Hi my name is Rachel and Taylor Swift is the best thing thast ever happened to me. She taught me to be fearless and speak now..and she also tought me about love and the hard things in life. I love to write songs and stories about love and fantasy...and also the horrors life can bring us. When I grow up I want to be a singer/song writer or just a singer...or i want to be an author. I always wonder what life was like before I was born, its weird to think about the people before your time especially the ones related to you. I am Jewish and a tiny bit Christian...my dad converted to Judism and Ive grown up in a Jewish household celebrating all jewish holidays, but because my dads side is Christian we still celebrate easter and Christmas.

Ive been a swiftie since Fearless, during the fearless era Taylor was not my favorite singer..my favorite singer was Miley Cyrus. After a while that changed to selena Gomez....and now im just like: all i care about is taylor Swift.....its strange because im always thinking about Taylor like no matter what shes always on my mind! Taylor inspires me so much and I realize miley and selena have changed too much...I still love selena but miley has changed too much for me...

I went to the speak now concert August 2, 2011 Washington D.C. verizon center
I am going to the red concert May 12, 2013 Washington D.C. verizon center

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