Lol I love the pictures and the note that Taylor left for us go to her twitter and look at all of the pics she posted just for us:) I love you taylor and will never give up on my dream to meet you in person(concerts dont really count)

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor Swift new music video red is out now it only has 302 views lets get that way up high plus you get to see her in concert....

Hey everyone I would like to tell you that today Demi lovato biological dad passed away and I need everyone who has a twitter or Facebook to please give a shout out to Demi and her family and show your love to her...thank you so much and we are SO sorry Demi please don't do anything rach and always remember that your fans and love ones are here for you when you are in need of support;)

please give a shout out to my girls and their first single

my besties on TC(PLEASE visit all my besties)

please check this girls graphic shop its amazing
Swifty fan13's

13 things about me

2) I am a directionier
3) I am a selenator
4) I am a belieber
5) I am a lovatic
6) I am from Texas
7) I love all animals but my favorite is dogs:) or penguins
8) i have 3 sisters
9) i am 16
10) I make Friends very easily:)
11) i have never had a swiftie friend until i signed up on here
13)been a swiftie since 2009

I love IM5 they r awesome and i hope they will become well known soon please visit their YouTube channel im5band

anybody excited about the hunger games where here is the trailer

ok so Taylor gets scared all the time escpically on Ellen so here she is getting scared.

here is another one:)

ok so i love Selena Gomez so much and as u can see i like it when they get scared do here she is getting scared:)

hey y'all i love demi lovato so much and this is one of m y favorite songs she sings:)

ok so i also really like smiley miley:)

i also like Avril lavigne

hello swifties:0 how is u...i am ONE of Taylor's biggest fans...i love her music ...her new album is AWESOME and every song on it is amazing...i am also writing song so i can someday be an artist so people can sing my songs...i real hope to someday be a person that people can look up to and go for help when they are in trouble...

these songs are so special to me because it basically sums up what i feel. I know that this not what you want to here but stop what you are doing and go to the mirror and tell yourself that you are perfect the way you are and there is nothing on you that you need to change. You have perfect hair, you are NOT fat, and there is nobody on this planet that can tell you other wise. If you are bullied well stand up for yourself. you are strong and you are beautiful i know from experience that it is hard and that sometimes you will not be able to do it but you have to try your hardest and you have to stop telling yourself the negatives and look at all the positives. Stop looking at magazines and say you want to be that because guess what U WILL NEVER BE THAT SO STOP TRYING. people put supermodels on the cover so u feel insecure and think to yourself that there is something wrong with you well stop that. U are perfect and nobody not even yourself can deny what i am saying listen to this song and see for yourself that there is more than self harm and anorexia and bulimia. You will never have to do any of that stuff again if you listen to what i am saying and take it heart. Please stop hurting yourself it is not worth the pain that it will bring you in the long run. Tell yourself that you are beautiful and there is nothing u can do change that.

ok so i am so into k-pop and my english teacher introduced me to these wonderful guys they are called shinee and i love them to death. their names are
Onew he is leader and his nickname is Dubu
Taemin he is the maknae,lead dancer, and his nickname is Mushroom boy(because of his hair)
Minho is the rapper and his nickname is Flaming Carisma
Jonghyum is the lead singer and his nickname is Bling Bilng Jonghyun
and last but not least our diva Key he can rap, sing, dance and his nickname is Almighty Key.

tee hee the original dance is for Lucifer but the they r dancing to telephone:)

this is teen top awesome people:0

hope u like them as much as i do i know i am on Taylor swift website but i love her more than them so yeah:)

ok so this stuff is lol so u have to watch it:)

to all my Indian swifties here is something i think u might like:)not trying to be mean so please don't be mad at me just thought u might like it leave a comment if u don't and i will take it off:)

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