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Almost couldn't go to Homecoming!!

Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 12:59 PM By: Emmaisyourlife

After attempting to tryout/audition for three various things (volleyball, the musical and a play) and having no luck I decided to ask the coach of the cross country team to join the team because there was no way I could make that! AND I would get in shape! But I joined at an unfortunate time. I only had one practice in before a meet. He wanted me to get a good practice run in. I wasn't too thrilled about it because a meet is 3.2 miles and I had only ever ran 1.5. But I decided "What the Heck!?!" Oh and I forgot to mention, the meet happened to be on the day of the Homecoming dance! I was disappointed but I would still be able to make it in time.

Anyway, after waiting all day to race it was finally my turn. I lined up with the rest of my team. I knew I would not be placing today and I had no problem with that. And so the race began. I was somewhat at the end but not dead last (which was great). I was going at a good pace the whole time. It was tough but I kept going. I was at the last .2 miles and I was so proud of myself! I would finish! That's all I wanted! I was keeping my pace as I began to hear my team cheering for me (boy, do I love them) when all of the sudden I hear loud footsteps and panting. A girl was coming up behind mes sprinting. My competitive side came on and I would not let this girl pass me. So I began to sprint. As soon as I started sprinting I hear my hip pop and I feel to the ground in sheering pain! My coach and dad were instantly by my side and my friend was there holding my hand. I thought I had dislocated my hip bone, but it hurt way too much for that. As I lay down in pain hearing people telling my to relax and my coach telling me he was so proud of me I could only think of three thing:
3. How bad have I hurt myself?
2. Volleyball, The musical, the play, and now xc?!?! Nothing seemed to be working out for me.

Luckily, there was an orthopedic surgeon around. He said it was nothing serious and I would be up and running in a month, but suggested I get an xray anyway. But this time it was about 2:30, I got to the medical center at about a little after 3.

The entire trip there the only thing I was thinking about was Homecoming. I had to go. I got to the emergency center and they called me almost right away. That was a good sign. Nice and quick. The doctor examined me at around 3:30. He wanted me to get an xray. So by the time I was in the xray room it was 4 and it took about 45 minutes for them to tell me the results?!?! I was crying the entire time thinking I wouldn't have time to get ready, go to my friend's house for pictures, and even be able to go to the dance!!

Finally the doctor came in. Nothing was wrong with my bones! (All that waiting for nothing, I thought. But I decided to keep a positive attitude and be thankful) They gave me some crutches and I was home at about 5.

I took the quickest shower of my life, put on makeup (which looked hot!), dried my hair, painted my nails and put my dress on in about 45 minutes. My friend came over while I was doing that and we went to get pictures at my friends house at 6:30. On time!! I didn't even need the crutches to support myself! We went off to the dance!! I was so happy but nervous no one would want to dance with me cause of my crutches, or if I was able to dance at all!

We all got there and instantly people on the xc team, my friends who had heard what happened, and people I didn't even know came up to me and were concerned! I was so thankful people cared! One of my team mates said that everyone was so worried about me and I felt really bad, yet so loved! I had been on the team for two days and I was getting all this love! I felt alot better.

We go to the dance floor and I start swaying to the music dancing pretty awkwardly, at first. Eventually I remembered I didn't need my crutches to stand so I put the crutches in one hand and I was hoping and fist pumping and everything! As long as I didn't land on my right hip, I was fine!

Once everyone really started dancing, I started to dance with this guy. He was super good-looking but I only wanted to dance with him. So we did. He didn't even notice that I was on crutches until one of my friends said that I was doing good in them. He was like "OMG, you're on crutches!??! Am I hurting you?!?" I was like "NO!!" So we continued dancing, but the entire time I was concerned that people wouldn't want to dance with me cause they were afraid I would get hurt.

But literally, that didn't happen and I was not hurting and I even did the cupid shuffle!! And WANEGBT came on and I knew that this was one of the best nights ever!!

Me on the left :)

***note: I wrote this a while ago. Just posting it now!


  1. SparklyFearlessGirl13 avatar

    On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 6:32 PM, SparklyFearlessGirl13 said:

    You look so pretty!!!!!!!!!!! I was so nurvous reading this about your hip!!!!!!!! Your a good writer :) and I am so thankful you are ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D but good job you ran a long way :) but you and your friend look so pretty!!!!!!!! <3 :D

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