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I say NO to bullying. I am FEARLESS. I wish to Speak Now

Hi my name is Bec and I’m 19 years young

^made by the wonderful Outbackswiftie13! I love it!!

I live in this far away place Perth. It’s not as far away as Neverland, but it’s close enough


I live for the moment because that’s all I’m prepared for. I don’t know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow. Or next Tuesday. Or in a years time. I’m going through this moment in my life where one day I could find myself sitting on my bed, dreaming of the most outrageous things and then the next day, I’ll be living them. I like to dream big. And then chase those dreams until they come true. I've already lived a few of my dreams because of that determination to succeed. And those dreams I don’t chase because someone told me I should… I chase them because I want to look back on my life when I'm old, have grey hair and surrounded by my grandchildren to tell them “I did that, and there is no reason why you can’t follow your dreams as well!”

I am one of those people who dreams of a fairytale ending. Aren’t they the most happiest? I always have the colour red on my finger nails. I was voted for ‘most likely to go to the Olympics’ and ‘loudest laugh’ in my final year of high school. I have hair that can be blonde one day but brown the next. I love fast cars. Not the kind that you see on the streets though’ drag racing. I love old cars – they have personality. I love music like I love warm summer days, and that right there my darling, is the definition of true love! Haha. When I follow an artist or a band, I just have to know the entire album! But the most rewarding feeling is when you are able to sing along to every song when you see them in concert! And for reasons such as that, I've had the opportunity to meet most of my favourite bands. December 31st, 2011 was the last time I ate chocolate. I'm a huge believer in karma. I believe that if you do something to somebody and it affects them negatively, it will come back and bite you on the bum twice as hard. I wish on shooting stars. I’ve been cliff diving. I love reading. There is nothing I enjoy more than escaping my world to live in someone else’s for a little while. Books keep me sane. I can sew. I can draw. I can name every bone and muscle in the human body. I love sport. I love the smell of country air because it generally means endless space! I love camping. I keep a diary. I've been writing in one everyday for well over a year and when I go back to read through what I've done in the past year and a bit, it amazes me what I really am capable of achieving. I hope that one day the world would be able to read my story. I am a huge believer in being different. Why should we all be the same? We are called humans instead of robots for a reason

I believe that if you are passionate about something so much, something great will come out of it! But you have to never stop being passionate and learn to have a little patients because if you don’t get accepted or if you miss out on an opportunity the first time, that means that something even bigger is around the corner

I am a hard worker. And I believe that with hard work and patients, absolutely anything is possible. You need someone to be always rasing the bar so you can go beyond what you think you are capable of. I love a challenge. If there is something that I can’t do, I won’t stop trying until I do it as close to perfect as I can. The one thing I know I can’t do is fly, but I think a front sault is close enough

I love making people smile and laugh. It’s something I really treasure, and if I make someone smile or laugh, I feel like a better person inside. I love meeting new people. I’m not shy either. My sister is always telling me that it scares people the way I can calmly and confidently talk to strangers as though I've known them for years! You can never have too many friends

There have been however, people that have done the opposite to me. There is always going to be someone who will chew you up and spit you out because they find that your sadness is the only way for them to be satisfied. I call that jealousy. I was bullied for four years by this girl I went to high school with. At the beginning of this year, I finally took a step out of the shell I had built around myself to protect myself from her and it felt like there was nothing left of me. I felt hollow and it was hard because I didn’t want to be this person, but I couldn’t find it within myself to stop, in case I let my guard down and she took another swipe at me. But I realised that from nothing there is only one way to go. To something. So I rebuilt my confidence with the help of my friends and family and I was even sent some words of support from my favourite band. And now I can say that I'm a stronger person. Some days I feel like I'm on top of the world. In the June 2012 edition of Girlfriend Magazine, I told the whole of Australia what she did to me. The extra support I received from that was extremely overwhelming. If there is something I hope can be achieved by me speaking up, I hope that someone who is in the same position as I was, can gather up enough courage to speak up and stop the bullying so then one day, they to, can put a smile back on their face

I believe that everything happens for a reason. If something was or is meant to happen, it will. People walk out of your life so better people can walk in. People hurt you so you can become a stronger person. People lie so you learn not to trust anyone

