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13 -- Lucky or unlucky??

Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 10:52 PM By: Sparkleloves13

Hi Swifties, Can you help me?
This is funny but I really think that swifties are the one who knows the importance of number 13.

13 is just not a number for us (I know it's LUCKY because of Taylor)

But But But......
This past days, I started to noticed that I always see number 13, 13 is always there where I am. and everything's not so good actually I always had a bad day, or something not good happened to me everytime (I saw 13 or 13th day of the month) I saw my diary this past years and I read all 13th day of the months and almost of it are my Unlucky day) and I don't want 13 to be my unlucky Number. I tried to avoid it and always think That 13 is LUCKY! No matter what happens 13 will always be my favorite number.

What do you think Swifties? I really don't want to hate it, I don't want no. 13 to be my Unlucky Number...! I really put it on my mind that 13 is LUCKY!
I always end up smilling everytime I saw number 13 because of Taylor ( What do you think the reason?)

This is Funny ha??
But It really confuse me this past days.
I love Taylor Swift So much!


  1. Mictaylor13 avatar

    On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 4:02 AM, Mictaylor13 said:

    well 13 is my lucky number as when ever i see the number 13 something good happens and when i ever look at a clock or some thing it is something 13 but it can be lucky for some people and it might be unlucky for others

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