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HI! I’m Tharushi. I’ve been alive for 20 years now. But I still can’t figure out the way a girl should be :)
I was born on a December… 13th December!! I know that’s amazing to have the same birthday as Taylor Swift! I found out that fact after a long time from the day I became a Swifty and it nearly gave me heart attack. Well… as I’m December born you can call me a Sagittarius. But here, in my country, the astrology is far more complicated, logical and scientific. So I’m a Capricorn!
I love astronomy more than any subject in the world. So, everybody around me says I’ve got the most perfect name. The meaning of Tharushi is; A Lot Of Stars!!! I love anything related to the stars, planets, space and every deep sky object. Plus aliens! I’m waiting for a dark, cold night that I can see a lot of dancing, colourful lights through my window and to find out a big UFO at my home! [But friendly aliens who say, “We come in peace”.] Maybe a handsome alien prince too :D
I’m a writer too. I write science fictions, fantasy fictions, young adult fictions and a few more genres. But I always like to be an unpublished writer for a couple of reasons.
#1 No one needs to read ‘em. So I don’t think anybody will buy my books :)
#2 Sometimes I don’t need everyone to know my true feelings. I wanna be flawless when writing.
#3 I take an age to finish one :D

I love Nicholas Sparks books so much, even the movies based on them. But I strongly believe a movie can’t talk to one’s heart more than a book does. I hate it when a movie is flooded with the things those aren’t in its book. Afterall, I’m so much impressed by the film, A Walk To Remember. No matter how many times I have watched it, it always brings me into tears. Oh My Swift! That poor girl, Jamie loves astronomy!
Okay Swifties, isn’t that enough about myself? Now I have to write something about music and Taylor too. Taylor Swift is the person who made the biggest change in my life. She made me fearless to Speak Now in the right moment. Her every song, every word, sink into my soul like all those things have happened to me. I know this is kinda mental disease, but I find all of Taylor’s songs so relatable to myself! Whatever happens, I can list down a couple of songs those definitely describe my situations.

# The story of us, Wait for me, Never mind, Superman, Superstar, Mean, You belong with me, Treacherous, Teardrops on my guitar…… there are more!!
I’ve never been in a love relationship, but thanks to Taylor, now I have a very clear picture about that “Mr. X”. :D
As Taylor says, Fearless is not totally the absence of fear, It’s having a lot of them. So these are my biggest fears…
I fear about getting misunderstood by others and being accused for a thing I’ve never meant to do.
• I’m kinda scared of falling in love with a wrong person. I fear about a love that won’t last long. So I’m so much thinking of finding out the right person at the first shot! :)
• I fear about losing my dreams, hopes and faith on a thing I’m dying to achieve. So… I have to work hard, right?

Well… here’s something more….

• These are my school best friends at our first batch party. (all of my friends are not here :()

Me, 2nd from the left.
My best friend; Shashikala and Me!! In our school uniforms!! Oops! Looks like we’ve just run away from the zoo!!

These are some new friends I met so recently at the leadership training camp. So cool!!!!!!

So dear friend, thanks a million times for stopping by and wasting your time going through this ridiculously long thing :)
Thanks again!!!!

With love,
Tharushi !!!!!

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  1. shashikala avatar

    On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 5:23 AM, shashikala said:

    haven't seen you while on fb... is everything ok? how's your story? if you have typed all can you send me a pdf file to my e mail so i can read( only if you changed lost blue)

  2. Theinvisibledreamer avatar

    On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 12:57 PM, Theinvisibledreamer said:

    Thanks so much for your help!

  3. Red131Starlight avatar

    On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 12:07 PM, Red131Starlight said:

    Thank you, you have a beautiful profile and I'm happy that you're doing well. :) Your blogs are great.

  4. risuave avatar

    On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 10:15 PM, risuave said:

    It's time. All the things I've told you about, everything that I've been saying "I want to do this" or "I'm going to do that" when it comes to Taylor. It's time to start. Here is the first move

    With that goal in mind, I began to create a project that would allow all of the Swifites that had become just as much authors in this story to help write the next chapter. To decide whether or not I should get to see Taylor again and thank her. But as the project expanded, as people came in and brought countless ideas to the table, something dawned on me. The project became about the words that lie at the heart of it all. Thank you. We owe so many people so much, and I wanted to give people a chance to say it. I, for one, have found that more often than not we may think the words, but we never actually say them. We never speak now. We love our parents but we don't thank them for the immeasurable acts they do for us. We love our friends but we never thank them for adding untold beauty to our lives every day. We love Taylor, but we never get to thank her for giving us the means to express our deepest selves.

    And so, ultimately, The Thank You project has been born. In this very first stage, it has been set to an event page of Facebook, the link to which will be on the bottom of this post. On this page, when you click the "join" button, you are saying to your friends and to the world that you WILL speak now. You won't just keep the words in your head, but you WILL say the seemingly simple words that can change a life for good. Then, use the page and do just that. Thank the people you love. Thank your friends and your family, and tell them all the things you feel. And thank Taylor and her music. Thank her for a song, a lyric. Speak now and say how a lyric or an attitude has done so much for you. Then, invite other to do the same. Share the page on your own personal means of social media, be it Facebook, instagram, Twitter or whatever you use. Being a light in the world is a beautiful thing, but sharing that light with others is a miracle.

    So that is what I ask of you. Join the event, leave your Thanks, and Share the page. Join, Thank and Share. Steps as simple as the words themselves, yet potentially just as powerful. Speak now and let those people know that they are appreciated. That they are cherished. That they are loved. Whether it's the friend you see every day or the artist this site is meant for, every single person deserves to hear the words.

    Thank you. As promised, here is the link to the page.


  5. Red131Starlight avatar

    On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 7:27 AM, Red131Starlight said:

    Hi, how are you doing? It's nice to meet you. :)

  6. pureslytherin avatar

    On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 8:35 AM, pureslytherin said:

    Sorry for the late reply! haha yeah, I do actually... I watch the Vampire Diaries! :)

  7. TaylorHelpedMe avatar

    On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 12:10 AM, TaylorHelpedMe said:

    So glad you're well. I'm going good, too.

  8. TaylorHelpedMe avatar

    On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 10:36 PM, TaylorHelpedMe said:

    Thank you for the friendrequest. How are you today?

  9. pureslytherin avatar

    On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 4:05 AM, pureslytherin said:

    Thank you!!! I love the colors on your profile!! :)

  10. shashikala avatar

    On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 4:50 AM, shashikala said:

    hi i know that u're in these days isn't here but whenever u come back upload ur photos(only if u got any)

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