Hey! Thanks for visiting my new page! My name is Melissa, but my family calls me Missy! I'm 25 years old & I live in the beautiful derby state of KY! I finally got the time to sit down & create this! I've been renovating & moving into my almost fiance grandfather house, it's a awesome experience. I've learned alot!

My mother told me a story recently bout how I've been crafting since I was about 2 when my brother flushed my dolls clothes down the toilet so I went to his room & cut a hole in the middle of one of his bandanna to slip over my dolls head then took a string to tie the bandanna around my dolls waist & Voila I have a new dress for my doll! Lol! Crafting helps me get outta my head. I'll make u almost anything that u want!

I also write Poems & if I could play my guitar then I could put music to my writing like Taylor does! I have 4 journals full of poetry that I wrote in high school. Now with technology, I write on my phone or ipod when inspiration strikes. A few years ago I was published in a book!

I've been a SWIFTIE since 2006! I have been to both her FEARLESS & SPEAK NOW concert at RUPP ARENA!! The concerts was an awesome experience that every swiftie should get a chance to do! Taylor puts on a totally different, but awesome show then other singers. I plan on going to the RED Concert!! I can't wait til April 27th when she comes to Rupp Arena on her RED tour!
That explains my name, anything else u wanna know just ask...

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    You're welcome! :D Have a great day!

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    Hi, what's up! :)

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    I'm good. Your welcome for the comment. Everyone helps towards getting badges HaHa.

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    Welcome! How are you?

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    thank you! it means a lot to me.

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    hi how are you?

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    Welcome! I wish I was a Swiftie that long.

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    OK are you new to TC?

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    i found u!! this is awesome!!

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