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Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 6:33 PM By: sherece13swifty

I am so happy because I was able to get two of my friends to listen to Ed Sheeran's music, and now they love him! I am so happy that they realized that he is actually super talented, and I am not crazy over him for no reason! One of them even played some of his music for us at lunch, and she's been sneaking her headphones in class to listen to his music. This is so cool! There are also many other teens who love Ed Sheeran too, and my friends think I'm the only one. But he's big throughout the school. Now thanks to Taylor's new duet with him, even more people know him. I am so happy he is getting recognized for his talent even more than before!( Wow, 'I said I am so happy' a lot of times in this blog)


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