("If you're lucky enough to have something that makes you different from everybody else don't ever change."~Taylor Swift. My difference? I'm OBSESSED with bright colors. Especially bright yellow and bright red and bright purple...


Lyric I can relate to:

-hey soul sister, Train
-payphone, M5
(you all should know where thats from xD)

~begin again.
-Taylor Swift, the way I loved you
~better than revenge
I'd lie, Taylor Swift
crazier, Taylor Swift
-Royals, Lorde (basically, all except the first line of the song, and second line in the second verse describes my life)
"And it was wonderful, It was magical, It was everything I've waited for, A miracle, And if I should ever fall in love again, With someone new, Oh, It could never be the way, No, It will never be the way, I loved you" Selena Gomez, the way I loved you

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on TC who's talked to me, well, ever, really. You've all been so nice and I'm just so thankful for all of you, you don't even know how much everyone on here means to me.I'm kind of weird where I live since my area has a higher than average depression rate among teens, so most of the kids my age are totally emo and listen to that kind of music, so all of you guys kind of gave me a safe place where I can just be happy and be myself. Thank you. you guys all mean so much to me. Love you
Thank you greaserswift!!! (This is made by her)

Name: Lil, Lilac, Lilacetha (don't know why one of my friends calls me that, he just does. I got used to it xD), hey you (basically, I respond to most anything)
Age: 16
Favorite songs (no order): Red, I'd Lie, That's The Way I Loved You, Enchanted, Long Live, Stay Stay Stay, Hey Soul Sister by Train, This Is Me by Skye Sweetnam, Skyscraper by Demi Lovato, You Are More and By your side by Tenth Avenue North, Replay by Zendaya, Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas (where the SPN fans at?), I Don't Dance by Lee Brice, Storyline- You think you know somebody-Nothing Like Starting Over- if it's just me- a thing about you-cry with you-If you told me to-Wanted- all by Hunter Hayes, Counting Stars by One Republic...and so so much more XD
Swifty since: 2009/2010 (it was around the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. I'm not sure which anymore, though ^^')
Fandoms: Swifty, Whovian, Sherlockian, Supernatural/hunters (we need to find a name... besides hunters), Avengers...I know there's more, but that's all I can think of ^^'
I'm the kind of girl who grabs a shovel to beat and bury whoever the heck makes my best friend cry.

The kind of girl who never leaves someone out because she knows how it feels.

The kind of girl who has a bigger heart for the new people because she knows how it feels.

The kind to make people feel wanted.



Part of a family.

I'm the kind of girl who just hears the word crying and wants to comfort the person.

The kind of girl who no one is there for, but still loves everyone and tries to make their day bright.

The kind of girl who doesn't trust the right people until it's too late, so when the wrong person to trust comes along, she thinks she learned her lesson and does trust them.

The one who people joke is part Cheshire because she's always smiling.

The girl who's a wreck on the inside, but smiles so no one feels worried about.

The girl with too many secrets to count...that not even her best friend knows.

The girl who doesn't know what she fears, but is always afraid.

I'm the kind of her girl who doesn't know how to be herself because she forgot who she was.

Who wishes she was someone else, even when people always tell her how supposedly perfect she is.


I'm also that girl who dresses in her own style because she knows the right people will love her no matter what.

The kind of girl who is shy but fearless at the same time.

Who believes everyone is worth more than gold.

Who, no matter what, can't hate someone. For anything.
If you made it this far...

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    Thanks for the friend request!

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    awww thank you so much ^_^ i have been trying to get better, that one took me about 2 weeks to do. i want to be a graphic designer when i grow up so it means a lot when people like what i do, so thanks you sooo much! i like your profile btw!

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    That's alirght, thank you for accepting it! :) Aww, thank you so much! :) Haha, I'll change it as soon as I can!! Yayyyyy! We both love smiley faces!!! xD (an example!!) Haha, that's so awesome and cool! We're the same age?? YES! FINALLY! I know right? I'm like, a youngster to some Swifties! Haha :D BTW, I love those quotes about love- I can so relate to them and it's so true! Awesome us!!! xD Oh, and the graphics so basically, your whole profile!! haha :D xD

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    It's a little bit funny but I noticed I got my first CD of Taylor on 8th May 2013 and I'm still trying to not look like someone who just listened to RED a few times and think he/she is a super fan >.> there are enough of those guys out there...

    Funny thing: My first CD was Fearless, not RED, I'm actually super skeptical at buying CD's of "new" (for my music library new) artists, so I guess if I would be a normal human being I bought one much earlier but yeah... So the funny thing is I like actually country music more than pop so yeah and stuff like that, I'm an idiot I know XD

    And thx for accepting :)

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    Thank you! Austin and Tay are soo cute together :) And also, thanks for accepting my friendrequest :)

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