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So, heeeeyy, people of planet Earth. So people might have noticed, or might have not noticed, that i haven't been online recently. That's because of school tho, and twitter, i have an obsession with twitter right now. so yeaaahh, here i am, i'm a girl(what'd you think?) i read books, write some stuff, listen to music, do some crap, trying to survive but really can't, changed a lot. if you were here like long long ago, you would see me as that haaaapppyy girl, who had her profile full of gifs and graphics. i'm still trying to find that girl again but it seems like she's lost on her own world trying to be alive.

well, right now, nothing's going on with life, i'm on 1st year of high school, trying to avoid doing stupid things, trying to be perfect for people. i'm still writing, still a swiftie but 4 australian boys made me fall in love and a girl from boca made me smile. i don't know why you're still reading this cuz i'm too boring, but i'm just letting out the pain.

sooo, i have been ignored recently, by so many people. just learned that you can't really trust people. and also that i don't have true friends which sucked. absolutely. sucked. you know that feeling where you just pretend that you're happy or something? it's easier to be like that because you can like actually believe that you can be happy, that you have the ability to be happy and that you're still breathing, that means you're fine.

life has been soooo hard for me, that's why i got into twitter cuz no one will read my tweets there, in here...well i don't know, i have trust issues. i told some of my friends that i have this kind of depression and they teased me for being 'suicidal' and laughed at me like wtf i won't ever do it again. right now i'm currently fangirling about 50 shades of grey, judge me all you want i'm enjoying it. gahhhddd, i've been judged a lot.

people think being a fangirl is easy when it really isn't, nothing is easy on being a fangirl. because you have to sleep at 1 am or something, you have to like save up just for tickets or something and the thought of someone you love doesn't even know you exist hurts too much...so yeaahh

thank you for all the people who made me feel like crap, who broke me, i'm sorry i wasn't good enough but guess what?

"You can go and hurt me
But I won't feel anything at all
Because what's already broken
Can't be broken much more"

My Favorite Graphics Made by awesome Graphic Makers:

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^Made by Angi

^Made by Talisha

^Made by Kina

^Made by Rose

^Made by Renma or Tris Prior's Bestfriend *whispers* she's really Mrs. Eaton

^Made by Music21

^Made by Primafacie

^ Made by tswiftie18

^Made by TakeAwayThePain

^Made by Lauryn

^Made by Gabriella

^Made by Mint

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^Made by TanyaxOh

^Made by Dani_PazL

^Made by the BeautyIsSincerity

^Made by Hannah

^Made by AutumnLeavesFalling

^Made by Issy or Blossom

The Graphic I requested from the flawless Taylorisammazing

^Made by Kate

^Made by Savannah

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    I love your sad taylor gifs!

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    You like Glee?

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    results are up! sorry for being so late :(

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    I've just seen the movie Divergent, I love it! And I love your profile!

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    Hey...I am a divergent too!! How are you??

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    thanks for the friend request!! your profile is awesome!!!!!!!(:

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