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Hey! I really love Taylor Swift! I am a Swiftie Forever and Always. I'd like to say I follow her from the beggining, but I can't. In fact, a friend of mine had make me hear songs from Fearless and Taylor Swift, and I loved them, but I never really considered buying an album. When Speak Now came out, I put it on my birthday/ christmas list ( I only make one list since my birthday is in december) without listening to songs. Like I just knew I'd love them. Then, on my birthday, December 12 2010, I became a Swiftie. My parents gave me Speak Now and I totally fell in love with it. The song that hit me the most was Haunted. And it's still my favorite. I love the dramatic effect that the strings are brigning to the song. Plus, it's the perfect love heartbreak song to me, an I had just had my first real heartbreak in November that year. I was starting to fell better by then of course, but you never really forget the first heartbreak I guess. Then Taylor Swift came to Canada. And I really wanted to go, but didn't had the money so I couldn't. Since then I am saving money, hoping she'll come back near where I live for the next album. One thing that makes me really angry, is that a lot of Taylor Swift marchandise, like Beautiful Eyes EP, are never available to other country than the US, and it sucks. Plus Canada is neighboor, so I really don't understand why I can't buy those things. Another thing, well I wouldn't say it makes my angry, but I am a little sad about it, is how Taylor will co-wrote for her next album. I was so proud of her for having an album done completly by herself, I don't want that to change, personally. My favorite colors are Blue,Purple (like Taylor) and Silver. I love everything that sparkles. I just can't help it, my eyes gets caught by those. My favorite food is Sushi and a couple of Libanese food. But Sushi really is the best to me. I love iced tea.Hum... I think that's all for now, if you want to know more you'll have to friend me XD I want to meet other Swifties to talk to, that's why I am hear so don't be shy.

*Yeah I love graphic making by the way**This graphic was made by Stay_Beautiful :]*

I made this for a blog but maybe it is a good thing to put on my profile too.

