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Hi, I'm Sadie, and I'm 17. I love Taylor Swift more than she loves cats. Taylor has helped me get through some of the darkest days of my life, and I can never thank her enough for that. I hope one day I can meet her in person and tell her that :)

I also love reading, from Harry Potter to National Geographic — I guess I’m a bit of a nerd. I’m agnostic. My MBTI type is ENTJ. I like writing and geography and I hate science and art. I am quite an uninteresting person... There really isn't much to say about me! Feel free to message me or write a comment; I'm always up to making new friends


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  1. Got some Taylor merch :)

    Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 12:45 AM 6 Comments

    -RED tour book - Taylor perfume bag -Taylor perfume -Sound amplifier -Blanket (not in the picture) My friend went to see a RED concert in Australia, and she came back and got me all this. I love her a lot It's been ages since I got any new Taylor merchandise. Taylor smells amazing! And the blanket is so comfortable :)

  2. Guitar!

    06/16/12 15 comments


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    On Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 3:03 PM, TaylorSwiftFan said:

    P.S. I hope that all of my profile comment went through haha! It's pretty big because I responded to two of your fairly large profile comments.

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    On Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 3:02 PM, TaylorSwiftFan said:

    Hi Sadie,

    I'm so incredibly sorry that I haven't responded to your profile comment(s) until now (I know one of them was from March of this year near my birthday and the other was from January of this year). I guess life gets in the way and you get busy with things and school has been keeping me busy too. I'm not sure if you left me one or two as there are two that are still pending and I'm not sure if I responded to the first one but I'll respond to both of them in this profile comment now. It's probably going to be a huge profile comment haha.

    I've been seriously busy with school too. I started school again in early September. My summer break started in mid-late June and it ended in early September. Right now I'm in grade 11 (the second last year of high school) and it terrifies me that I'm this old. I don't want to grow up and I don't want to get any older. I wish that time wouldn't go by so fast. :( I seriously cannot believe how fast 2014 has gone by. It is by far the fastest year so far in my life. I thought that 2013 went by fairly fast but 2014 has gone by so incredibly fast that I can't believe it.

    Yes, Canadians do have middle names, along with Americans. I think most or almost all people who live in North America and Europe have middle names. I guess that's the way our culture is here, how most of us have middle names. That's a little weird to me how you guys in Asia don't have middle names. But I guess it's a different culture and maybe it makes it harder to have middle names since the Chinese and Asian languages seem really complex. My middle name is Anne, if you were wanting to know that. Our names here in North America usually go as first name then middle name (if you have one) then surname/last name. That sounds pretty that your name translates to "purple rose"! Purple roses may exist, I'm not sure...I think they do since I've seen them in pictures online. Maybe they naturally exist or maybe the genetics of the rose was changed to make purple roses and different color roses. In fact, there's a really pretty rainbow rose sold in a flower shop here where I live! I saw them in the flower shop because I've had to be in there with my family two times for my two grandmas' funerals through the years. I think we children chose roses to put on their caskets. I chose the rainbow flower for both of my grandmas I think because I thought they were really pretty. No, I'm not that into nature or flowers and I find myself to be an indoor person. I find more comfort being inside rather than outside. I hate bugs and creatures too so they scare me if I see them outside so I like staying inside better. I think that flowers are really pretty too but I'm not that into them. I find that I don't like the smell of flowers and they smell a little weird and plain. Flowers are sure pretty but their smell isn't that special in my opinion. I feel bad for flowers too because they die after a week. It just makes me sad that these beautiful things wilt after a little while. :( I don't know many different flowers but I would maybe say that roses are a flower that I like because they're really pretty.

    I think that I'm fairly good at using/doing things with my hands (as you asked)...I think I can sometimes find the focus to do more tedious things but my hands shake a lot sometimes too. I did enjoy sewing when we had to do Sewing for a thing called 'Home Ec' back in Grade 7. We also had to do wood working for a thing called 'Shop' in Grade 8 and I fairly enjoyed it but it got a little boring at times with the wood. I don't really fix machines haha to do with being good with using my hands.

