Hey there Swifties! I'm Dark Blue Tennessee. First, I want to thank anyone who's reading this for visiting my page and going out of their way to do that. :)

I'm at a beautiful age of 16. Years just keep passing by. In my mind, I have kind of a careless and free spirit. All though, around people, I'm really quiet because that's just me and I like it that way. If I'm really close to you though, I talk to you a lot. Songwriting helps me sort out my emotions and my feelings and write down the words I didn't say to someone that day, because as I said, I'm quiet. I'm obsessed with glitter and sparkles and my guitar and Disney and, thanks to Taylor, sundresses.

The first song I ever heard from Taylor was in 2006 called Teardrops On My Guitar, and that was also the first music video of hers I watched. The song came on the radio and I fell in love with it instantly. I have continued to love her music ever since, and along the way I've also fell in love with her character and personality. She is the sweetest person ever. I've been to 2 of Taylor's concerts. My first one was a surprise birthday gift for my 13th birthday in 2011 from my parents. The concert was for the Speak Now World Tour in Raleigh, North Carolina and I had lower level seats. It was an amazing first concert. Taylor always manages to put on a great show. My next concert was for The RED Tour in Charlottesville, Virginia and I had Pit tickets for that show. It was an incredible experience. Both concerts were two of the best nights of my life.

~ Dark Blue Tennessee

Below I'll put some more information and add gifs/photos of Taylor (which I think I'm also obsessed with).

I LOVE Taylor, and I always will
My favorite color is blue (in case you couldn't already tell...)
I was born October 9th. My Zodiac sign is a Libra
My lucky number is 9 (of course)
I'm a brunette and I have brown eyes. My vision is blurry for things a distance away, or also known as near-sighted
Other favorite artists/bands:
*Avril Lavigne
*Katy Perry
*One Direction
*Ed Sheeran
*The Fray
*The Script
*Cassadee Pope
*The Band Perry
*Rascal Flatts
*Florida Georgia Line
*Sara Bareilles
*Colbie Calliat

Guilty pleasure: Goldfish
My favorite song(s) off Taylor's debut album is/are: Tim McGraw & Teardrops On My Guitar
My favorite song(s) off the Fearless album is/are: Fifteen, Breathe, The Best Day, & Come In With The Rain
My favorite song(s) off the Speak Now album is/are: Last Kiss & If This Was A Movie
My favorite song(s) off the RED album is/are: All Too Well & The Moment I Knew

Speak Now World Tour: 11/17/11
RED Tour: 09/14/13

TC Prom Queen!

^ Made by Carry You

Good Swiftie Award:

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