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This user is a supporter of parachute and Taylor Swift

Please read my story, Stay Here and my Sandy Hook edition of State of Grace. Also, please watch my YouTube videos. Links are posted under links.


but-im-a-squish.tumblr.com will tell you more about me than TC ever will. Go follow?

Rest In Peace: Charlotte Bacon (6), Daniel Barden (7), Rachel Davino (29), Olivia Engel (6), Josephine Gay(7), Ana M. Marquez-Greene (6), Dylan Hockley (6), Dawn Hocksprung (47), Madeleine F. Hsu (6), Catherine V. Hubbard (6), Chase Kowalski (7), Jesse Lewis (6), James Mattioli (6), Grace McDonnell (7), Anne Marie Murphy (52), Emilie Parker (6), Jack Pinto (6), Noah Pozner (6), Caroline Previdi (6), Jessica Rekos (6), Avielle Richman (6), Lauren Russeau (30), Mary Sherlach (56), Victoria Soto (27), Benjamin Wheeler (6), Allison N. Wyatt (6)

I think it would be great if everyone on TC would just copy and
paste this post to their profiles. Let those names shine. Please God help their families and friends cope with this tragedy.

Here's a song to the tune of State of Grace about the incident.

They're walking fast to the main school door
Their parents hug them one time more
And all they know
Is time to go
The parents don't know it's their last day
Or that the last thing they'll ever say
Is "See you soon"

And they never saw it coming
And they'll never be the same

He walks in and holds up the gun
Then they all begin to run
But he's too fast
They'll never last
They try to hide, but the teachers cry
As they watch their students die
And say goodbye, giving their best try

So he continued to shoot
Killing nineteen more kids
He keeps creating more pain
And more sad broken hearts
But he'll never think it was wrong

And they never saw it coming
And they'll never be the same

They're in a state of grace
They realize what's been done
But they don't understand
Why it has happened to them now
They're in the hands of God
And in their parent's hearts
And we will pray and love them now and forever and ever more

And they never saw it coming
And they'll never be the same
And they never saw it coming
And they'll never be the same

They're in a state of grace
They realize what's been done
But they don't understand
Why it has happened to them now.

Hi! I'm 15 years old, and I love pink. Obviously, this is all written in pink. Okay so anyway, Thanks so much for coming to my profile (:

Let's do some basic facts about me:
~I'm a rambler. So I talk a lot. You don't have to read this entire thing.
~I love pink. I already said that.
~Taylor is my idol.
~Betty White is one of my favorite people ever.
~13 isn't my lucky number. Just my favorite number.
~I'm pretty sure 7 is my lucky number.
~I'm really weird. The weirder you are, the more I'll like you.
~I love unicorns, like, I really do.
~I act. Trying to get professional.
~Legally Blonde is my favorite musical ever.
~I don't limit my music to just Taylor.
~I love Parachute.
~Officially in love with Aaron Tveit.
~I have1010 songs currently on my phone, plus at least another thousand that I love.
~I listen to showtunes all the time.
~I kind of want to be a DEA Agent.
~I'm planning on majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Theatre.
~I'm really short.
~My hair is black and I have highlights.
~I do archery, and I'm a left-handed shooter.
~I actually believe that I am a fictional character and I should play them in a movie.
~Glitter is awesome.
~I write stories. Ask me about my first (and only) one and you can read it.
~I want to live in Australia or New Zealand.
~I want to attend college in either San Diego, Baltimore, or Boston, or surrounding areas.
~I'm obsessed with accents. Don't think I'm weird if I ask you what kind you have.
~I'm OCD.
~I have ADD.
~I love perfume.
~Les Mis. Sam Barks all the way.
~My favorite piece of makeup is eyeliner.
~I want an agent, but my parent's don't want me to have my name out there.
~I have the greatest friends you could ever ask for. Even though we constantly greet each other with insults, we love each other to death.
~I've been told that I'm funny. I don't agree or disagree.
~I have a tumblr. Here's the link. Please follow, http://but-im-a-squish.tumblr.com/
~I have a co-owned music tumblr. please follow this http://fallingslowlyinahurricane.tumblr.com/
~My Taylor blog is http://the-story-of-the-lucky-one.tumblr.com

Since 7 is my lucky number, how about 7 facts about me?
-I tend to fall in love with fictional characters or band members.
-I'm a Squish. A Squirrel-Fish. Scrat and Dory. Inside joke. Ha. Haha. Yeah, that wasn't funny.
-My friends and I are trying to become YouTube famous. If we can't become real famous y'know. Check out my channel. Link is above.
-I read waayyy more than you would think a 16 year old girl would.
-Music is one of the most amazing things ever. Except I hate mainstream stuff. #UnknownBandsAllTheWay
-I sing a lot. Although I hate my voice more than anything.
-I've been single forever, but creepy people have talked to me. And older people have asked about me. The older ones were nice though. The other one.. Whatever. He's not important to my life. And we were never friends no matter what you say.