    I love Niall's accent as well. He's so adorable and sweet and cute. I also LOVE his laugh. I would love to be able to hear that adorable laugh that I love so much before I die. I doubt that I'll ever get to finally see One Direction live in concert or even in person but it would be amazing to get to hear that fandom-famous laugh of Niall's. I just love Niall a lot too. I love all of the boys of One Direction. <3 I love all of the boys' accents! <3 But have you noticed how the boys have sure let their hair go? They all seriously need a hair cut haha. I think Niall and Zayn look attractive with the hair that they have now but Harry's and Louis' hair is just messy and I don't like it. I don't like Liam's beard either. I loved it when they all had quiffs or their hair was up higher. Now all of their hair is long and down. I have no idea if Niall is dating someone... :( I haven't been on 'Twitter' in a long time because I just get busy and don't have time to be on 'Twitter' all day every day so I haven't been in the loop of every single thing that happens in the One Direction fandom for a while now. I don't like Sophia (who's dating Liam currently), I don't like Eleanor (who's dating Louis) and I never have, and I CAN'T STAND Perrie (who's apparently married to Zayn). :/

    I actually started driving lessons this year too...Where I live here in Canada, you have to be 15 and a half to start driving and you have to go through a course called 'Driver's Ed'. It was okay but I think I'm glad to have it over with. There were some tests and assignments in 'Driver's Ed' and we did in-car lessons with the teacher/instructor too (I think we had 8 driving lessons with the instructor in total). I think I passed the 'Driver's Ed' course with 92% or 93% or something. It was sure scary thinking about starting driving because it's a step of growing up and growing up is scary. I think I kind of held off on taking the 'Driver's Ed' course for a while because I was worried about it and I was honestly scared to do it and I didn't have much interest in driving. I could have maybe started 'Driver's Ed' in September 2013 because I would have been 15 and a half in September but I was just really scared thinking about driving. But once we got into the classroom and we learned about driving and we started doing driving lessons I got more comfortable and I got used to driving a car more. The instructor we had was quite funny and he made things entertaining sometimes. The 'Driver's Ed' course started in early April and finished in late June for myself because my last driving lesson was in late June. The classes in the classroom (which was after school two times a week) lasted for a month or two maybe and then we had to finish our driving lessons and then we were done. I actually haven't driven since June... :O I haven't really driven all summer and I really should have because it would be bad to have done well learning how to drive and then to lose those skills because I hadn't driven for a few months. I hope I do okay when I get in the car to drive again...I'll have to learn this winter how to drive in the winter since we get snow here and it will be the first winter where I could drive. I think I can take my actual 'Driver's License' test in January because you have to wait 9 months or something after you had taken and passed your 'Learner's License' test and I had taken my 'Learner's License' test in mid April so I could take the actual 'Driver's LIcense' test(s) by mid January of next year (in 2015). I wouldn't want to take the driving test in the winter most likely because there will snow on the ground so I'll probably wait until spring of next year to take the 'Driver's License' test(s) because it would be easier to drive in the spring. I hope that I do okay when I do end up doing my 'Driver's License' test and I hope that I don't fail it like 5 times. :( How did your driving lessons go this year? I think you're a year or two older than me, right? Is the age for starting to drive in Asia different from how it is in Canada (do you have to be older than 15 and a half or 16 to start to drive)?

    I don't like how teenagers seem to have a lot of pressure put on them and how young people seem to need to make big decisions about their lives quickly either. It really sucks that there's such a stigma/picture that someone seems 'lazy' or 'not bright' if they don't have everything figured out by the time they've graduated high school. It's like everyone is expected to go straight to university/college and then get a good paying top job right after high school. Most people don't even know what they want to do for a career when they get older when they're a teenager and when they're still in high school. Most people probably need a few years after high school to figure themselves out and to figure out what they're really interested in and to figure out what they would maybe like to do for a career when they get older. I'm in the second last year of high school (which really terrifies and scares me) and I'm still unsure as to what I would maybe want to do for a career when I get older. I hate thinking about it because I don't want to grow up and I honestly would be happy to stay in school. But some things I've found myself to be interested in are animals, music, graphic design, photography, etc.. I'm still not sure what I could do for a career and I'm still not sure what job I would maybe love to do. I don't know if or think that I'm going to university/college...It just scares me to think about it and I would honestly be scared to go to a university/college in another city/town away from my family because I'm really shy and I'm a homebody. There is a university and a community college in the city/town that I live in so I guess I could look into those places, but I'm not sure if I want to go to university/college either. But that's the problem, it's like it seems like you can't get a good job unless you go to university/college and take those courses/classes to do with the job/career that you're interested in. It is scary to figure out what you're going to do for a job/career for the rest of your life and it is scary to think about things like what if you don't end up liking your job/career (life/career choice) and what if you fail or don't end up finding a job. And yes, it's scary to think that you see people who couldn't make it for themselves yet they have a university degree, etc....

