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None of my friends or family love Taylor as much as I do so Taylor Connect seemed like a perfect idea. I love meeting new people (most of the time) so feel free to talk with me and leave a comment!!!
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I'm not very good with words and for this I apologise in advance...

So my name is hard to pronounce but you can call me Atii. But my friends call me Fatty :( I'm 14 ;) I'm just your normal average (well short) girl trying to find a place in this world.

The first time I heard Taylor Swift was Love Story on the radio in primary school, on my way to school, I think. My mind doesn't go that far. That was almost 4 years ago and now I am completely obsessed with Taylor. Seriously though, whenever someone asks me why I love Taylor they'll have to listen to me give a 13 hour speech on how amazing, wonderful, enchanting, fearless and flawless she is. So umm, yeah, Taylor is my idol.

My favourite Taylor Swift lyrics are...

" I'm shining like fire over your sad empty town " - Dear John

" In this moment now, capture it, remember it " - Fearless

If you are still reading this I commend you, even I would have given up after the first sentence. I'm pretty sure you didn't read all of it, I bet you skipped parts. You cheater :O

Now on to the boring part about me, which I am sure none of you want to read about but I will write it anyway. For your sake, I'll keep it short...just like my height.

My favourite animals include; pegicorns, narwhals, dinosaurs and meerkats. I'm not much of an animal lover and I don't like cats. The only cats I do like are Meredith (Who could resist her cuteness?) and Salem from Sabrina the teenage witch because he plans to take over the world. I despise pigeons. I love the colours purple, green and white which just so happens to be the Suffragette colours too (If you don't know who those fantastic people are I suggest you google them because they are so badass.) I'm a feminist, yay. Blue and green eyes make me melt. I don't believe in luck (mainly because luck doesn't come to me and when it does it is always the bad kind) so I don't have a lucky number but if I had to chose it would be 13 just like a certain someone *hint*hint* I would love to dip - dye my hair but it wouldn't look right on me. I find it awkward when you're about to give someone a knuckle touch and they offer a high 5. I fall in love easily with fictional characters *cough*Peeta+Neville+Jack*cough* Even when it is boiling I have to lie down with a blanket on. I over think and under organise. And lastly, I am a couch potato.

Looking back on this piece of writing it seems cringe worthy, but oh well. If you have read all of that (which I bet you haven't) then you are bloody brilliant. I love you like I love sparkles and having the last word. And that's real love.

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  1. stateoffGrace avatar

    On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 7:27 AM, stateoffGrace said:

    I Think Red is just out of this world cant stop playing it.
    Favorite song thats tough i would pic Treachous, Stay Stay Stay, All to Well.

  2. swiftytaylor13 avatar

    On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 5:43 AM, swiftytaylor13 said:

    That's fine!! and thx!! :D

  3. Beckaaaa avatar

    On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 9:23 AM, Beckaaaa said:

    I know she's just perfection! Sorry I didn't reply sooner I couldn't get into TC it was so annoying! But I'm back now!

  4. Carter Buckner avatar

    On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 7:51 PM, Carter Buckner said:

    Sweet page

  5. Roisin13 avatar

    On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 10:37 AM, Roisin13 said:

    Thank you! I love your profile:)xx

  6. swiftytaylor13 avatar

    On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 9:10 PM, swiftytaylor13 said:

    Hey thx for the friend request!! How are you?? :D

  7. stateoffGrace avatar

    On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 10:18 AM, stateoffGrace said:

    HI Fatty u couch Poatato how are u doing?
    What do u think of red.

  8. mpdporter13Swiftie avatar

    On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 6:17 AM, mpdporter13Swiftie said:

    Thank you for the friend request. Isn't Taylor Swift great!!!!!!!

  9. hanako13 avatar

    On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 5:39 AM, hanako13 said:

    Thank you so much for the friend request!:D

  10. Pretending to be a duchess and a prince avatar

    On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 7:46 AM, Pretending to be a duchess and a prince said:

    I got mine on saturday..they sent it early hehe ;)

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