Well first of all I am a HUGE Taylor fan, ever since I first heard Our Song I instantly fell in love with it and thought it applied wonderfully to my life. My name is Maythe (pronounced Maite... my parents wanted to be all special with the spelling :p) I am 16 years old but I always say that I am 15 because of the song Fifteen :D and also because I Never want to Grow Up ;) I live in Los Angeles where we have crazy weather sometimes. I attend an all girl school which I know may sound boring but its really not... girls are funny :D.

People describe me as this outgoing, nerdy, athletic, girly chic but I describe myself as FEARLESS!! haha I know it's cheesy but it's the truth! Taylor is my true inspiration! Because of her I play guitar. Because of her, I sing even though I can't sing AT ALL (and yes people have told me that I cant sing) but I still do. I love my beautiful friends and my adorable dog! I also like to play softball and volleyball.

Some things I LOVE:
Singing in the shower
Listening to TS
Ellen DeGeneres
Channing Tatum
Dancing without coordination
21 Jumpstreet
Playing guitar
and sooo much more!

I haven't been to a Taylor Swift concert (because of certain issues) but I do plan to make my first concert experience a Taylor concert of course!

Stay FEARLESS and thanx for visiting my page:D!!

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    On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 4:21 PM, YourOldFavoriteSong said:

    Hey Swiftie! How are you? LikeAPagentQueen, SwiftShadows, and I have just opened a new taylor fashion form called SwiftStyles! I would really love it if you could stop by and mabey request something? Thanks! The link is on my profile!

    P.S Love your profile picture

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