    Yes, girls do start to get moody around the middle school ages and they get to be like that in high school too. My high school isn't too bad with cliques and mean girls because it's a smaller high school (there's about 500 students this year). There are some cliques but I stay away from them. I'm shy anyways so I'm not in a group or anything. I don't have many friends but some girls I've known for a few years are nice to me. There is kind of a popular crowd at my high school, in my grade anyways. I don't really care to know the younger kids because they're annoying (haha) and I don't know who most of the Seniors are but I know most of the people in my grade's names. There sure is a kind of popular group in my grade that I'm in though - they seem to think they're all outgoing and cool. There's kind of a large group of students in my grade that seem to all know each other and hang out and I think quite a few of them went to the same school even before high school so almost all of them must have grown up together. There's an annoying girl who thinks she's just it and of course she has the same exact name as me. The first year of high school in grade 9 I thought oh great when we had one of the same classes together which was 'English'. I seemed to be coined as the 'other Callie' which upset me a little because obviously I'm not as pretty and not as popular and outgoing as the other Callie but I still have feelings and I'm not just the other Callie. This other wannabe girl gets on my nerves. She would HAVE to have the same name as me even when my name is a little unique. I'm annoyed lately because there must be at least 3 other girls with the same name as me at my high school. I wish they would honestly p*ss off haha (sorry for the language).

    We've talked before about this, but yes, I honestly hate kids. I've had bad experiences with them and they're just so bratty and pathetic and arrogant and damn annoying so I can't stand babies and kids. It's like a hatred I have for them...I can't stand how adults seem to love kids too and they think that they're so cute and amazing. Yeah right... :/ Yes, I love animals and you could give me a kitten or a puppy any day. I LOVE animals and I'm quite an animal-lover. Animals are SO much cuter than kids/babies. Kid/babies aren't even cute AT ALL to me - they're dirty and gross and annoying. I love many kinds of animals - like cats, dogs, horses, bunnies, birds, penguins, seals, etc.. And yes, pregnancy seems scary. I don't think that I would ever want to be pregnant. I don't like kids as it is and being pregnant seems painful and scary.

    That sounds exciting how you saw whales in the ocean, but that sounds scary to be in a small boat going so fast. I wouldn't be able to do that because I would be really scared to be in the middle of a big body of water. I only like swimming in a pool. Swimming in a lake scares me too because the water would be gross and there would be slimy fish and creatures in the water.

    You asked me in your profile comment about what subjects I'm currently taking but we already talked about that a few days ago in a different profile comment so I won't go over that again...But those 'iGCSES' that you were talking about sound really scary and intimidating. For high school here in Canada (my high school that I go to anyways) you need to do a thing called a provincial exam for each 'Math' course that you take and also a provincial exam for 'English' in your last year of high school. I'm worried about those and they seem quite intimidating and hard. I'll have to do those exams next school year since next school year will be my last year or high school or school. That makes me really sad thinking about that. I can't believe that I'm this close to graduating from high school. :'( I hate it too when you like a class and you find it interesting but you get a lot of stress and pressure because there's a lot of work or information in the course and you have to worry about tests and exams.

