I love Taylor Swift sooooo much!! She has always been my fave singer. Not ONE of my fave songs has not been from 1 of her albums. I am working to meet her and earn points. So I am the oldest of my other 3 siblings. I honestly don't like school but if I want and iPad, I've got to work hard. Even though I don't like school, I'm an A student. My friends are all amazing! They are the ones who help me through life. I got the new Taylor Swift Red album the day it came out! I got the limited edition. Just sayin', to help Taylor out, you should get it too! I have been in Dual Language (spanish class) since kindergarden. That is a blessing God has given me. The reason I listen to Taylor Swift is because she is very sweet, her music makes me move to the beat, she makes me happy! I take gymnastics at U.S Gold Gymnastics ( cheer and gymnastics). I can't do the splits or flips or anything like the olympics but I try my hardest and have fun. When I try to be calm or something like that, I do handstands againt my wall! (LOL) It's just my way of being me. Taylor is my role model. I do everything she does. I love her. She's amazing! I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT!

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