So I see you have come on my page. Well Can i just say something before you keep reading? Since you came one my page....

Well I'm just a girl who loves Taylor. what can i say :)

I'm Pauline but people call me Pauliners :) haha but I'm been in this world for 16 years right now. I'm wonderstrucked to have Taylor are my role model. She's been my role model for about 7 years now. I had my dream come true and I got to see her in concert during the Red Tour on June 15th 2013! I still remember finding out about her as if that day as was yesterday, as soon I listened to our song I had to find more songs and that's just when I fell in love with her music and just helped me out so much. Her music or just herself could put a smile on my face in less then a second. I'm so proud of being a Swiftie, I love it and I don't actually mind that there's hardly anyone at my school that doesn't like her because I don't care what people think. I know that they are just jealous that Taylor is gorgeous and that she has so much talent. I love her singing and her dancing, haha (: and who can ever forget her perfect personality.I mean how can't you like this cat-loving girl. Since you are probably reading this you might what to get to know me a little. Well like I said before my name is Pauline and I'm 16 and I have a passion for music and I have a love for soccer. I have one amazing sister and one awesome brother who just got married a year ago,which means I also have a loving sister in law. I love to dance around my room while blasting my music. I fangirl about Taylor all the time to my family, they got annoyed at first but now they don't mind they actually fangirl with me and laugh, they even help me out when I want to make a poster or shirt or anything! I don't know how long this is right now, so I'm just hoping its not too long because we gotta live while we're young while also fangirling about Taylor (; haha well thanks for reading. Don't forget tonights the perfect night to dress up as hipsters (; cause I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22 but more 16 but you get what I mean.

oh by the way...

Taylor wins so much that even Charlie Sheen is jealous!


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