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My name is Rachel! I'm a teenager who lives in Toronto. I have this crazy obsession with Taylor. All of my friends think I'm insane, which is actually true now that I think about it.
I love how Taylor never does anything scandalous or inappropriate. She always thinks of her younger fans, which is so sweet!!
I also love how Tay writes all of her own songs. It makes her seem so much more believable and pure!
Now, more about me:
~I love horses!
~I love being an only child
~I couldn't ask for better friends!
~My cat is obese, but my dog is pretty skinny
~I'm forever in love with Tay's performance of All Too Well!
~I've been to the Red Tour but I've never met Taylor
~I did, however, see Mama Swift from a distance!
~My display name used to be Taylor13Amazing13Swift
I think Taylor is more than just a singer. She's more than a singer/songwriter. She's more than an artist. She's an amazing role model and teacher and creates beautiful, relatable, flawless music. She's saved people's lives and makes us smile. She treats her fans amazingly and cares about us before anything else. Taylor is more than just a singer…She's a way of life.
Feel free to message me anytime!
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    On Sat, Aug 23, 2014 at 11:12 AM, Shake It Off said:

    I was so excited for the Live Stream, when the final couple minutes counted down to 10 seconds I was ecstatic. I will probably be that way on the morning of Oct. 27th!

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    Thanks for the support for the Meet & Greet petition for TC'ers :D

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    Not much.... Just dreading the start of school in 2 days lol! What about you?

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    Hi! I like your name :)

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