Hi, my name is Bianca and I am 18. If you look around you and see a girl reading a book or writing while bobbing her head to the music flowing from headphones, you have obviously spotted me. I love eating as well. My family call me Ryan because I was obsessed with Ryan Adams when I was younger. Four for you, Mandy Moore! I used to believe rainy days were created just for everyone to wear comfy sweaters, curl up on their couch and read a novel while listening to their collection of vinyl records. Then, I grew up and saw the real world.

For me, music has been an escape since sixth grade. It is my best friend. I believe that if a person is going to make it through every single hardship in their life, they need a belief. Some believe in a spiritual figure, some believe in friendships. I believe in music. Trust me when I say I am getting better.

I am open-minded but very opinionated. I am always up with the latest world news. I greatly believe that there is no such thing as hell; we have always been in hell. I can be friends with anyone who has different beliefs than me as long as they do not go off on a tangent and try to hurt my feelings. I have great comebacks.

1. If I do not like the beginning of a book, I will not read it through the end.
2. I don't watch a lot of TV.
3. My favorite song is So Alive by Ryan Adams.
4. I love pasta.
5. Music is my favorite thing in the world.
6. I am very emotional.
7. Demi Lovato led me on the path to save myself.
8. I fully believe in creativity.
9. I Wish You Would is my current favorite Taylor song.
10. I love painting and reading about art.
11. My favorite number is 78.
12. I dance around on my own every day.
13. I talk in poems and lyrics.

Thanks for visiting for my profile!

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