Hi! thank you for viewing my profile:) I'm Iona, 15, and yes all I want is to be wanted, but time can heal most anything so I will be okay :) I live in England. I'm home-schooled. I'm that girl who's actually quite bubbly and loud if you know me well, but when im around people I don't know I'm really awkward, shy and self-conscious....

I play ukulele and guitar. Playing music makes me feel so happy:) I play Taylor's songs and also my own songs too:)

I love cats so much, they're just so cute! I have a cat called Cosmo, he is bae :) Meredith and Olivia are the cutest things in the world. Like Ever.

I'm really excitable, especially when it comes to anything related to Taylor. When I get really excited I start jumping and dancing around. This happened A LOT before the RED Tour...and now its the 1989 Tour!!!!!!

I love dancing around and singing to Taylor, remember that scene in the You Belong With Me video? Well, That kind of accurately demonstrates it:) Except theres no cute boy next door, I guess that's real life unfortunately... haha:)

I love books, some of my favourites are the Harry Potter series, the Selection and the Hunger Games:)
I love Jane Austen novels, they're amazing, romantic and witty, I'm a little obsessed with that whole era!
Apart from Taylor other musicians I like are Ed Sheeran (I saw him live on the 23/09/14), Gabrielle Aplin and Nina Nesbitt (I saw Nina live on the 03/12/14).
And you should probably also know....

I saw Taylor for the very first time on The Speak Now Tour. It was the best night of my life, and it will be remembered.

I went to the Red tour!!!! It was so amazing, Taylor sounded and looked so flawless as always:) We were in the very last row of Block 411, but we could see really well. Even though we were so high up, we had a light-up sign and were dancing and screaming like crazy!!!! It was just simply breathtaking, magical, beautiful, wonderful, amazing, enchanting words cant describe it but it was the best experience ever!

I will see Taylor on the 1989 Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE NO CHILL JUST OH MY SWIFT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

And i LOVE Taylor Swift! She is my best friend, her music is always there for me:) I love her voice, wonderfull songs, fashion, lovely personality, and how down-to-earth she is! She is so talented, not only does she have the most beautiful singing voice she is amazing at writing songs, she truly is a superstar and deserves everything she has achieved and more.
She's fearless, enchanting and the kind of flawless I wish I could be, she has been such an inspiration to me and one day I hope to meet her and say 'Thank you- for everything'.
The first Taylor song I ever heard was Love Story all the way back in 2008, its kind of scary how much has changed in my life and Taylor's in the 6 years since then, but everyday I love Taylor more and she is my friend through the ups and downs of life:) More and more I find myself turning to her music, she's the only one who really gets me, she is so so so much more than just a singer. I am so lucky that I have such an amazing idol! She is the one who makes me laugh when I know i'm about to cry:)
I know most people have favourite songs and albums but it is just impossible for me to choose as I love every single song so much and each album is just an amazing, beautiful, perfect piece of art in it's own right.
The other day I asked myself the question 'who would I be without Taylor?' And honestly I don't know, she is so deeply engraved into my life, she has made me a better person and inspires me so much. I swear theres a Taylor Swift song for every single thing!:)
She inspires me in so many ways- to be fearless, to speak now, to dream impossible dreams, to play guitar and ukulele and to write songs, when I was little I used to make up random lyrics as I went along but it was Taylor who inspired me to write them down. When i first started age 8 I didn't know anything about song-writing they didn't rhyme and lasted 2 minutes, but through Taylors songs I learnt how to write lyrics and what a 'bridge' is:)
I literally am obsessed, when I think about how proud I am of her I feel myself starting to cry- she is just the best!!!
She's so funny too!!!! And her dancing is so awesome!

Thank you so much for reading, I love you TC swifties:)
Taylor is so inspiring

Rabndom GIFs that explain my life
When I'm fangirling...

When I'm making the moves up as I go...


And Taylor if in a one in a billion chance you ever read this, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU and NEVER CHANGE




greece. loves. taylor






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    On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 11:40 AM, SwiftStar said:

    I love ur dp it's s9oooooo beautiful ..

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    On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 8:26 AM, IWISHYOUWOULD13714 said:


    sign petition for a 1989 world tour dvd! And spread the word:)

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    They Were The Coolest Things! :D I Loved The Idea And Hope She Does Something Like That For Her Next Upcoming Tour! :)

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    Thanks :) <3

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    On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 9:47 PM, WonderstruckSwiftie4ever said:

    I am. I'm going on September 5th and I am super excited to see Taylor again :) What about you? Are you going? I am doing good, thank you for asking.

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    On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 7:46 PM, EverytimeYouLookAtMe said:

    You're welcome! And I'm doing great, thanks for asking :) Sweeran makes my life complete <3

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    okie dokie! and im doing grand! u?

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    I love your new/current avatar/profile picture, Iona! :)

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    do u want any graphics from me. if so go to my profile look under links and click on " Cheshire Cat Smiles Graphics"! Put your request there and ill work on it right away :) have a swiftastic day :)

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