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After this piece of writing being deleted 2 times already, I am hoping for the best. I realized that that is the most powerful gift we can give. HOPE. You can never ever not ever accomplish anything if you don't hope for and believe in it first. I'm a planner, but somethings like meeting the most admired, idoled person in your life are completely unplannable.

Things like cookies, basketball, quotes, ice cream, chocolate milk, art that doesn't make sense, climbing trees, dancing in the rain (the list goes on...) excite me, but of course the top item on my list is Taylor Swift. She changed my life. Her music, her voice, her actions, her words, her lyrics, inspire me. One day, I want to become a author like J.K Rowling and Suzanne Collins and I will thank her, for preparing me and creating a world beyond essays and tests and the list goes on for the things she has done for me. And thank you to the people that actually read this, and share the same hopes and dreams as me, I'm a believer.

The world is a complicated place, and how God made it in six days, I really don't know, but here we are, living our lives in the most complicated planet, and we don't realize what complicated things, can give us. With a thing like this world, it's as complicated as it can get, and there, you find over a billion different paths you can take. That's why I say, anything can happen and you can make anything happen. If you try hard enough, wish hard enough, dream hard enough, dance hard enough, sing hard enough, you can do it. You can succeed, so why not start now.

I've kind of realized that this hasn't exactly been anything about me, more about dramatic stuff and all, so I'm going to take a few minutes to tell you all that take the few minutes to read this, about me. But before I do, I would just like to apologize because I think I might be sounding a bit like Taylor Swift and stealing some of her sentence starters, if you know what I mean. Anyways, I love my dog, Tessa. She is truly amazing and I love her from her head to her paws. Never in my life have I ever seen another dog like her. She is simply her own person and lets say extremely unique. She is a chocolate lab, super hyper, and will literally eat anything, I mean it. In her short life she has eaten hair elastics, tacs, bird seed, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, plastic, candy canes, sandwichs, bananas, (the list goes on...) but worst of all, her own poop. Besides, that disgusting habit she is amazing. I love her to death and she is amazingly cute and amazingly chubby. I love to read and read all the time. I also am in love with writing and hope to be an author one day. I'm a fan of all things mystical, and I love things extraordinary, but better yet, things that are ordinary, and have been turned into something special so that everytime you walk by that special thing, only you and the people you shared that moment with, realize how special it really is.

Well, today is a special day, the kind of day where the impossible finely becomes possible. The kind of day where song lyrics aren't just those of a song, meaningless and forgein to your understanding. This is the kind of day when words are strong and powerful, when they finally mean something and speak a message. Well today was the day I finally got Taylor Swift's first CD Tim McGraw and Fearless Platinum edition! I've wanted these two CD for ages now, and now just another dream has come true. I'm hoping I can get Beautiful Eyes soon, but I don't live in the United States, so I can't buy it.

The world is a huge place. In it are around 7 billion people. I've been thinking lately, how small one person out of those 7 billion people is. But that doesn't mean we have to be small. there are no rules in life and whatever path you want to take, you can take it. You are your own person, your own heart, your own soul, your own you. You may think you don't have a choice, but you do. Don't wait for it to smack you in the face, because by then, it's already long gone. We can choose to make a difference in others lives and be a shining star in a sky of darkness. You can be a firework in endless sorrow. All you have to do is believe. To me Taylor Swift is that firework, she is my shining star. She chose a choice many didn't know they had. She chose a path that inspired millions of people. If she can, why can't I? Why can't you? You may think that, but you can.

Anyways, right now, I've decided to exdend my biography today because from here above all that writing was a couple months ago. So here I am six Taylor CD's, and 2 more badges, later. It gets me to thinking, I really hope we never change, I mean to change in a way that we forget the important things in life like Taylor Swift. of course change is a good thing, change is the thing that motivates and impowers people to be who they are today. Change is the thing that makes our lives the crazy rollercoasters they are. All I'm saying is never change you, and definetly your love for Taylor. Prehaps we will change with Taylor, like so many have through this journey of being inspired through her.

So if you have read this whole thing by now, you are probably thinking about three things right now:
a) this biography is completely random and isn't even a biography
b) is totally a waste of my time (which probably 99% of the people who read this will be definetly be thinking)
c)what crazy thing will this person say next?
Anyways, I can completely understand if you are thinking anyone of these thoughts right now. I've decided to take some time and write a long list of the little things in life that make your day:

finding a coupon to an ice cream place, finding a lucky penny then actually having something lucky happen to you, reading a book then realizing that that is actually whats going on in your life, drinking tea and not burning your tounge, opening up a time capsule, seeng a full moon, watching the Northern Lights, flying, climbing the Eiffel Tower, walking up an escalator that goes down, drinking coka cola out of a glass bottle, tea staining paper, twirling around in dresses, being in New York on New Year's Eve, realizing your tweet actually fits into the maximum space provided, singing outside, sailing around the world, writing a letter to someone and getting a reply, etc...

Never forget the essence of your spark. Like ever.

Graphic by Swiftie4EverAndAlways

Kitty Whiskers:)

By me :)
For all of my graphics I used photos from taylorpictures.net no copyright intended.

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