1) I am a vegetarian.
2) Cats are my favorite animals, and I have one named Chopin (like the pianist).
3) I have 3 favorite colors: Blue, Purple and Silver.
4) I have 2 lucky numbers: 4 and 12, but I'd say 4 is my "luckiest".
5) I am a swiftie since December 12,2010.
6) Sometimes, when I listen really intensly while doing absolutly nothing else to Haunted, it can make me cry, maybe because of the memories I linked to it.
7) I have never have a boyfriend.
8) I think I'll never have a boyfriend, because I have a big tendency of falling for ass-holes.
9)My first language is french, but french from Quebec, Canada, not from France. There's a big difference to me. But, I'm always told that I am very good in english, and when they don't know, people usually don't notice that english is only my second language. After all, I have an average of 95% in enrished english class, and that, without trying hard to.
10) My friends always tell me that I am gifted at school. I have to admit that I do have really high notes, in everything but physical education. I am REALLY bad in physical education.
11) I always like Untouchable boys, and so I related really easily to that song.
12) I was born on December 12.It's also, strangely, the day of my father's birthday. It's why 12 is one of my 2 lucky numbers. The next day is my father's brother's birthday and most of all TAYLOR'S BIRTHDAY as you must all know.
13)I went in an hospital for the first time when I was 12 years old (if we do not count my birth of course.
14)If we count animals, and to me it counts, to that day, I have experienced the death of 7 person that I knew.But no one as close as parent-sister, luckily.
15) I am fifteen years old. Now I feel more reached my Taylor's fifteen :P I always wanted to be fifteen since I was yound, and not because of Taylor. I always played Role Playing Games with my best friend when I was yound, and we created our characters, and no matter if they were picked from a movie or totally from my head, I always said they were fifteen and so did my friend. I don't know why. But to me it was the ultimate age. I always wanted to be Fifteen. My sister was before me. Anyways, we'd think it would have made me happy to turn fifteen but I was kind of sad, it made me feel old. And I am no longer friend with that girl, so we didn't turn fifteen together, and I always thought we would so it kind of hurted. And I'll never been fiteen again. But whatever, when we think about it, it's just and age, a number.
16)The person that matters the most to me, what I like the most in this entire world, is my mom. She's everything to me. Mom, best friend FOREVER and in this case I know it'll trully be forever and always, cause you don't stop loving your mom/child, etc.
17) I LOVE Seventeen magazine. I am addicted. I get it delivered to my door every month, cause luckily they are one of the rares that do deliver for a reasonable price to Canada.
18) I Love alchool and always have. I mean like since I am 2. But since I used to like have a drop from my parent's glass or things like that, I am kind of used to it, and I thing that will help me never take to much. I think it'll help me be able to have some control.
19) I have an intolerance of apples. I Love apples, don't get me wrong. But they make me sick.
20)I LOVE reading. I read Harry Potter 1 after only 5 months of first year of school.
21) I love Garfield and friends.
22) I like Tv: Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, 90210, The Secret Circle, Gossip Girl, Vampire's Diarie, Desperate Housewives, SHERLOCK (from BBC),etc.
23) I like movies: Twilight series, Harry Potter series, The Lord Of The Ring triology, The Lion King 1, 1/2 and 2, Up, How To Train Your Dragon,Mean Girls 1 and 2, Ice Age, Aquamarine, Ice Princess, The Clique, etc. That was just what first came throught my mind.
24) To me the best movies ever are The Lion King and The Lord of The Ring tirology. The Lion King because it's my childhood. I always listened to that.. And it's amazingly good. Lord Of The Ring because it's a fact that it's good and most of all because I grew up listening to that triology, and a lot of things I like or liked came from this. Like Horse, particularly White Horse, Like old looking dresses, like wavy hair, etc.
25) My favortie holiday is Christmas. I am a christmas maniac. I totally insanely love christmas.
26) I hate the notebook (sorry for the one who like it) because I think it's to cliché.And Impossible.
27) I hate horror movies, because they keep me scared even moths after. I saw a long while ago this year the Lady in Black and I am still scared as hell by thoughts of this movie.
28) I am a scared easily person.
29) I hate spiders.
30)I LOVE music.
31) I am deemed for my style at school, AND I have an uniform.But I always come up with nails that my friends envy, or things that are cute in my hair or nice jewelry.
32) I have a tendency to fall for what is expensive and from a label, without even making it on purpose.
33)I am in a model agency.
34) I love friday the 13 and am everything but afraid of it. I think it brings me luck, because when I did the try out for my model agency, it was a friday the 13 and I was taken.
35)I love books: Frenemies by Alexa Young series, Dead Girl Walking and Seer series, Harry Potter series, Warriors by Erin Hunter series, Peaches,The Clique series,Nightshade series, Halo series, If I Stay and Where she Went by Gayle Forman, Twilight series, Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay, Le journal d'Aurélie Laflamme (that's from Quebec so I don,t think there actually is an english title), Wendy Wagner (french to) and well lots and lots and lots of other books but to much for me to remember.
36) My favorite book is The Rain Before It Falls by Jonathan Coe.
37)I LOVE frogs.
38)I LOVE Starfruit, which I first ate in the lodge at the Bell Center when I was young.
39) I went to see Viva La Vida By Coldplay at the Bell Center in 2008.
40) I went to see Roger Waters from Pink Floyd at The Bell Center in 2010.
41) I NEVER saw Taylor Swift in concert. And I am very sad about it.
42)I Love music: Taylor Swift (duh) and by the way she is my favorite way before all the others I am going to name, ColdPlay, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Debussy, Chopin, Back, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Perri, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Colbie Caillat, One Republic,Train, and A LOT OF OTHER MUSIC. So yeah, as you can see, I love a lot of different music.
43) I HATE techno music. Really do. I don't think we can say it's music, because there is not instruments, only some computer sounds. So yeah, I hate LMFAO.
44) I am agnostic.
45) I never thought I would listen to Country Music, but then I discovered Taylor...
46) I think Taylor Lautner is insanely hot and that he looked really cute with Taylor Swift.
47) I Love perfume. My favorite are DKNY Red Delicious, DKNY Be Delicious, Pretty By Elizabeth Arden and a perfume smelling of Starfruit and Kiwi. I do not like Wonderstruck. I know you may say this is not Swiftie like of me, but it doesn't have anything to do. I mean, I didn't want to buy a perfume only because there's Taylor's name on it, so I tried it and didn't like it. I don't know it's just not the kind of smell I like to wear.
48) I talk a lot. Which you probably notice if you really read everything all the way to number 48.
49)My Favorite fruit is Peaches.
50) My favorite nut is Hazelnut.
51) My hair are brown.
52) My eyes are brown, but my friend say there's a little orange spark in them. When I cry or have the sun in my eyes, they are clearer and we can see green in them.
53)I want to learn to play Guitar. Acoustic Guitar. Really badly. I just talked about it with my mother and it may happen :D
54) Signing is my passion. Really. Before I met Taylor. Before I even bought my first CD. I live for signing. When I am happy I sign. Angry, I sign. Sad? I'll sign to. If I don't sign, it's because I am sick and don't have a voice. But, recently,I was so sad, but so empty and depressed I didn't wanted to sign. For a month or 2 I don't know. That's really a bad sign as of my concern. But I started again now :)
55) I am unable to sign before people. Even my family Members or my friends. Even thought I know my family always hears me anyways.
56) I have about 50 cds of mine, but I always listen to my parents r sister's one.
57) For something, I just don,t want to change for techologie. I love physical form cds, not Itunes. And I Love books. With pages and everything. Not ebooks.
58) My favorite food is sushi, but I also love a bunch of Libanese food.
59) I HATE Olives. I can't smell them literally. It discuss me. I think I may throw up if I tried eating one. I hate them so much that it's as bad as an allergy.
60) I am a very stressed full person. Always nervous about everything and nothing.I always make Ulcer because of it. One time I had to miss school for 2 weeks because I fell sick, and we finished by realising it mak have been an Ulcer because of the stress in my stomach.
61) I Love sparkles, shiny things. With It's just so beautiful all my heart.
62) I love Sunset. I love Forest. I Love Nature, I Love Animals, I Love Water.
63) I am scared of fire. It was my worst phobia when I was young, now it's getting better. It's just the idea of losing everything in a fire that scares me to dead since always.
64) I think I should shut up now, because y'all probably stopped reading 60 numbers ago XD IF you read all this, I love you. I insanely love you. You are amazing :)

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