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Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 12:45 PM By: Emmaisyourlife

So my friend (lets call her betty), who is also my 4th cousin (we found out when we first met each other a little over a year ago) hasn't been very nice to me lately. I guess we're sorta of growing apart, a little. Not really. But she's been a real jerk off and on to me for these last few weeks. And i've ignored it because we are family. But now I am so done!
Two days ago, we were at an acting workshop we each do together and a theater in our town. We got along perfectly fine. I walked into homeroom yesterday and we each said a casual hey to each other and her, me and our other friend (lets call her Sue) started talking. Sue was talking about this boy and we were all fangirling and stuff. When the bell rang all the sophomores went down to the aud because we had a field trip. I had no idea where they were so I jusr sat down with some other friends. A little while later they walked in and sat down behind me. Nbd.
So I was talking with some friends and they were talking with some friends. I heard Betty telling Sue that this guy winked at her. I turned around and was like "Gasp! Who?" Betty snapped at me! "I'm talking to Sue!" and kept talking. And she like didn't even stop talking when she said it. She like said it in the same sentence she was saying and barely even looked at me. I was like I'm so done because she has said that to me two other times before! And those two times were in homeroom I was just trying to have a conversation because I was kinda just sitting there, and not to mention Betty's been a jerk to me on and off lately, like I said.
Anyway, we went on the field trip and Betty and Sue were with a group of friends and I was with another. Fine. But I guess she was giving me dirty looks and I even saw a few myself! So I went to go talk to her.
She was like why haven’t you been talking to me today.
I was like I she serious, right now? I didn’t say that though. I said cause everytime I try to talk to you you end up saying something mean to me. I got responses like what are you talking about and a bunch of that crap. She obviously knows what going on she’s just playing the innocent card. I was about to scream so I just walked away. I looked back and she was giving Sue the “I don’t know she’s crazy look”. So done.
Then I left my phone at school and she got it so she gave to me today and it was really awk. I was just like thanks. I figured I should give her a real thanks so I was about to go up to her after school today and say thanks but she seemed like she was in a super pissy mood so I didn’t. When I looked over at her she mistook it as a dirty look and SCREAMED to Sue “OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT, LAY OFF”. I texted her and was like “I was gonna give you a real thanks for taking my phone but you looked like you were in a bad mood.” Idk if I shoudlve done that or not.

Ugh, I’m just so done with her and Sue.

Not to mention, I was on the volleyball last year and didn't make it this year and I was gonna go to their game and support the team but I ended up crying too hard and went home instead.


  1. Princess Tinkerbell13 avatar

    On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 4:43 PM, Princess Tinkerbell13 said:


    So sorry to hear the drama is still going on


  2. BeautifulTune13 avatar

    On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 12:56 PM, BeautifulTune13 said:

    Sounds like you got a big mess. I have been kind of in this situation so I would not talk to her for a while

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