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Hi Rilea here. Welcome to my profile. I've been a swiftie since October of 2011. If I had known Taylor had already realeased her album Speak Now I woul've purchased it. I'm glad I didn't though now because my brother bought me her Speak Now: World Tour Live. The first words that came out of my mom's mouth as soon as I opened it were "No screaming." Haha so I kind of barrell-rolled across and squeezed my brother until his eyes basically popped out lol.

My fav things besides Taylor are: Kari Jobe, Toby Mac, Jamie Grace, Lady Antabellum, Brian Crain (solo pianist), romance novels, action novels, Hunger Games, Artemis Fowl series, "Keep Calm and" shirts, my constantly-licking-your-face kitten, my dog, my little sister, my two brothers, mom and dad, chocolate, beaches, universal studios, books, romantic movies, romantic books, and well i don't know if the rest shall take too long to type.

Fav songs:
Our Song (Taylor Swift)
Cold As You (Taylor Swift)
Good Time (Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepson)
Dark Side (Kelly Clarkson)
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift)
Pic To Burn (Taylor)
Enchanted (Taylor)
Breathe (Taylor)
Fearless (Taylor Swift)
Love Story (Taylor)
Untouchable (Taylor)
Want U Back (Cher Lloyd)
Forever and Always (Taylor)
Italian summer (Brian Crain)
Two Spirits Soar (Brian Crain)
Mine (Taylor)
Hello (Karmin)
Look At Me Now (Karmin)
Speak Now (Taylor)
Sparks Fly (Taylor)
Both of Us (B.O.B ft. Taylor)
Safe and Sound (Taylor ft. Civil Wars)
Just a Kiss (Lady A)
Somebody I Used To Know (Gotye ft. Kimbra)
Tongue Tied (?)
Everybody Talks (Neon Trees)
Animal (Neon Trees)
Rockin Robin (?)
Sh-Boom (?)
Baby Love (The Chordettes?)

Let's say there's a LOT MORE songs. I'll list just those ones for now. So I also like Ariana Grande, very LITTLE Justin Beieber, but some as well as David Guetta. Some more artists that ain't coming to mind right now. So what I do in my spare time is reading, homework, writing in my supposed "novel". Playing with my cat and dog. Listening to Taylor Talk or Taylor songs, texting friends, swimming, reading romance novels of the ones that are free because I'm not allowed to actually purchase any off of amazon. Play in my kindle, do chores, save money for an iPod, lots of things. I try to excersize and do outdoor things except when it's above 90 degrees. I have a lot of sisters. Their names are Hannah, Cheyenne, Ciara, Cassidy, Sophie then me. All of us except me live in Alabama. I have another Hannah who lives in Arizona with me.
Our favorite things to do are look up funny songs, shop, go get milkshakes at one a.m. and take them to our goofy silly guy friends who never sleep until six a.m.
We have stayed up one summer night texting each other throught TextPlus Free spying on her boyfriend and my brother's sleepover with my spy equipment. What a party that was, we beat them in staying awake and eventually went to sleep at like five fourty five. However she woke up at eight and me at ten with no need for sleep.
Well if you read even all of this I seriously commend you for it. :) I don't know how big it is, but I'll find that out soon. Thanks for reading don't hesitate to send a friends request. I'll accept you no matter who you are. Look forward to getting to know you! SWIFTIES RULE!!!!!!!! :))))

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  1. My fav Taylor picture is the "Enchanted" cover art. My fav Taylor movie has to be "The Lorax"


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