Hello Swiftie! I am so glad you have clicked on my profile! It's like a dream come true for me!! okay first of all a lot of my profile is going to be catagorized so this is just the introduction so read on! :)

Okay well I have lived 14 years on this earth and I have gone through a lot (i think) for fourteen years. I'm home schooled, and have been since birth. I get so many rude remarks and questions about being home schooled like," Oh your home schooled so that means your sheltered then." and I'm like what? being home schooled means I have more time to write songs, more time to just have fun, more time to (sometimes) sit and be lazy, and just more time to TEXT LOL! I I have a hard time putting my life into words, and what I have gone through so if you don't really understand me sometimes as your reading it's fine. I love sparkles, dogs, summer, sun, riding my bike, climbing trees, playing my guitar, writing songs, and pretending I am a famous country singer when my parents are not around LOL! I am not considered a girly girl, although I think I am inside in our house but out in public I just am really shy.... It's strange cause I can go and sing with my guitar on stage in front of people but I can't ask the waitress at the resturant where the bathroom is. It's weird my hands go clammy and I just kind of froze there. I (use) take dance classes, and ice skating classes but I quite dance classes (I mostly danced hip hop and jazz) because of certain kids who were bullying me when the teacher was not around... and now my all time favorite song is Mean by Taylor, because it just comforts me so much. Through out my years of being bullied my heart has gone stronger to defending myself, before I couldn't move a muscle to be FEARLESS against the bullies or to Speak Now. I am a christian and have been since I was 5 or 6 somewhere in there (LOL). My favorite verse is Jerimiah 29:11 it's a FLAWLESS verse and is well worth reading (the whole bible is). I have seen and talked with a lot of girls who are really snobby and rude to me like one girl she made a mistake on curling my friends hair with the wand, and I'm like,"Ya I tried it before like that and it was the same thing too (straight and not curled)" and she says," Well it takes a lot of skill, and I rarely make mistakes so." And I just dropped my mouth when she said that.. But I have learned a lot of people are like that they don't feel like there worth enough.. this girl was kind of chubby so I thought maybe she gets called names for being kind of fat at school? I don't know but teenagers like us don't usually say those kind of things for no reason. So I ask myself what would Jesus do in this kind of situation? Well he would probably set Olivia (that;s her name) straight and help her and lead her to the Bible, but for me since I am really shy i couldn't do it that day, but I just kept a smile on my face and I closed my mouth from not saying any bad replies about her and how she shouldn't be like this or that. So bottom line it helps to think before you say do.

Well first of all I came to know the beautiful Taylor Swift when my Dad watched Taylor's E! True Hollywood interview late one night in November of 2011. The next morning he told me all about the young Taylor. and I was very interested so I searched on youtube for the same exact interview about her life I watched the whole thing and I fell in Love with her determination, inspiration, and will to pursue her dream noticed I didn't say music. i never really listened to her music a lot, but the reason (1st reason) I fell in love with Taylor was because she had a will to keep going and pursue her dream at such a young age. I never really thought I had determination in me.... and I still don't think I do... but I pray one day I will. After watching the incredible, inspirational story of her life, I got thinking about her music so I just typed taylor swift and I saw the Fearless video and I FELL IN LOVE with it right away!! I thought it was just a magical sound, like a brilliant master piece meant to change the world. I soon got a guitar and started writing my own songs, and from then on I was changed, a lot I think. A lot of my friends know I am a BIG swiftie but think it's annoying, they tell me to stop saying her name and stuff.. and I kind of ask myself are they really my friends?? but I can answer that question myself. I believe someone being FLAWLESS is not being perfect but accepting that you broke one of God's commandments and facing that sin and asking forgivness from everyone, that si someone being FLAWLESS, because no one is perfect and everyone knows that. Taylor has always inspired me and my favorite album is "Speak Now" and "Fearless." there just so magical. :)

What do I think LOVE means? Love is this strange, confusing, mysterious, magical, beautiful, treacherous, flawless, heartbreaking, adventrous, path that no one seems to get right sometimes. So if you want to go down this path you have to be smart and wise as you enter that world. I have entered it once and got out broken... and a lot of times maybe when you see the boy you like you get butterflies inside and then you become dumb.. yes I said it Dumb. You don't see the flaws of the guy you like when he says "hi", you just kind of feel like your on a perfect cloud and you think your gonna stay there forever, well with my experience if you want to read it click HERE take your time, don't have the need to go out with someone, or have a boyfriend your just wasting your time. Enjoy your young life. You can think about this stuff when your 19 or 20 not 13 or 14. Just like taylor said,"There is more to life then dating the boy on the Football team." If you want to enter the realm of Love don't expect it to be "Happily Ever After" I know probably what I am saying might be cruel to you other swifties but what i am trying to say is Wait.. wait till your a little bit older, wait till your a little bit wiser to understand this whole thing. Cause if you keep going out with guys your just repeatidly breaking your heart over and over again.