    I'm really shy too. I'm a shy person in general. I'm comfortable around my immediate family kind of of course but I'm shy and nervous around new people or people that I don't know that well. I hate it when people ask why I'm shy too. It's a pretty stupid thing for someone to ask. It's like asking someone why they're outgoing - it's just the way that they are (some people are more reserved and introverted and some people are more outgoing and extroverted). I don't know if I've talked to you about why I'm shy before but I don't think I was born shy. I think I remember being more of an outgoing kid but bullying and people bugging me through school kind of changed me and made me more introverted. I just felt like it would maybe be better to be introverted and not say a lot and then maybe people wouldn't bug me anymore but I've found that I've still gotten bullied and bugged the same amount or maybe more than when I was more outgoing. It seems I'm a target to be made fun of or to bug no matter if I'm outgoing or shy.

    I think I'm more of a thinker rather than a do-er because I have a very creative mind and I can think of things easily but if there's something I've thought about and would want to do, I don't find much confidence in myself and I will probably think that I can't do it. I've found through the past few years that I'm quite a negative person too if it comes to matters to do with myself. I think I'm positive kind of when it comes to other people like thinking that they can do something that they want but when there's something that I want or something that I want to happen I'm negative about it. I'm very pessimistic when it comes to things that have to do with me too.

    Regarding the 'Midnight Memories' album by One Direction, I do love it and I don't know if I could choose a favorite album of the boys'...All of their albums are amazing and now we know that their new 4th album will be named 'Four' and it will be released on November 17th 2014! I love 'Story Of My' Life too and I agree that the lyrics were a little confusing to figure out at first (they don't make a whole lot of sense to figure out what they mean). And we've already talked about 'Fireproof' and 'Steal My Girl' from One Direction's new album 'Four'! I love both of those songs SO much and I think that they're both amazing! <3

    As far as One Direction coming to Canada, of course they only went to the city of Toronto as usual. I hate the city of Toronto because I'm so sick of them thinking that they're the center of Canada and they ALWAYS get everything and they ALWAYS get all the concerts. Toronto isn't the only freaking place in Canada. Just like every other year, I didn't get to see One Direction in concert. I asked my mom if travelling to Toronto could be a gift for my birthday but she said that "we can't afford it" so I've pretty much given up on ever seeing One Direction in concert or even in person. I know I'll never get to see them in person so I may as well give up just like I gave up on meeting Taylor. Next year won't be any different and they won't come to the capital city in my province so I'm not even going to ask my parents to see them if they go to stupid Toronto again because I know what the answer will be and I won't get to see them as usual.

    And I can't believe how fast 2014 has gone by. You were talking about how you couldn't believe how it's already 2014 but I seriously can't believe how it's already October of 2014. I don't know why time has to go by so fast. :( I used to think that 2013 went by really fast but 2014 has gone by so incredibly fast and it's been the fastest year that I've lived through so far. I hope that 2015 actually slows down. Thank you for wishing me a Happy New Year (2014), Sadie! Happy (Extremely Late) Happy New Year to you too! I think I watched fireworks on TV for the New Year (2014). I'm not sure if my family watched the fireworks in my town but maybe we did too.

    Thank you for hoping that I have/had a good 2014. I've had an okay 2014 and it's just been really busy with school and such. Nothing much exciting has happened at all except that I got to go to Las Vegas (in the U.S.) in April of 2014. It was quite exciting and it was during the '2014 ACM Awards' and Taylor was there. I got to see her fairly up close on the red carpet but of course there was people in front of me and everyone was pushing and shoving and yelling 'Taylor!' so who knows if Taylor even saw me. She went by so quick too. I hope that you've had a good 2014 too, Sadie. And nope, I haven't met Taylor or One Direction this year lol. I knew that I never would and I know I never will meet them in my life. I've already given up on meeting either of them even though I dream about meeting both of them.

    And now I'm finished responding to your first profile comment. Now I'll respond to your shorter profile comment haha.

