HEYYY EVERYBODY!!! my name is Bethany and i am so excited 2 join this website. i remeber the first time i heard i taylor swift song i was 7 and my sister had her 1st cd, well we were in the car and we started 2 listen 2 it. our song was on(like the taylor song) and i totally loved it. so i have been a swiftie for 8 years now!!!! I was RED on 9-14-13, and it was the best night of my life, I hope I get to go to her next concert. I am also 15 years old and I like a lot of things, but I'm not going to tell you all of it. well here is some about me and what I like:
Of course, I love Taylor Swift

I REALLY LOVE the Hunger Games

I also love the Hobbit

I also love JOSH HUTCHERSON!!!

I also love Martin Freeman, well I don't have a crush on him but I love him as a actor

I also love Benedict Cumberbatch

Ariana Grande

Victoria Justice

Ed Sheeran


I also love Jennifer Lawerence

And I also love 1D

I also love Divergent

I also like Harry Potter

And I also love Selena Gomez

I also love Demi Lovato

I love Jenna Marbles, her videos are hilarious

I also love Shane Dawson videos

And my fav shows are:
The Big Bang Theory

Austin and Ally

how i met your mother


and some other shows. I also like other stuff like writing songs, facebook, instagram, pinterest, reading, writing stories, and some other stuff. here are some random graphics:

"credit to steelersfan43gobucs"

"credit to steelersfangobucs"

Thanks so much for visiting my page!!! I love all swifties!!! hope you send me a message or add me as a friend and also


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    Thank you for the friend request, sorry that I did not accept right away the only reason for that was that I wasn't here for a while). How are you? I love Divergent and sherlock too!!!!!!!! And the GIFs on your profile are awesome!

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    Thank you for the request:) I love love love your profile!

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    Did you if there were a german Version ?

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    cool ;) but what is :Divergent ?

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