There are many people in my life that inspire me. My family is one of them. They support and encourage me every single day and what more can you ask for? There is this band called Short Stack. They may have broken up as a band but they will forever be the band of three guys who taught me that being different from everyone else was okay. Shaun, Andy and Bradie, I flew across the country to meet you – that’s how much you mean to me. If I had a dollar for every single time you made me smile or laugh – I’d be a BILLIONAIRE. And then there is this other band called Because They Can. Eddie, Jed, James and Jackson. Every time they respond to me on Facebook, a smile the size of the sun appears on my face. Their music is amazing and they are some of the sweetest boys I’ve ever met. Thanks to Ed for signing my phone. Dreams really do come true

I thought I’d leave the one who inspires me the most for last. Taylor Swift. Her songs are the ones that get me through everything. There is a song for every moment. My favourite song changes almost weekly because I love to match a song of hers with what I'm feeling. If there was a day I’d come home in tears, I’d put on some of her songs and in no time I’d be dancing around my room and singing the songs I’ve listened to hundreds of times over and over again. I find that if I'm trying to sum up a moment in my life or trying to tell someone what I've been through, I would tell them a line from a Taylor Swift song because it would word it up perfectly! On March 2nd, 2012, I went to the Speak Now World Tour concert and I was very fortunate enough to meet her! This was her first time in my town so everyone I went with dressed up in one the dresses she wears during the concert, and me and my siblings spent weeks making this huge, bright, light up love heart poster. So out of the 16, 000 people in the room and the second song in, the security guards took all of us from half way up the back grandstand, to be the first people to be taken to the front of the stage with the tree. We were taken to the same side of the barriers as Taylor Swift and when she was singing, we were within arms reach of her. From there, half way through her concert, she came down the stairs and came over to me and gave me a hug. I said ‘I love you’ and she said back to me ‘I love you too’. It was such an amazing moment to say that to someone that is such an inspiration to me, and I still get emotional as I sit here and type it. She will always be a role model to me

^credit to my beautiful friend Outbackswiftie13 - I absolutely love it : )

Someone once said to me that a fan is not necessarily someone who was there from the beginning, but someone who will be there till the bitter end. I can safely say that I am a fan

Only just recently I thought I'd have a go songwriting. Everyone on TaylorConnect seems to be writing songs and it inspired me to have a go as well. It took a lot of my courage to post my first one because I had no idea how it would sum up with everyone else's, who had been writing for a much longer time than me. But I have won a few awards! And still I jump up and down and do a celebratory dance every time I see my name pop up on the scoreboard. Here are some of the awards I've won:

'Fearless Award' in Round 10 of TaylorSwiftFan01's songwriting contest
'2nd Place' in Round 11 of TaylorSwiftFan01's songwriting contest
'3rd Place' in Round 7 of Taylor Is My World's songwriting contest
'Red Award' in Round 1 of Maddie's songwriting contest
'2nd Place' in Round 5 of Mel_Loves_Taylor13's songwriting contest (part 2)
'Speak Now award' in Round 3 of CaliF13's songwriting contest
'1st Place' in Round 7 of Brittanyswiftly13's songwriting contest
'1st Place' in Liketheweather's songwriting contest
'Speak Now Award' in Round 4 of SwiftieKat's songwriting contest
'Most Unique' in Round 8 of Taylor Is My World's songwriting contest
'2nd Place' in Round 7 of Mel_Loves_Taylor13's songwriting contest (part 2)
'3rd Place' in Round 9 of Brittanyswiftly13's songwriting contest
'2nd Place' in Round 1 of ITRD's songwriting contest
'1st Place' in Round 1 of TSwiftworld's songwritng contest
'Fearless Lyric' in Round 1 of All Welcome songwriting contest
'1st Place' in Round 2 of Life's songwriting contest
'1st Place' in Round 7 of SwiftieKat's songwriting contest
‘4th Place’ in Round 4 of Life’s songwriting contest
‘5th Place’ in Round 4 of Sydney’s songwriting contest
‘1st Place’ in Round 2 of Liketheweather’s songwriting contest
‘1st Place’ in Round 7 of SwiftieKat’s songwriting contest
‘3rd Place’ in Round 1 of W1333’s songwriting contest
‘1st Place’ in Round 5 of FEARLESSALWAYS13 songwriting contest
‘2nd Place’ in Round 1 of !decinere’s songwriting contest!
‘TaylorSwift Award’ in Round 1 of !decinere’s songwriting contest!
‘1st Place’ in Round 1 of Swiftieinlove’s songwriting contest
‘4th Place’ in Round 6 of Life’s songwriting contest
‘1st Place’ in Round 2 of TaylorRose’s songwriting contest
‘Fearless Award’ in Round 18 of SwiftieKat’s songwriting contest

