Hi, welcome!!

I may not be on that much, as school and my job are taking up most of my time!

My name is Tahnia Miller. I am only 16. My star sign is Taurus and I believe that my sign will tell you more about myself than I ever could. I have a passion for music and writing. Both of those pastimes are my life.

I couldn't live without the beautiful, musical genius of Taylor Swift; she is my idol. Her music has helped me through so many hardships and has shaped me into the person I am today. She’s obviously the reason that I’m here, there are so many things that I want to thank her for and I just hope that I will someday get the chance to tell her just how much she means to me.

I have been writing stories since I was a little kid. It is my version of expression. I find myself getting these great ideas at the wrong times. Usually they come to me when I don't have a way to write them down, or at some ungodly hour of the night. To keep these ideas at bay, I always have a notebook with me. Along with stories, I like to write scripts, or screenplays; but I'll tell you more about that later.

I absolutely LOVE Christmas!!! I love the whole season. I love Christmas Trees and all the decoration and the pretty colours. I love watching The Grinch and other Christmas movies. Everyone’s happy at Christmas and I love that people love to be festive and joyous.

Other things I like:
>Filming Things
>Panic! At The Disco
>The Vampire Diaries
>The Originals
>New Girl
>Adam Levine
>Danny McBride
>The Autumn Season
>Bean Bags
>Pickled Onions
>Barley Sugar Lollies
>Ed Sheeran
>Red Pandas (They are my favourite animal)
>Parachute (the band)
>Old Things

I am obsessed with horror and mystery novels that involve a big and fascinating plot-line. I love the author Justin Cronin and his post-apocalyptic vampire trilogy “The Passage” because it incorporates romance, action and the not-so-average-vampire (the calls them ‘smokes’ because they aren't actually people vampires. It’s complicated).
I also love the literary genius that is Sharon Bolton, she's a crime writer. (Check out 'Now You See Me', the first Lacey Flint novel!)

Anyway, I said that I'd explain the script-writing thing, so here goes!
I want to be a director/script-writer/producer. I want to write my own scripts and then film them afterwards. It's my DREAM and I cannot wait to make it a reality. I've written many scripts and my best friend and I are preparing to film some of them. Along with the filming, I'm also writing my own music for the soundtracks, most of the music is just guitar, but I plan to add drums in (because I have a drum kit). I am so excited about this, and if you want to ask me anything about it, you can!

Thank you for spending your precious time to learn a bit more about me! I am very grateful that you did that! Thank you for being you

^^ By Miranda14^^

love, Tahnia

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    hey how ya doin?

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    Thank you for the friend request! Your profile picture's beautiful <3

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    Heya, thanks for the friend request! :D I love your profile

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    HELLO..!!! merry chirstmas hope you have a great holiday season..!! :) sOrry for the late response too.. i'm great how about you..??

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    No Problem ! Coolll !!!! Which sit you had or where you stand ? Which Songs she sungs ;))) ? I can't wait to see Taylor ;)

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    On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 9:30 PM, Dave Pastern said:

    whoah, straight As! Miss brainy!!!! Seriously though, well done! It's important to do well at school, even more so these days than when the ancient Dinosaur went to school!!!!

    Not much is happening at my end...work, work and thrice work! Going to the work dinner tonight!



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    Hi!! Thanks for the friend request :) I hope you get to live your dream of being a director/script-writer..I hope everything is going great for you.

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    On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 2:46 AM, Dave Pastern said:

    Hey Tahnia, long time no speak!!! Studying hard I hope!!! How's things going?


    PS I added you on Twitter (sparksflyswifty)

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    Hey Tahnia, I haven't say allo in ages!!! How's things?

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