I love making friends through tumblr and other sites. If you want to message me, I normally always answer here: http://but-im-a-squish.tumblr.com/ask

I met Will Anderson, Alex Hargrave, and Andy Grammer on April 2, 2013. Best day of my entire life.

Gif spam? I found all on tumblr, credit to the owners. (:

Why can't I be this pretty?

How I wish I looked:

When someone compliments me:

When I have no idea what's happening.. Which is quite often:

Story of my life.

My life right here.


When I find something in common with a famous person I love:

When I read Divergent and met Tobias:

When someone insults my best friends or fandoms:

This makes me happy.

Walking into Lighthouse (my theatre group) the first time:

Going on to stage:

My reaction to seeing the crowd:

Whenever I start a performance:

Taking my bow after a show:

My disbelief face:

Les Misérables:

My love: Books.

Lyric Time

Divergent time.


Recent Blogs

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    Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 4:54 PM 0 Comments

    Hey guys, I was wondering if maybe you could read and heart my story on figment, here's the link. It would mean a lot to me. http://figment.com/books/547847-Broken Also, here is where I have more of my writing if you actually like it. http://www.wattpad.com/user/hiddentalent14

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  1. silencequitethisloud avatar

    On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 8:19 PM, silencequitethisloud said:

    No problem! Making people happy makes me happy.

  2. Swiftectioner avatar

    On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 6:14 AM, Swiftectioner said:

    hahha That's really cool :D What else do you like to do?

  3. Swiftectioner avatar

    On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 6:11 AM, Swiftectioner said:

    Hey I'm sorry I ain't on Tumblr so can't follow! Thanks for visiting me by the way! How are you?

  4. silencequitethisloud avatar

    On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 5:30 PM, silencequitethisloud said:

    Hey! Sadly, I don't have an Instagram, but I'd follow you if I did. I followed you on tumblr though, I'm maybe-we-got-lost-in-translation

  5. Souljaswiftie avatar

    On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 7:09 PM, Souljaswiftie said:

    Hi, I added you on Twitter :)

  6. ALittleKidWithGlasses13 avatar

    On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 4:10 PM, ALittleKidWithGlasses13 said:

    I'm reading Divergent right now!

  7. risuave avatar

    On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 9:03 PM, risuave said:

    It's time. All the things I've told you about, everything that I've been saying "I want to do this" or "I'm going to do that" when it comes to Taylor. It's time to start. Here is the first move

    With that goal in mind, I began to create a project that would allow all of the Swifites that had become just as much authors in this story to help write the next chapter. To decide whether or not I should get to see Taylor again and thank her. But as the project expanded, as people came in and brought countless ideas to the table, something dawned on me. The project became about the words that lie at the heart of it all. Thank you. We owe so many people so much, and I wanted to give people a chance to say it. I, for one, have found that more often than not we may think the words, but we never actually say them. We never speak now. We love our parents but we don't thank them for the immeasurable acts they do for us. We love our friends but we never thank them for adding untold beauty to our lives every day. We love Taylor, but we never get to thank her for giving us the means to express our deepest selves.

    And so, ultimately, The Thank You project has been born. In this very first stage, it has been set to an event page of Facebook, the link to which will be on the bottom of this post. On this page, when you click the "join" button, you are saying to your friends and to the world that you WILL speak now. You won't just keep the words in your head, but you WILL say the seemingly simple words that can change a life for good. Then, use the page and do just that. Thank the people you love. Thank your friends and your family, and tell them all the things you feel. And thank Taylor and her music. Thank her for a song, a lyric. Speak now and say how a lyric or an attitude has done so much for you. Then, invite other to do the same. Share the page on your own personal means of social media, be it Facebook, instagram, Twitter or whatever you use. Being a light in the world is a beautiful thing, but sharing that light with others is a miracle.

    So that is what I ask of you. Join the event, leave your Thanks, and Share the page. Join, Thank and Share. Steps as simple as the words themselves, yet potentially just as powerful. Speak now and let those people know that they are appreciated. That they are cherished. That they are loved. Whether it's the friend you see every day or the artist this site is meant for, every single person deserves to hear the words.

    Thank you. As promised, here is the link to the page.


  8. JosephJES avatar

    On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 2:24 PM, JosephJES said:

    Not sure I follow your prodfile page. Whats all the code at the top about? Is this for you or a memorial for the victims of sandyhook?

  9. Swiftieboy22 avatar

    On Sat, Dec 7, 2013 at 10:38 AM, Swiftieboy22 said:

    :p Ok thanks, here is mine

  10. meredithtay16 avatar

    On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 12:45 PM, meredithtay16 said:

    ok:D nice:)

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