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Song vs. Song Directory

Started 6 months ago by Swifties Go One Direction
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TS6 Info

Started 10 months ago by RachelLovesTaylor
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RE: TS6 Info

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What are your top 3 favorite songs off each album?

Started 4 days ago by Grace Tessa
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Re: What are your top...

Last post 35 hours ago by Paintrain

Choose from jump then fall, the moment i knew,...

Started 6 days ago by Swiftly_Fearless13
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Re: Choose from jump...

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Tied together with a smile or clean?

Started 9 days ago by Grace Tessa
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Re: Tied together with...

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Song vs. Song (Unreleased)

Started 4 years ago by dodgedabullet
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Re: Song vs. Song...

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Last Taylor Swift Song You Played From Your...

Started 6 weeks ago by EmilySwiftie1313
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Re: Last Taylor Swift...

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What is your favorite tswift bonus track?

Started 11 months ago by maddiebstone13
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Re: What is your...

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Ts6 Conspiracies?!

Started 5 months ago by emptayfaces
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Re: Ts6 Conspiracies?!

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What was the last thing you where doing that...

Started 12 months ago by FuryandthunderXIII
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Re: What was the last...

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Back to Country?

Started 5 months ago by Fireflies
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Re: Back to Country?

Last post 4 weeks ago by Treacherouswiftie13