Daren... This graphic is so beautiful... i am touched more than i can say... you ARE a wonderful person, sir... never ever doubt that. Thank you, for the gift of your friendship as well... and for everything you've done for everyone here! Thank you so so much.

Alexia thank you so much for that... your friendship too is a precious gift to me that i treasure so very very much... thank you

Jade that is soooo sweet of you to say... Thank you so much -- for the graphic, for your friendship, and for being the wonderful person YOU are!

Silver, that is ablsolutely beautiful... THANK YOU!!! and thank YOU for your friendship as well as always being so supportive... Stay Beautiful!

Alexis... This is absolutely beautiful -- I thank you for the gift of your friendship. It's something I truly treasure always. Thank you for being here for me too... I can't say that nearly enough. I don't know how to make graphics like this but the feeling is the same... thank you ever so much for being YOU!

Silver, once again, i have to say thank you so much for this... it means a lot that you made this for me... it's so sweet of you-- you're constantly thinking of others so much... i wish you could see how special you really are.

Thank you again, Silver.... my favorite taylor quote...

Alexia, once again you show how special and wonderful you are by giving me this... It's beautiful, as are you. Never forget that. Thank you!

Graphic made by 13SilverKeys

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    I did it. I kept my avatar for a WHOLE month.

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    Well that's too bad. Did you really like it? Photography?

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    Yeah, cameras are pretty scarce nowadays.... Which is too bad, photography's lovely.
    Still.... I don't really take pictures, as well.

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    On Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 5:33 PM, we_both_went_mad said:

    I get your point. Also don't have any social media, I don't really have time for it, and don't even know what I'd do with it.... And yeah people are horribly mean when it comes to comments as well- yet another reason. Just all of Taylor's social media pops up on this site, so I'll check it out from time to time.... You like photography?

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    Social media challenged?

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    Hey, guess so... [ooh and I think you mean WALK-BY lies]

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    You, with all of you logic-y logic.....

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    Not even any badges to take away


    Just my dignity

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    Sorry can't think of a good response....

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