UNDER CONSTRUCTION,alot of text ,colours and pictures to be added. (fuck groundctrl)

Me in 13 paragraphs :)

1. Hello, an introduction
My name is Vincent, I'm 16 years old right now and I live in a tiny city in Holland. I'm having a life of ups and downs, like most of us I guess? I'm shy, but also nice and helpful, and really talkactive on internet(in comparison with real life) I love country music, Taylor's music, John Mayer's music(sorry, not sorry) and more, but more on that later. I'm really sportive. I'm not tall, but I'm not small either. I'm really skinny, I should get some more pounds. I love nature, I love iguana's. I love reading about history and politics.

2. Personality
As I said, I'm really shy in real life, I won't talk a lot, unless I know you for some time(friended me), but it's getting better, and one day I won't be shy anymore, I'm sure, I will. :) I'm a really nice guy, or that's what people tell me. I hate (getting into fights) butI never get into them, except with my father, but yeah, I guess most of us have fights with our parents. I'm really talkactive on the internet, which makes me kind of pathetic, since I'm so shy in real life. I don't have alot of real friends, but the ones I have, are great ones, always in for a laugh, and with some of them I can talk about everything, from my troubles to my funniest moments. :) I like to think that I'm mature for my age. xD I like to hang out, but I don't drink alcohol(yet) and I don't like going to clubs or disco's. I guess this is a short summary of me.

3. Hobbies
I have alot of hobbies, so this shouldn't be too hard for me. Here we go:
-Playing videogames
-Hanging out with friends
-Eating(I eat ALOT xD)
-Doing sports(Athletics,Soccer, but I like other sports too)
-Watching late night talkshows about economics and politics... :X
-Watching cycling on tv when it's summer(Tour de France :P)
-Sleeping(when I'm tired I'll fall asleep in five minutes)
-Reading books( I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy xD)
-Watching movies( Once again, especially Lord of the Rings ;) )
-Listening to music
-Going on holiday, seeing something of the world, I like seeing new cities or nature :)

5. School
I don't mind going to school, however, in the middle of a school year, I can get really tired, so I want holidays by then. ;) My favourite subjects are economics and history, I'm really into these subjects. :P My best subjects are English and History though. (Forgive me for the mistakes I make in English, I'm Dutch :P)

6. Nature, Animals, Places I want to visit
As I said, I really love nature and animals. I love(and would love to visit) the Scandinavian nature. I like the jungle too, but I'm scared of big hairy spiders, so I don't know if I want to visit there. ;) I like colder weather better then hot weather.

Some animals I like:

I would love to visit
-The USA(Southern States, national parks and of course, Nashville :P)
-(Maybe) Latin-America/South America


To be added: Pictures, colour and paragraph 7,8,9,10, 11, 12 and 13.

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    hey!! Wow, dat is nog eens lang geleden! :) Hoe is het?

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