    I'm glad that you came back to 'Taylor Connect' after you took a break from it back in February/March of this year. I would have really missed you if you left 'Taylor Connect' for good. Yes, I'm 16 years old now (my birthday was on March 17th). I'm actually 16 and a half now because my half birthday was on September 17th. Being 16 feels a little weird and it's scary to think that you're getting older each year (and I don't want to grow older). No, I didn't have a 'Sweet Sixteen' birthday party. I don't have that big of a family anymore because all of my grandparents are passed away and there have been problems between my family and backstabbing (my dad's sisters) so my family is basically just my mom, my dad, my older sister, and I, and I don't have any or many friends so there wouldn't have been anyone hardly that would come to my 'Sweet Sixteen' birthday party if I had one. I'm really shy and awkward around people that I don't know that well so I don't have any or many friends. Who would want to be my friend anyways? Yeah, I felt a bit sad around my birthday because I knew I wasn't having a special birthday party and it didn't bother me that much but thinking about how probably every other girl in my grade at school when they turn 16 later in the year would have a 'Sweet Sixteen' birthday party made me feel a little bad or sad because they seem to have a lot of friends and a lot of people that care about them but I don't seem to so it wasn't really worth it to have a special birthday party because there would be hardly anyone that I would invite that I know. I haven't had an actual birthday since I was maybe 9 or 10 or something. I guess I was more outgoing back then and girls weren't so moody and I knew some girls that went to the same elementary/middle school as me so I invited some of them to my birthday party/parties because they were nice to me and we were maybe kind of friends with each other.

    No, I haven't finished reading 'Allegiant' (in the 'Divergent' series) yet...I don't think I like the 'Divergent' series that much because I find it confusing and a little weird. I don't understand the hype about 'Divergent' at all. I loved the 'The Hunger Games' series though and I found it really interesting and exciting. I do like reading books sometimes if I find it interesting but I find myself not reading books in my spare time. I only do it if I have to read books for school and that. I really want to read the 'Jurassic Park' book series. I've been obsessed with dinosaurs and with the 'Jurassic Park' franchise since I was like 2 or 3 years old and I've never read the books yet (in which the books actually inspired the 'Jurassic Park' movies). I'm not sure if the library at my school has the 'Jurassic Park' books but I'd love to read them. I think they do have the first book and maybe the second book from the series but I can't seem to find it. I guess I could ask the librarian but I just feel a little stupid asking for a dinosaur book as a female because I guess you would think that mostly males would be interested in the 'Jurassic Park' franchise and stories. But I guess different people are interested in different things and different books/genres, right? I do love video games though. I love the 'Nintendo' company and I love the 'Mario' games. <3

    You have three semesters in a school year? That would be weird for me because we only have two semesters each school year here where I live in Canada. The first semester in a school year goes from early September to late January or early February and the second semester goes from late January or early February to mid June. Our summer break is from mid to late June to early September (so we get a few months off). Even though 'Science' isn't compulsory in my high school, I am taking 'Biology' and 'Chemistry' this year. I didn't find myself interested in or good at 'Physics' so I didn't take it this year. I don't know if I'm regretting not taking 'Physics' now but I just wasn't interested in it when I was choosing courses to take for this school year and it seemed hard and confusing. I do find 'Biology' and 'Chemistry' interesting though and in 'Science' in grade 9 and 10 (which was compulsory then), I found myself to be good at 'Biology' and 'Chemistry' and I found them interesting so I decided to take those two courses in grade 11 (currently) as the 'Science's start to spread apart into their own courses in grade 11 ('Science' is compulsory for grade 9 and 10 and then the three different 'Science' courses aren't compulsory in grade 11 and 12 but you can take them if you want to as it's probably a good idea to take them). And yes, we've already talked about this a few days ago or lately, but yes, we do have to take 'Gym' here every year in high school. :/ I hate it because I've heard that in other high schools in other parts of the country (in Canada), the students only have to take 'Gym' in grade 9. I WISH that my high school was like that!!! I have to take 'Gym' next semester and I'm not excited for it at all (I'm actually worried about it because a girl that I'm kind of friends with doesn't have the same 'Gym' class with me and I'm worried about who will be in my 'Gym' class because I'm shy and we'll probably have to do a lot of partner actives a lot and probably almost every day so I don't know who I'm going to be partners with). :( I don't like team sports in 'Gym' that much either. Sports like Volleyball are maybe okay but I hate team sports like Basketball and Football. I CANNOT stand Football. I'm sick of people raving about watching Football on TV and rooting for teams. I think that Football is really stupid and confusing and useless. I hate having to play it in 'Gym' class too because I never get passed the ball and that makes me feel a little sad/left-out, but I guess that's okay because then I don't have to worry about what I'll do with the ball when I catch it haha.

