Wow I edit this thing alot!! I love Taylor Swift and her music. I love the tragic story of Romeo and Juilet, but at the same time I hate it. I think you always need to SpeakNow. I love when people run down the hallway saying "For the Island!!" I love people who remember running through the safari with Simba , or spending a day under water with Ariel or even saving China with Mulan. I love theater! I love quirky unique things and making a fool of yourself. I love it when you say "For Narnia!!" and charge. I love playing vedio games(xbox, Wii) my friends think I'm crazy! I love it when you dance like no one is watching. I love denying you like someone, when you totally are into them. I love how hyper mountain dew can make you! I love the harrowing tale of the Hunger games the same as I love casting spells with J.K Rowling. I love fireworks crazily! I love when you love your best friend. I think you always need to keep your eyes open, but at the same time keep them closed. I love mismatched socks. I love this HP quote....
Harry: So light a fire!
Hermione: Yes... of course... but there's no wood!
I love pawn stars, dance moms, moonshiners, duckdynasty,avatar ummmm the list could go on, so I will just move on! Some of the movies I adore HP (well I bet you saw that comin) Avatar, Avengers, lybrinyth, hunger games(duh!), pirates of the carrabian the list goes on and on! I love things that make reality whimsical:) I love being different! :) Also if you read this whole thing kudos to you!!

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    how have you been doing? if you noticed we haven't talked in a while its because I've been busy with summer school! :)

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    On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 2:13 PM, longlivetaylor...4ever&always said:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog:) btw I say "for narnia!!" and charge and then my friends look at me like I'm crazy. I wonder why:)

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    Thank You I'm glad you enjoyed my "Arms Open" Article!!!

    If you’re a big Taylor Swift fan / Swiftie then I know you’ll love this video called

    “What does ITF mean?”
    Speaker: Carter Buckner


    Here is the YouTube (Channel) "ChurchsofChrist"


    Romans 12:9 - Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good.

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    i know thanks for commenting and yeah i know what you mean to i did like this guy who i throught was so sweet and now hes a jerk taylor helped through it all shes like my dairy that i cant stop reading and she inspiart me to write my own music and hopefully play guitar like her and have a familar career like hers

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    I love your about up there. I can totally relate to some of that. Like loving the remembering or dancing like no one's around or denying that you're into someone. I think it's fearless. :-)

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