My 1st welcome banner made by Smitha!
^My 2nd welcome banner was made by Uma!! Thank you!!:)

1st Thing about me:


3rd: My favorite color is purple.

Credit to Chloe^
4th: I'm a fan of the Hunger Games!!

5th: I'm a college student

6th: I'm studying Animal Science.
7th: I love Art.

8th: I love Paris and plan to visit one day.

9th: I LOVE LOVE Disney World!

^Credit to Topaz

Hi my name is I'm 21 years old and I graduated from high school in 2013! Now I'm a Senior in college majoring in Animal Science. I love Taylor Swift!! I went to my first Taylor concert on Oct. 5, 2011 with my mom for my 16th birthday in New Orleans. It was a Speak Now concert. It was the best birthday present ever! I cried my eyes out when I got the tickets because I was so happy to get those tickets!:) I saw they were sold out in New Orleans and I was so upset that I didn’t have tickets, I was almost in tears but my mom gave me those tickets the day of my birthday and I was the happiest person ever. I was able to get tickets to a Red concert in Kansas City, MO on Aug.2, 2013. She wasn't coming to Louisiana, so my mom & I decided to take a vacation in Kansas City to see Taylor in concert!!! The concert was amazing!!! Taylor was amazing!!! Ed Sheeran was amazing also!!! Florida George Line was the special guest!! While I was there I stayed in the same hotel as Taylor & Ed Sheeran!!! AHH!! I didn't see Taylor but I meet Ed Sheeran in the lobby & he told me hi!!! The concert was everything I had hoped for!:) My favorite songs from the album is Red and I Knew You Were Trouble. From the Speak Now album my favorite is Back to December and Sparks Fly! I love Taylor's new album 1989. It is flawless. I went to the 1989 World Tour in Baton Rouge on May 22, 2015! I went with my mom, like I have done for the last two shows I've been to. I saw Taylor's mom, she walked right by me and my mom and she looked right at us!! The show was great like always and I hope one day I could get to meet Taylor! I love making new friends so send me a friend request! I accept all!:) Thank you so much if you have read this far!!:) My name banner up there was made by Smitha!

We are never ever getting back together

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^Credit to Smitha

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^Credit to Naty398

^Credit to Naty398

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^Credit goes to whoever made this for me! I didn't make it!

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^Credit to All I Know Is a Simple Name

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How I dance where I hear one of Taylor's songs:

Some of my favorite quotes:

^ I used this quote as my senior quote for my yearbook in high school


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    Hello Natalie :)

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    happy swift day :)

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    you're welcome! :) i love yours too

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    On Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 3:48 PM, Mane123 said:

    I'm good too!! I see you like horses, they're cute. You're studying animal science? That's pretty cool, what do you like about that career?

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    On Wed, Jun 1, 2016 at 11:09 AM, Mane123 said:

    Hey! Thanks for adding me, how are you?

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    I love your profile!

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    imma give you a graphic that says i like horses and if thats okay! and it can be purple too! since its ur fav color! XDDD

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    would you like any graphics. if so go on my profile under links..

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