Hello! We are 4AgainstMillions and this is a joint account.:) The users behind this account are TaylorThirteen, BaseballCapForACrown, 13ShiningStars and thatlingeringquestion. We are very happy to meet you here.:)

We have a Graphic Shop, Graphic Review Thread and a Graphic Contest for all of you guys to enter or request or post! :) We also decided to make a Songbook, with songs by all of us in one Songbook :) Here are the links to them all:

Brave Graphic Contest by 4-A.M.

Graphic Review Thread by 4-A.M.

Graphic Shop by 4-A.M.

4-A.M. Songbook


Here are our written Bios of each other so you guys would get to know us better.:)

Also known as Renma

I seem to find that my nickname is like a tongue-twister.:D Most people find it hard to spell. But I don't find it that, though. Haha :D

I like cats, dogs, birds, lions, tigers, monkeys, bears........ Well, all kinds of animals, actually. You may find that weird, but that's me.:D Don't let insects get near me, though, or I'll scream like crazy at you! :D (and that's not a good thing!)

I have hair reaching just below my elbows. The top part's straight, but the bottom part has curls. That's my natural hair.:) My hair color is black and my eyes are black, too. I'm (currently) 5'5 and a half and still in sixth grade. That's a little unusual in our country, but since I have parents that are pretty tall, I inherited it from them.-.-"

Anyway, I'm friendly to people who are friendly to me, and I also like the color Sky Blue.:D I hope that we all get along here, especially in our joint account! :)

P.S.: I'm a Warm Bodies fan (NICHOLAS HOULT!!!!) and I really love the movie AND the book! :D Warm Bodies (the book) is by Isaac Marion, a very cool author who proved the fact that Zombies can also be awesomely HOT.:D

Oops, sorry. There I am: virtually screaming again.xD Sorry, lol.:D

Renma :)

Also known as Topaz

Hey, I'm Topaz! I have crazy hair and a big smile. I'm a major swiftie, twihard (team EDWARD!), and cat lover. One day I'm going to get a cat of my own. My favorite snack is popcorn with way too much butter. 13 is my lucky number - it was even before I became a swiftie. I love playing around with Pixlr and making graphics - I'm thinking of pursuing a career in graphic design. Either that or journalism, which I also love. Roses are my favorite flower and periwinkle is my favorite color. I really hate it when people say that they're the biggest Taylor fan just because they have a lot of merchandise or whatever. I think we are ALL the biggest swifties. I'm optimistic. My best friend is pessimistic. I love walking around barefoot, drinking hot chocolate, and staying up when everybody else is asleep. I love the words whimsical and serendipity. And you know what else I love? I love you, for reading this whole thing and getting to know me. I love you like I love cats and Edward Cullen and the number 13 and Taylor Swift. And that's real love.

Also known as Savanah

Hi I'm Savanah but you can call me sava or sae rae,
i have been alive for 16 years, a 22yr old named Taylor Swift Is My Inspiration and Role Model, some of my favorites are Christmas, Demi Lovato, Tangled, Beauty and the beast, the kardashians, megan hilty, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Wicked, nashville (tv show) and Dianna Agron,
My Hobbys are Singing, photography and Painting, Designing and graphic Making.
New york and Nashville are my Favorite Places in the world i wish to move there one day and become a singer

Also known as Annie

Hey! I'm Annie. I think you should always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn. I have been making graphics for 8 1/2 months now, and it occupies my life. I don't mind though, making graphics is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. It's good I can make graphics, considering I can't draw at all. I've been a Swiftie since 2009, and I believe Taylor Swift is everything. She's my inspiration, my role model, and she means so much to me. My favorite colors are aqua, lavender, and white, and my favorite restaurant is Sixth & Pine. I live to shop, no one can steal Nordstrom from me. I'm obsessed with stilettos, but even more obsessed with people. I'm always hyper and extremely silly. I value friendship over life and I always like to have a good time. I hope you'll want to be my friend too? Bring on all the pretenders, Annie


If you would like to e-mail us, then feel free to introduce yourself and e-mail us at [email protected]! But we strongly suggest just PM-ing us, though. Especially if they are only "Hellos" and questions.:)

We're 4-A.M., now saying not a goodbye, but a hello! :)

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