Taylor Swift . Short Stack . Because They Can . One Direction . The Never Ever . Heroes For Hire . For Our Hero . Hot Chelle Rae . The Veronicas . Ed Sheeran . Cher Lloyd

"Someday, I'll be big enough so you can't hit me, and all you're ever gonna be is mean." - Taylor Swift
"Don't ever, never if forever let yourself go, stay true to who you are" – BTC
"I'm shining like fireworks over your sad, empty town" - Taylor Swift
“If you need to put me down a lot in order to level the playing field or something? If you are threatened by some part of what I do and want to cut me down to size in order to make it even? That won’t work either.” - Taylor Swift







If you have made it this far reading my profile then I thank you from the bottom of my heart because it is very very long!! And one last message to you all... I love youuuuuuuuu

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  1. SparksFly4Taylor13 avatar

    On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 8:04 AM, SparksFly4Taylor13 said:

    It's totally understandable but you're back for a little bit now and that's all that matters :) i have and it looks like the most amazing thing ever!!! I can't wait to see her next month but more importantly, i cant wait for YOU to see her, too!!

  2. LauraFearless avatar

    On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 12:40 AM, LauraFearless said:

    Same! I never find time to be on this. There should really be a TaylorConnect app for my phone. It'd be such a great thing. I'm still hoping that someday somebody invents something like this.

  3. SparksFly4Taylor13 avatar

    On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 7:54 PM, SparksFly4Taylor13 said:

    Oh my, I couldn't agree more! I strongly believe everyone will be crying when she performs that song on the RED tour!

  4. AlisonSwiftie027 avatar

    On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 10:35 PM, AlisonSwiftie027 said:

    OH. hehe thankyou. LIke yours too :) you know. i want to read all of the things you have posted in your profie but it is really long :) so, i want to know a lot of things about you. about your life. likes or dislikes so we can be much closer :) so, where are you from? :)

  5. BreakBurnEnd13 avatar

    On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 2:54 AM, BreakBurnEnd13 said:

    I'm gonna PM you about it cos I just neeeed to talk about it!!! Im not really interested in that sort of stuff, like Facebook and everything. I will get Twitter though! Hopefully! xo

  6. SparksFly4Taylor13 avatar

    On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 1:24 PM, SparksFly4Taylor13 said:

    Oh my, great minds think the same cause All Too Well is my absolute favorite :) it's so well written and meaningful. I could just listen to it all day :) IKYWT video is so good! I think Begin Again is my favorite so far :)

  7. BreakBurnEnd13 avatar

    On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 11:13 PM, BreakBurnEnd13 said:

    It was gorgeous weather! OH I HAVE BOY TROUBLE! :/ We stayed in Queensland from 17th of Jan until the 27th, well... 28th... seems our flight got cancelled... TWICE! And aw! I've been so lonely on here without you two! Hope yous are well! xoxoxo :D

  8. BreakBurnEnd13 avatar

    On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 1:24 AM, BreakBurnEnd13 said:

    HEEEEEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I'VE MISSED YOU SOO MUCH! It's okay, I understand. I hope you're okay! And Rachel! I miss her heaps as well of course! (: I'm good. I went to Queensland for ten days during Christmas break. It was awesome! (: How are you?? xoxoxoxoxoxoxo :D :D :D :D :D xo

  9. AlisonSwiftie027 avatar

    On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 5:18 AM, AlisonSwiftie027 said:

    YOU are welcome :) THANKS. ! you too! :) *HOw are you doing by the way?

  10. Malee Swift avatar

    On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 1:58 AM, Malee Swift said:

    no prblm girl :D

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