My name is Amy, but people tend to call me Rose, Rosie, Dog Whisperer (I'm a Dog Trainer) or even Taylor because I supposedly look just like her (I know, I don't see it either). Call me whatever you like, I don't mind any of it. I believe my username (RosieUnknown) is quite unique so if you come across the name on other websites, it's more than likely me so feel free to say hey!
I spent most of my childhood in California. It's been just me and my dad since I was 11 years old. I was always pretty brainy in school. I excelled in Middle School, though I had a bit of a bad attitude. When I started High School, for some reason that to this day I don't know why, I seem to have stopped caring about my academics and about really everything in general. I was failing every class that didn't involve drawing or music and I was going through a bad breakup with this on and off guy for I believe the third time. My favorite part of the day became the silent walk to school when I could just think, so naturally my attitude got a bit worse.
When things were getting really bad, my dad told me that we couldn't afford our apartment in California anymore and that we would be moving in with my second uncle, whom I had never met and who also lived in New Mexico. I was devastated but decided to take the move with a "good riddance" attitude. I'd do just about anything to get away from that ex of mine, who I yelled at every day anyway. So I packed up everything I knew, said goodbye to my mother and moved out to New Mexico where I am now. I miss the beaches and living plants like you wouldn't believe, but the desert is starting to grow on me, just a little. I guess I'll stick around here.
School started to get a lot better for me when I came out here. my grades were pronominal again and I went back to showing my smarts. High School, socially, was still very difficult for me. Every year presented a new challenge. Freshman year, with the move, was pretty lonely. I spent most of my sophomore year improving my attitude and though I fought with a lot of people, I like to think I'm a nicer being now. Junior year was pretty stress free thankfully until the end when my ex from California came back into my life for a period of time, which leads me to senior year which I decided to call "Heartbreak year" instead. Needless to say, I listened to a lot of Taylor Swift that year. Regardless, I graduated with great grades and used my graduation ceremony as a personal celebration that I could finally start my own life, say goodbye to those who hurt me the most and finally stand on my own. And that's where I am now. Things are not all roses and rainbows in my life but I'm so happy. I chose not to attend college, instead I now train and groom dogs for a living. I also still practice freelance cartooning and artwork. Can't complain about my life overall.

Taylor Swift's music has indirectly been in my life since the beginning really and has probably had the largest influence in my life overall. Ever since I was 12, I was humming her songs, though I didn't become a fan and actually put a name to the songs I was humming until I was 15. Back to December was the first song I ever really knew and it just hit home to me. I heard it, and within a few days had all of her albums and had memorized all her songs. I could go on for days and explain how her music had influenced me, saved me and really just made me a better person. The RED album in particular means everything to me. Every song relates back to a certain crash-and-burn relationship I experienced prior to the release of the album. It effected me so greatly in fact that I made it a point to use my funds for my High School graduation trip to go from middle New Mexico and drive myself to Dallas, Texas for the RED tour. Seeing her perform the songs that saved my sanity made all the stress of High School completely worth it. I finally felt OK. I don't really need to explain to you guys how much it means, I'm sure you know how I feel since you're here too. Overall, the concert was a blast and just a highlight of my teenage years by far, though I felt bad to let little kids down when I was walking around the stadium before the show. A lot of younger girls ran up to me and held my legs and called me Taylor. My friends just did what friends do best...laugh at me (I have difficulties around small children).
I get picked on a lot about the whole Taylor Swift thing. Since the day I got my bangs, it's never ended. I've yet to leave my home in months and not be told "Hey, you know you look like Taylor Swift right?" at least once. I'm not exaggerating. My friends just joke all the time about it really because I have a lot in common personality wise. That video of Ellen scaring Taylor in the bathroom is basically me...all the time...I'm a very jumpy person and it takes little more than a sneeze behind me to probably cause a mini heart attack for me. Yeah, I get laughed at a lot for that.

Well there's my story, well part of it at least. Now that I've entered the adult years of my life, I'm sure I'll have so many more stories to share over the years. I absolutely love meeting new people and hearing their stories and just chatting really. Send me a message if you ever wanna talk, I'd welcome it any time at all. Have a really great rest of your day and thanks for reading this whole thing if you've made it this far. Brownie points for you.

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