Hello fellow Swifties! Fundon Swiftie :) Since early 2011 =D

I’d know about Taylor since 2009 when Love Story and You Belong With Me were huge hits here in the Uk but I didn’t really catch on. However, one regret I have in my life is not going to the Fearless tour at Wembley Arena which is a bus journey from my house.

Anyway I became obsessed with Taylor that music and all her songs and music videos and everything. Speak Now was definitely my favourite album because a few months previous I had gone through some depression kinda thing and I felt so alone in the world, but the Speak Now album defiantly helped me through. Especially the song Mean as it helped me realise I would make something of my life. And enchanted which is so beautiful and one of my favourite songs EVER.

I feel so lucky right now that I have seen Taylor live 5 times in life. Especially as Taylor doesn't do that many shows in Europe and I’ve actually been able to go. The first time I saw Taylor was the Speak Now Tour, 30th March 2011. I had seen Taylor on the One Show, basically BBC 1’s flagship dinner time family show on an interview and it kinda really made me want to go to the show. So I basically begged my mum for tickets and we went. And I’m so glad because Speak Now was such a flawless Tour.
Sadly I don't have any of my own pictures because I didn't have my own camera back then, so here's one of my favourites!

The next time I saw Taylor was the BBC Teen Awards 2012, 7th October 2012 at Wembley Arena. I was so happy I managed to get tickets because they were really close, free (the BBC is a non-profit organisation which relies on Uk TV licence fees – basically we have to pay a small fee to watch TV which funds the BBC – otherwise it’s illegal whether actually using a TV or line), literally a bus trip up the road from my house and I managed to get three friends to come with me because One Direction (boo) were also playing! It was amazing I got to see Taylor perform so perfectly and danced with some of my closest friends.

Look how close we were!

I really wanted to see Taylor turn on Westfield White City Christmas Lights at the end of 2012 as Westfield is another bus ride from me and she was performing. However I would have had to camp out and miss school which my mum basically said ‘no’ to. But that’s ok because whenever I go shopping now I find it really cool that Taylor was there and I did go Christmas shopping and see the actual lights she turned on.

So the next time I saw Taylor was at Wembley Stadium, the same Stadium I can see from my school that I stare out at during maths lesson. Yup. That Stadium. Anyway I saw Taylor as part of the Summertime Ball, 9th June 2013. Although my seats were really high and far away but I didn’t really mind as it meant the tickets were cheaper! Me and my mum basically did crazy dancing and singing when Olly Murs (another favourite singer of my mum and me) and when Taylor came on! That was a good day.

Eventually Taylor announced RED TOUR DATES FOR LONDON and I literally was SO EXCITED!!! At the beginning she announced 3 and got tickets for the third and supposedly final date, 4th February 2014. My seats were really far away and high up but at least I GOT SOME. Then Taylor announced two more and I actually got seats for now the very last date, 11th February 2014. But these were really good seats on the lower bowl! The best seats I’ve ever had for the O2 Arena!

Those two days were two amazing days of my life! The concerts were amazing and I got some really good pictures on my average camera. The only trouble was that the Underground Trade Union decided to strike on both Tuesdays :/ so the first Tuesday we had to drive THROUGH LONDON DURING RUSH HOUR FROM WEST TO EAST LONDON and it took ages!!! But luckily the second strike was called off and we arrived much quicker by tube.

However it wasn’t until March that I finally got to see the Taylor photo experience at the British Music Experience because we didn’t have time when we went to the show. ? Anyway we went back up to the O2 one lazy Sunday, actually the last day of the exhibition and I wore all my Taylor bracelets and badges and looked so much like a fangirl! But I was so happy because I brought a RED tour top in the BME shop, like physically, on a hanger, not online. Now that was something new!

Thanks for reading :) Stay beautifully fearless, remember to Speak Now and that losing him was blue like I’d never know, missing him was dark grey all alone, forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met, but loving him was RED, burning RED.


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    On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 6:49 PM, JuniorJewel13 said:

    Awww! Thank you so much! I read your bio, and I just want to say that you must be very strong to have overcome depression without talking to anyone. Taylor has also gotten me through rough times, so I can totally relate. I also loved Taylor's old look, but am embracing her new style. I completely agree about getting lost in another world when reading a book! You have great taste in music, I also really like Carrie Underwood and am starting to listen to Coldplay. All the stuff you're involved in at school sounds really fun, I'm sure the business will be worth it! Haha, love the ending to your bio!

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    oh my god Niall really waved at you that is AMAZING and you are so lucky!! and oh my god I LOVE COLDPLAY TOO!!

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