    That's amazing that you got to see Taylor in concert this year! Did you have a great time? Was it your first time seeing Taylor in concert and/or the first time you saw Taylor in person? I bet that was really exciting! Where were your seats at the Taylor Swift concert? I'm not sure what seats are the best at concerts as I haven't been to many concerts but floor seats are really cool and it's a really cool experience to be on the floor at a concert. I had floor tickets for my 'Speak Now' Tour concert and for my 'RED' Tour concert. I actually got to touch Taylor's hand at my 'RED' Tour concert when she was being carried by dancers to the B-Stage during the song '22' and I cried after it happened. Even if Taylor probably didn't see me because she was held up high and she quickly slapped my hand and saw it as I was holding it up above my head near her, I started crying because I couldn't believe that I touched my idol and that that was probably the closest that I'll ever get to Taylor. I couldn't help it when I started crying. I think after she slapped my hand my mom beside me (who I went to the concert with) asked me if I touched her hand and I looked at her and I started crying and she hugged me and she started crying a little too. We luckily got tickets right on the end of the aisle (we had seats 1-2) so I had the seat right beside the aisle near the stage and we had row 4. We actually had row 13 but the way that they seemed to set up the rows, we actually had row 4 because they put row 13 4 rows from the stage! I just wish that they made row 13 the front row because then I maybe could have gotten Taylor's hat and I would have cried. But some spoiled little brat 8 year old girl got it because she had tickets in the front row. I just CAN'T STAND kids YUCK!!! haha And kids seem to get EVERYTHING. Especially when it comes to Taylor - she seems to favour little kids. And stupid little kids don't even KNOW the meanings of her songs so how they hell would they have as much of a connection with her music than a teenager or an adult would have with her music!? It always makes me angry when I think about the stupid little brat who got Taylor's signed hat at my concert. :/

    I do think that having floor tickets at a concert is a really cool experience but it does suck when idiots get in your way in front of you. I swear there was an annoying 7 foot dad two rows in front of me and he kept getting int he way of some pictures at the start of the concert. I wanted to throw my camera at his head so that the idiot would sit down. He finally realized that some people couldn't see and he finally sat down after the first song or two. I really wish that I could have been in the first row at my 'RED' Tour concert, it would have been so amazing if I had gotten Taylor's hat and then I wouldn't have had to worry about being behind some annoying idiots. For the 'FEARLESS' Tour I had seats in the front row in the first section up from the floor and those were pretty good seats too. It just sucked that I was a few sections away from the stage so I was fairly far away. :/

    Thank you for hoping that I had a good birthday back in March. :) I had an okay birthday as I said before that I didn't have a birthday party but that was okay...And no, I didn't get any Taylor Swift merchandise in my presents. :/ My mom said that I could get some Taylor Swift merch when we went to Las Vegas in April 2014 because there would maybe be a Taylor Swift merch booth at one of the hotels like how there was two years ago when my older sister was in Las Vegas around the same time around the '2012 ACM Awards' and they had a big Taylor Swift merch booth there and she took (blurry) pictures of it for me so I was desperately hoping that there would be a Taylor Swift merch booth like that again when I was there in Las Vegas, but of course not. I was very much looking forward to seeing if there would be a Taylor Swift merch booth, but I was very disappointed when there wasn't one. Of course the year that I went to Las Vegas during the 'ACM Awards' they wouldn't have a Taylor Swift merch booth. That's just my damn luck. :/

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    On Sat, Oct 4, 2014 at 8:41 PM, carrieandtaylor2 said:

