Hmm, she's very pretty' and 'Nice' and at the end I was like: 'OMG THIS IS AWESOME WHO IS THIS GIRL I THOUGHT SHE WAS A MAN' and then I fell in love with fearless and her two albums and then when there was Speak Now almost released ( and a few songs leaked, of course ) I thought haunted and story of us and back to december was amazing. And the other songs, of course. ( Later in the year me and my BFFs did a cover of Love Story in a talent show and we were #2 out of about 30!!! ) And now there's Red, which i love, even though my fave album was Fearless.
My favourite album and tour is Fearless...
1. In my opinion fave. songs.
2. She made video blogs then and doesn't anymore.
3. She vowed never to change herself for a boy (she broke that vow last year).
4. She always looked like she was having fun on stage. Now she smiles, but doesn't give us all that AWESOME TAYLOR GRIN.
5. She went through the whole crowd hugging the fans.
6. She put her hand out every night.
7. Ronan.
8. T-Party passes.
9. The heart she made with her hands along with every other person in the whole place.
10. All the head shaking ( :D ).
Guys, don't hate me, but it's true.
I just wish she still did this stuff. :'(

BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN I DO NOT LOVE HER ANYMORE, I DO LOVE HER, IT'S JUST THAT I MISS THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( See what I did there, 13 exclamation marks )

So if you read this, thank you so much. I love you like I would love to meet Taylor and I love you like I love her. And that's real love.

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