Hey everyone! My name is Audra, I'm 24 years old and I'm currently working at the same school I got my college degree from. I'm a sports girl in general but hockey and football are my main sports of interest.

I love country music! I love artists such as Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson and so many MORE! I also do listen to other kinds of music other than country, and I am a major fan of David Cook (American Idol Season 7 Winner).

Some of my favorite TV shows are Friends, Grey's Anatomy, Nashville, Law and Order SVU, Dancing with the Stars, Castle, 2 Broke Girls, Chicago Fire, Scandal, Family Guy, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, The Voice, Say Yes To The Dress (all versions), The Vampire Diaries, Full House, True Blood, Glee, House, Supernatural, Sherlock and so much more. If I would list my favorite movies, then it would take up my whole profile and take weeks to get through my favorites. So I will just say that I love a LOT of movies.

My Teams

Been a Pittsburgh Steeler fan since I was born pretty much LOL Always and forever will be a Steeler fan until I die.

Recently becoming a hockey fan starting back in 2008, nothing gives me more joy than watching my Pittsburgh Penguins play. My mood depends on these guys winning, the same goes for the Steelers as well LOL

Again, another football team that I was a fan of since I was little. My favorite college football team.

My best friend from Alabama got me involved in the Crimson tide and now I say ROLL TIDE!

I'm a huge Carrie Underwood fan. I've been a fan of hers since her days on American Idol and ever since she won the show and started her career in country music, I've stood by her throughout her whole career. She's my role model I look up to in life. She is such an amazing person, so down to earth and at times may seem a little shy, but she is still so amazing and sweet. She loves her fans and treats her fans like they are one of her friends and thanks them every step of the way. I got the chance to meet her back on November 27, 2012 on her Blown Away tour since I'm part of her fan club, I won a Meet and Greet to meet her before the show started. Let me tell you, she's just as sweet and personable in person than you see on TV. And she's also flawless and beautiful and perfect in person as well. She is just a small town girl from Oklahoma who made it big but it never changed her one bit.

I've been listening to Taylor Swift since I first heard Tim McGraw on the radio here on my local radio station in Pittsburgh, PA. Ever since I've been following her and loving her music and I've been to one of her concerts and that was during the Speak Now tour. I did see her when she opened up for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their tour way back when. She's a great role model for the young girls and that's great she can provide them a person they can look up to in their lives. I'm older, even older than Taylor and I like her and her music, I can't per say look up to her but I do admire how well she's handled herself and not let herself get sucked into the fame and fortune that unfortunately claims the lives of some other young famous stars. But she's great and seems to know what she wants and doesn't let others persuade her to do things she may not want to do.

^Thanks for the nominations guys! I never have been nominated much for awards so it makes me feel special that people know who I am and know my graphics and nominate me! (Made by Mint)

13 Things About Me
1. I'm a very sarcastic person and sometimes people may not get when I use my sarcasm.
2. I'm a pet lover, have two dogs, two cats, and one horse.
3. I feel sometimes I'm a football/hockey player trapped in a girl's body since I know so much on football and hockey.
4. I danced for almost 9 years until giving it up for horses and horse back riding.
5. I've played flute and piccolo during my school years and including college.
6. I LOVE winter and snow. I know, I'm weird, but I love the winter months.
7. One major pet peeve of mine is when you are at a football game or hockey game and people leave WAY before the game is over...STAY THE WHOLE GAME!! You paid tons of money for those tickets and someone would gladly be in your spot and would want to stay the whole entire game and not leave mid-way through it.
8. I'm a very organized person...well, really, I'm a messy organized person LOL My room may be a mess at times but there is a reason for my madness and I know where everything is surprisingly.
9. I love to cook.
10. I've been making graphics since I was in middle school and I'm now 24.
11. I used to write fan fics but I've lost all interest in it and it took WAY too much time to do them.
12. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays!
13. I'm a Bath & Body Works freak, LOVE that store!

*made by Me
**Branch graphics by Mint

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