    Hey there!! I entered a contest to win tickets to see and meet Hunter Hayes, and I was hoping all of my favorite Swifties could help me out! Just go to this link and click on the video and watch it! Then you can click on "Listen to Hunter Hayes." Every time you listen to a song, watch a video, or look at a picture, it helps me get more points!! The contest goes on until October 25th, and you can do all of this daily. Thank you SO SO MUCH!! http://wheneverythingelseseemssosmall.tumblr.com/post/99151394271/hey-guys-please-watch-this-video-and-other

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    On Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 12:02 PM, TaylorSwiftFan said:

    Yes, I try my best to be a good student. I think I'm usually a 90%+ student. The lowest final mark I've gotten for a course so far in high school was 86% or something because it was 'Gym' (in grade 9 I believe). :( I get upset when I make mistakes and can't get 100% on things. I think I beat myself up easily and I get upset when I can't get 100% on something. I had/have to take 'Gym' all through high school. There's four years of high school in Canada (Grade 9-12) and I'm currently in Grade 11 so this will be my third year of having to take 'Gym'. :/ We have two semesters (each are half of the school year) each school year and I have 'Gym' in the second semester this year. So I'll have 'Gym' in the second semester and the second semester usually starts around late January or early February. I'm not excited for 'Gym'. :/ I wish that we only had to take 'Gym' in Grade 9. Yes, One Direction's new style of music is kind of cool! It isn't completely different from when they first started but I do miss their older style of music which was more pop because now their music if a little bit of rock or 'indie' type of stuff. I'm excited for 'Four' too! <3 I guess we have to wait until November 17th... :(

  5. TaylorSwiftFan avatar

    On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 7:12 PM, TaylorSwiftFan said:

    Yes, two 'Math' classes is quite stressful...But it isn't as bad as I thought it would be so far taking two 'Math' classes at the same time. I quite enjoyed the 'Photoshop' class that I took last year and I'm taking another one this year but it isn't until next semester (the second semester starts in February I believe). I have a lot of homework and work from my classes too. :( I'm not that athletic either... :( I do like and enjoy some sports, but I'm bad at running and I'm always last in 'Gym' when we have to run. I remember having to run around the whole school lot two times in 'Gym' class last year and I was last and I got so tired. I feel stupid and I feel bad about myself when I'm last at running but I don't have good endurance and I quit easily in things and I get discouraged easily. I'm not in athletic shape either and I don't do sports so I hate running.

    Yes, I've heard both 'Steal My Girl' and 'Fireproof' by One Direction. I LOVE both of those songs SO much! I think that they're both so amazing! 'Steal My Girl' is really cool and it sounds like a classic rock song or something. And 'Fireproof' is so amazing and pretty too! <3

  6. dolphinswift avatar

    On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 9:30 AM, dolphinswift said:

    but guys, my name is becky i'm becky

  7. TaylorSwiftFan avatar

    On Sun, Sep 28, 2014 at 12:19 PM, TaylorSwiftFan said:

    Hi Sadie. :) Yes, it's been an incredibly long time since we last talked. I'm so sorry that I still haven't responded to your profile comment. I think you left it on my profile back in March and I've just been busy this year and so many things happen and keep you busy. I'm okay. I'm just really busy lately with school since it started the first week of September. I'm stuck with two 'Math' classes, 'Biology', and 'Chemistry' this first semester...I think next semester will be easy and I at least won't have homework every night (I'll have 'Geography', 'Canadian History', 'English', horrible 'Gym', and a 'Photoshop' class next semester). Thank you for asking. How are you?

  8. ForeverEnchanted13 avatar

    On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 3:38 AM, ForeverEnchanted13 said:

    I met him at X Factor Australia :) I was in the audience when he was there pre-recording his performances for next week and because my dad works on the show, I got to get my CDs signed and get a photo!! He's super nice :)
    And thank you! That means a lot that you'd say that, because I hate how I look in that photo haha

  9. ForeverEnchanted13 avatar

    On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 11:43 PM, ForeverEnchanted13 said:

    Yeah, that's me :) I met him on Tuesday!!

  10. JustMeJustin avatar

    On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 5:41 AM, JustMeJustin said:

    Hey Sadie :), this was taken down my driveway in northwestern Wisconsin. Up here we see them quite often but theres usually a few times a year where they can be seen further south too!!!

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