Hi There! Please feel free to call me Abbey. i like to sing, do equestrian and write songs.i became a swiftie on Dec. 26, 2009 (yes i remember the actual date) i am a huge introvert. i get jealous SO easily. i love taylor because she taught me how to throw away my pictures to burn and keep the ones that are forever and always (hehe another cheesy little joke). im not popular, but i don't want to be. i wouldn't want everyone to watch my every move all the time, you know what i mean? (no offense if you are popular). In have two school friends named Skylar and KAitlyn and two best friends who I will talk about later. i love summertime, camping, cooking, chicken and french fries, fangirling, writing (songs and stories), singing, equestrian, playing piano and ukulele, makeup, nail art, candles, rain, my family, my friends, my dog, road trips, and TAYLOR SWIFT.

My Favorite things:

1. my family
2. my friends
3. not being at school (haha)
4. equestrian
5. writing
6. rainy friday afternoons
7. sleepovers with my 2 friends cora and ava
8. warm feet and cool body when im sleeping
9. REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
10. people who have interest in me. (i don't want to be popular, i want to be remembered.) THE MARKS MADE BY US ARE TOO OFTEN SCARS. if you know what that means YOU ROCK!

My least favorite things:
1. school
2. when people make fun of other people's religion, race, or who they want to love.
3. depression
4. drugs and alcohol
5. bullying
67. when my hair gets static-y
8. when the back of my neck gets sweaty.
9. snakes
10. when people try to outdo me (so, basically, people trying to make me jealous)

My favorite artist (not including Taylor) are Brandi Carlile, Bastille, Ed Sheeran, Fallout Boy and PENTATONIX.

my best friends names are cora and ava. I have known cora’s family since she did tee ball with my sister when I was 3. Cora and I really became friends when I was in fourth grade and she was in sixth. We have gone camping together, gone to the beach and had many campfires with our families.
Avav and I have known eachother since we were four, and have been friends since first grade. We have been through so much together; first grade at a new school, her mother’s miscarriage, her changing of schools and so many little fights in first or second grade, usually about what toys we were playing with or who was healthier. Now we spend time making organic body and bath products and telling eachother our deepest secrets at 2 am.

15 Things to Know About Me
1. My favorite candy is KitKats, even though i cant have them in the house. (My sister is super allergic)
2. On my wedding day, I want my daddy-daughter dance to be a funny hip hop dance since he thinks he’s got “swag.” He always says “turn down for what” at the end of his sentences.
3. my little dog (or not so little dog, hes 50 pounds) is my best friend.
4. I didn't get my ears pierced till I was 10.
5. I love to wake up early on weekends but can’t stand it on schooldays.
6. I have played ukulele since fifth grade.
8. I am bi (don't judge) :)
9.no one in my immediate family has a smart phone.
10. I put ranch dressing on pizza. IT'S SOOOO GOOD!
11. the only color I don’t like is orange. I even like swamp green and am found wearing it way too often.
12. my favorite social media is instagram,
13.. my first word was “mama”
14. I love cora’s little brother Kyle who is almost three. He loves pentatonix, too. (he calls them “eh tonik?”


^ he is mine. all mine.^

Dear bullies,

See that girl you make fun of for being weird? She goes home to get hit and screamed at by her mom.

See that boy you made fun of for reading a book? ?After that he committed suicide.

See that girl you called fat? She is starving herself.

See that young boy you made fun of for crying? His mother is dying.

Repost this if you are against bullying. I bet 95% of you won't.

Your life is probably not as harsh as theirs.

If it is... definitely repost :) Help them out!

this was on Emmaisyourlife"s profile. it made me cry.

we need to stop bullying. it is a problem at every school and it needs to stop.


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