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By the great All I know is a simple name/ Tris/ Daniela

Well I made a Holiday song collection for all the swifties I'd love you if you check it out. Click here [ http://taylorswift.com/forum/off_topic/2899993/?h=l&r=34265103#post_34265103]

I planned a gift for Taylor on her 24th birthday ... click here to see it http://taylorswift.com/forum/off_topic/2898893/?h=l&r=34236173#post_34236173

You can follow me on twitter too .... here's the link https://twitter.com/JusamaSwift13

Name's Humaira Fairose. I have a nickname too. But I have enemy kind of relationship with it. My friends tease me a lot with that name. But you guys can call me Fairose or in short Rose. I am a small town girl. I am quite theatrical I guess. I love the rain. I love to sleep and dream impossible things. I like to stay up all night all dream impossible things also . I love music . I can't remember a day I spent without it. I like eating, cooking, reading, singing , writing about my impossible philosophies. I am extremely talkative . My worst fear is making my mom and my friend's angry at me . I am really scared of ghosts and gross slimy bugs. But life is very enjoyable and fun for me . I am easily shocked and scared and excited . I am sometimes quite philosophical. I love mystery. But my all time favorite thing to do is to make new friends.I love a lot of stuffs , actually I pretty much like every good thing, And i like to make friends and a lot of them...... But my BFF on TC is Buttercup meaning All I know is a simple name/ Daniela/ Tris and in real life I have a really sweet friend called Maliha. I love the color purple and blue..... I love writing songs and poems .... In my life I've had friends who have ditched me and made me cry a lot .... I always end up having friends who seem to be nice at first but end up being the worst part of my life. But now after joining TC that has changed big time. My biggest dream is to sing Love story and Back To December with Taylor and write a song with her ... Wish that could come true..... My favorite word to say is WONDERSTRUCK..... Sometimes I dream about Taylor coming to school and spending an entire day with her and writing songs with her .... I wish they were real..... No matter how sad, picked up and useless I feel Taylor's songs always cheer me up ......I jst loooovvvveeeee all of taylor's songs ........ it's hard to count and I am not even trying to ...... Did I mention that my birthday is on 25th March?? Guess that makes me an Aries, right???

By - All I know is a simple name

okay now let me tell u guys about how I became a swifty. I actually didn't know Taylor till 2008. Probably in December 2008 this event happen. One day I went to a restaurant with my entire family and cousins. It was a family outing. We all were having fun. One of my cousins Kashfia and I were talking about stuffs .... She's a music freak and so am I and we started to talk about music . All of a sudden my cousin said, "Have you heard the song Love story. It's super cool". But I answered NO. She then said, " The artist is really nice. The music is brilliant." She said that the singer's name was Taylor Swift. She had the song in her phone. So we listened to the song. I got wonder struck. The tune was so amazing and the lyrics were fantabulous.

Then after coming back home I searched in the net about Taylor Swift. Did a research on her. Then watched the Love Story video on YouTube. Then and there when I first saw her fell in love with her and her amazing beautiful music. And since then on I follow her and listen all her songs. Before lisrening to her I wasn't very much fond of country music. But After listening to her I fell in love with it and started to take it all seriously.

I am so so so happy to become a part of Taylor Connect. Through this I can talk to all Taylor crazies and swifties about everything Taylor related.
Taylor is so amazing, inspirational, kind, generous and good hearted and the lyrics of songs represent her as a person and as a human.Her smile is so pretty.She laughs so cutely. I love her smile.

It's hard to find celebrities as her. I heard every one changes after becoming famous but Taylor didn't change at all. Just the same Nashville country girl as she always was. That's why she's so amazing....

Taylor's so so so sweet and generous ......... I love her so so very much .........

If I ever get to meet her in person it would be a dream but I'm pretty sure I'll pass out. But before I pass out I'd like to do this:

I'm horrible with graphics ... but it wouldn't hurt to try a bit ...

by All I know is a simple name
by All I know is a simple name

by Guppy1313

Winner's graphics .....

- I won this calender in Music4life's songwriting contest as a price for 2nd place

I don't know what more to put on this ....... hope you guys liked my profile ....... you all can message me, comment and add me as a friend ...... :D

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    Add me ?

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    you're welcome! aw thanks, that's so nice :)

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    Hi! thank you for the friend request! love your profile :)

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    On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 10:31 AM, SwiftieKat said:

    Hey Rose! So great to hear from you, can't wait to start our song. I'll message you though, I think it's easier, right? xoxo

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    On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 9:33 PM, SwiftieKat said:

    Hey girly, how have you been?? I really want to cowrite again, you're amazing. xoxo

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    On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 1:47 PM, dellasara13swifty said:

    Hi! I would really appreciate if you would enter my songwriting contest! Thanks:) http://taylorswift.com/forum/off_topic/2517523

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    thanks for the friend request , your gifs and graphics are amazing ♥

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