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My 8th grade Promotion speech

Mon, May 28, 2012 at 12:05 PM By: story of us is a tragedy

At my old school, I didn’t really have any friends. No one wanted to talk to me, or sit by me at lunch. And I wore the same black sweatpants every day. After begging my parents, I switched to Allen in 5th grade. I had quickly noticed that the books were wrong; the new kids never got beat up or made fun of. So I was excited to be the new kid. Already on my first day of 5th grade I got a friend. And as any other 5th grade girl conversation at the time, we bonded over Hanna Montana. All throughout that year I just kept feeling more and more excepted. I even stopped wearing those hideous sweatpants.
Something I appreciate about Allen is that nobody severely hates anybody. Sure we all have our own groups of friends, but nobody would oppose if someone went and hung out with a different group. Nobody’s the bully. We all pick fun at each other. We joke around about chicken. We steal each other’s lunch. And most of us talk about Pokémon. And yeah someone’s always mad at someone else but it blows over pretty fast- like a family. We really are like some big disjointed, dysfunctional family. I couldn’t find that at my other school.
Now it’s not just the students who make up this family. I know many of us accidentally call the teachers mom or dad sometimes. Even if they tell us their class room is not our bedroom and they will not clean up after us like our mothers. Throughout middle school they have been preparing us and telling us what won’t fly very well in High school. Or they forget about class and telling us weird stories. Mrs. Russell I’m not gunna lie, going into 7th grade, I hated science. But after 2 years of science with you, I have learned so many things I didn’t even know were part of science, and I don’t hate it as much as I used to. Harron, Harron, Harron… Thank you. I know I give you crap a lot, but I really have learned a lot from you these past 2 years. And I don’t know if I could have gotten a better ASB advisor. Thanks. Mr. Glick, I know we all have fun in your class. I’m sorry we all frustrate you sometimes but we mostly have fun so thanks for being the fun teacher. Math has always been my favorite class, even though its hard for me to understand sometimes. But Ms. Moller explains it to us in such a way, that I remember how to do it 98% of the time. I know all of us up here appreciate that even if we don’t show it. We have been unfortunate to only have had Mrs. Pearson this year, but in this year I have loved having her as my teacher. She came off pretty strong at the beginning of the year but I think that what made all of us respect her more than we would have otherwise. And also Mrs. Pearson, I love your sense of humor. I love laughing with Mrs. Russell about her positive thinking, I love how I never get my way with Mr. Harron, I love ditching Glick’s Tier 2, and I love how Ms. Moller is more my friend than my teacher, I love that I can joke around with Mrs. Pearson and sometimes, I don’t know if she is joking back or not. I know we have all learned a lot from our 5 wonderful teachers and we will miss them. (maybe ? )
There are more adults than just the teachers who have made a difference in our lives. I couldn’t imagine a Friday without pizza and that’s all thanks to Lisa and the rest of the kitchen staff. We greatly appreciate your willingness to cook for a bunch of teenagers. With that, Kevin, I know we are all grateful that you clean up our messes. I am grateful for you for helping me with all the ASB stuff that I needed done. I couldn’t have gotten through this year without you. And boy, Taylor, thanks for cleaning our classrooms, I know they are a pit sometimes and it could be a heck of a job. And lastly, thank you to all the IA’s who have helped us throughout school to grow in our learning. I know all of us have felt in one time or another that you guys didn’t really care, but I know you guys care because you spend your time watching kids play outside, and watching them grow in their knowledge. We Love you guys!!
I don’t know about you, but I know I am terrified for high school. Before going through that arch, we were the big fish in a little pond. We ruled the school! But once we pass through that blue and gold arch on our way out, we will become the little fish in a big pond. We will be surrounded by new people that we may or may not have met before. We won’t be just our little big family. But when we see each other in the halls, we will know that even though we have been surrounded by new faces, we have got each other’s back, because we are a family and that’s what families do.

Well if you have read the whole thing Congrats!!! and i have a question for you :) which song lyric should i put at the end
A) The battle was long its the fight of our lives but we stand up champions tonight
B)I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you :)


  1. emmajordyn13 avatar

    On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 4:13 PM, emmajordyn13 said:

    That was so sweet! And definitely amazing. You should do quote B, but that's just my opinion.

  2. tswiftnation13 avatar

    On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 2:11 PM, tswiftnation13 said:

    Sounds good!

  3. story of us is a tragedy avatar

    On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 12:24 PM, story of us is a tragedy said:

    thank you very much :)

  4. taylorswiftnumber1fans avatar

    On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 12:16 PM, taylorswiftnumber1fans said:

    That was really sweet for you to say that about your teachers I think you should go with The battle was long its the fight of our lives but we stand up champions tonight

    Good Luck at high school!!!!

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