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Well, hello there! You're looking at the profile of a super hardcore, Taylor loving swiftie! I'm going to list a bunch of the things I love and things about me so that you can get to know me better!

Oh hey there! I'm Elysia, as you may have guessed, and so yeah. Um. Hi.
I guess I'll write an uber long paragraph about me so I can feel like I've accomplished something,
•My birthday is September 21st, which is also the Fall Solstice and MY DUE DATE, so that makes me feel special.
•I have like 32423094203948203948 best friends and they're all lovely.
•I'm a really serious dancer and actress and my current goal in life is to audition to be one of Taylor's dancers when I'm eighteen or nineteen.
•I have loads of celebrity crushes and they multiply daily. Currently, though, I have massive love for: Leo Howard, Brenton Thwaites, Rahart Adams, Casey Askew, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, and Noah Centineo.
•For the RED TOUR I had pit tickets ON MY BIRTHDAY and I got to meet a bunch of Taylor's dancers whom I'd met before and Ricky (dancer) took a selfie with me and posted it on Instagram and I told him it was my birthday and he told me he'd tell Taylor and during Love Story Taylor hugged me and told me she loved me so LIFE=MADE.

•I have yet to have had my first kiss OR my first boyfriend so yup that's a thing that isn't happening.
•I'm homeschooled. Truth.
•My favorite Taylor music video BY FAR is Shake It Off.
•I have a really cute golden retriever named Baila and a reeeeally fluffy Himalayan cat named Zara and seventeen egg laying chickens who all have names.
•Taylor, obviously, is my favorite singer and always will be, but I also LOVE the music of Bridgit Mendler, Phillip Phillips, The Beatles, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Little Mix.
•I'm terrified of Fun Houses and wouldn't go in one if you paid me.
•Disneyland is life.
•I love shoes. A lot. I want every pair of cute wedges in the universe.

:D Thanks for visiting my page...Send me a friend request and leave me a comment while you're here!

Madison Square Garden, November 22 2011

Bridgestone Arena, September 19th, PIT SEATS (HUGGED TAYLOR!!!!)
Bridgestone Arena, September 21st, MY BIRTHDAY (MET ANDREA & SCOTT!!!)

Gillette Stadium, July 24th 2015
Gillette Stadium, July 25th 2015

Made by the fantabulous SteelersFan43GoBucs



I love this girl SO MUCH. She was like, my first friend on TC and I can talk to her about anything. She's super cool and I love her to death!

I LOVE HER SO MUCH. SHE'S SO COOL AND CRAZY. The two of us are really, really stupid together and we actually have *fake* boyfriends that we go on *fake* double dates with and have *fake* arguments. We also have backup boyfriends...(both of which are animated)...but you probably don't want to hear about them.

I love herrrr ;) She's my football buddy and we like to talk about how awesome Tom Brady is and how irritated we are about people trading really really good football players :/ haha!

Soo, I hear Taylor on the radio and I'm like

I'M SO PROUD and then I'm like


Okay, so I also LOVELOVELOVE the absolutely AMAZING Chehon Wespi Tschopp, winner of So You THink You Can Dance Season 9! I'm just obsessed with his dancing and I'm hopefully going to take a dance workshop with him this fall of 2013! I met him on the SYTYCD Live Tour and it was incredible and perfect.

I love you Che xoxo

Chehon and his lovely partner Witney Carson

OKAY. So I am IN LOVE with Leo Howard. I find him just incredibly gorgeous and incredible and perfect and I love the show Kickin It, which he just happens to star in ;) So, just a warning, get ready for a crapload of Leo...


wuv you Tay


^^So excited for this one to come out!

So here are some WONDERFUL graphics that have been made by some WONDERSTRUCK graphic makers and I thought I'd give them a shout out :)

Made by FearlessForever13

Made by SwiftLookAlike!

Made by me :)

Made by Primfacie!

Made by Love One Direction!

Made by Reshmi4Bieber!

Made by withsomeindierecord!

This one is made by me and if you want to use this please give me credits! As to the ones that I didn't make please don't steal :)


Visit my beauty forum!
What do you think of my gifs? Add me and leave a comment :)

I love you ALL to the moon and back!

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