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Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 3:28 PM By: Starbrightsparkles64

Oh my gosh! This Christmas from one of my relatives I got Taylor Swift's fragrance orders truck and I'm in love with it!!!! But it's Size is this, if you curve your index finger then curve your thumb and make those to fingers touch, about that big. but I don't care I looooooovvveee it! Then from Christmas I got Taylor swift cd album RED!!! Yes finally I know I got it late but IDC. my favorite song is 22 and stay, stay, stay. Tell me what your favorite song is by commenting! Also tell me what Taylor Swift merchandise you have recently bought! Thanks!

P.S - If you are the person I asked to friend request me please comment me and tell me if you are that certain person that I've been waiting for soooo thanks!!!


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