I Love Country Music! I think because I actually can understand the words not like Pop, or Hip hop, or R&B, where you cant hear anything there saying or you just don't understand what there saying in the song. I take Country Music as, it doesn't have to have a very Big rolling beat, you can just write the song and make it sound you. I love the sound of the Banjo, guitar, and violen too but unfortunatley I only know how to play guitar LOL! I think my personality is shy, cool, wishful, hopless, confusing, guitarist, singer, songwriter swiftie, who is trying to find A place in this World. No one really notices me.. I am kind of like the helpless girl out there kind of in this Big ocean called "my community" LOL! I try to make friends but I never have true friends who understand me and watch over me. That's why I write a lot of songs about friends, I think my most popular one is "Would you" If you want to check it out just go to my links and click my songbook. If someone were to ask me what my dream is I wouldn't know because I love singing, and playing my guitar but it's just that I know I'm not pushing myself to achieve my dream, which means I'm starting to lose interest. My dream was I guess going to Nashville and becoming a famous country singer the reason for losing interest is not enough determination I guess. Half of me feels like I can totally make that dream come true, then the other just tells me,"Are you kidding? That will never happen." Also i love surfing (no i dont live in hawaii) but i recently whent to hawaii for vacation and whent aurfing and fell in love wij the sport. now i miss it terribly..... I also love watching the movie soul surfer

anna sophia and bethany
enough of that Feel free to PM me, comment, or send a friend request I love meeting new people!

I just want to take the time to thank all my BFF's on TC RockstarRonan you are so Awesome in 13 million ways!!!!! Your supportive and take the time to talk to me when I really need it! I thank you for that So MUCH!
Katniss Mellark I don't know Katniss that well but me and her are planing to do a singing group together and she is really nice and I look foward to getting to know her.
Jai you were the first person I ever met on TC and who actually talked too me YOU ARE AWESOME and you write really good songs! Your brave inside and out and no one can take that away from you thank you for just talking to me.

Please take a look at my songbook! That would be Awesome even if you left some feedback!

^please click my website that I worked so hard on

^click to join please

Does'nt this guitar look beautiful? ^^

Here are some awards of mine

by ergan
This is my story/poem of all of Taylor's songs
I was always on THE OUTSIDE everywhere I whent, I love country especially TIM MCGRAW. I say STAY BEAUTIFUL cause everyone has a PERFECTLY GOOD HEART, I had TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR when he left, OUR SONG was the best thing that ever happened to us, I'm still trying to find A PLACE IN THIS WORLD, because I'm always INVISIBLE when I'm around him. But then I realized he was just another PICTURE TO BURN when I heard him singing MARY'S SONG. he SHOULD'VE SAID NO because I never had been anywhere COLD AS YOU, but I found someone new and I was TIED TOGETHER WITH A SMILE, because I'M ONLY ME WHEN I'M WITH YOU.

I'd rather JUMP THEN FALL into your arms because your sometimes UNTOUCHABLE, but when you said FOREVER AND ALWAYS I knew that was true, and I didn't want you to CHANGE from that day on. You were a SUPERSTAR before I met you that's why I'm asking you to COME IN WITH THE RAIN. but now your on the OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR standing tall and FEARLESS, so when I hear 'HEY STEPHEN' playing I think of the LOVE STORY that we had together. I thought YOU BELONGED WITH ME from that very first day, and now I can't BREATHE when I'm around you cause it just reminds me of the WAY THAT I LOVED YOU. When I was FIFTEEN i was foolish enough to think you and your WHITE HORSE would come along, but now I know that YOUR NOT SORRY for anything, and I thought I had the BEST DAY with you,

because we had SPARKS FLYING and I thought you were MINE. but really I just wanted to go BACK TO DECEMBER, Because it was the STORY OF US, but now I've learned to NEVER GROW UP because it's better just to SPEAK NOW, and now that I think of it we were both INNOCENT, but I never thought we'd have our LAST KISS, cause we both said LONG LIVE. And now I'm HAUNTED by the memories and I'm starting to think nothing is BETTER THEN REVENGE, because when I wrote 'DEAR JOHN' I just threw the letter away, but I still remembered that day when I was Enchanted to meet you, and now I think I was the one being MEAN,

but now we are both in a STATE OF GRACE, and now EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED, Because we both remember it ALL TOO WELL. I remember your words saying "this is the LAST TIME!" and when I heard those words I froze in silence and now it's a SAD, BEAUTIFUL TRAGIC, cause I thought I was the LUCKY ONE, But really it was just a TREACHEROUS moment to remember. And now that I'm 22 I'm starting to think WE ARE NEVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER, but now the ground that you walk on to me is HOLY GROUND. Now all I see is RED, but I wished I could've told you to STAY, but then I saw you and I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE, but then I saw that STARLIGHT in your eye and I watched it BEGIN AGAIN.

13 facts about me
1. I love writing songs and playing my guitar
2. I love cookie dough and cookie dough ice scream
3. Huge Taylor FAN!!!
4. I love being out in the sun!
5. I have a dog (thats such a cutie)
6. lucky number is 13
7. my fave disney movies are tangled and ariel
8. I have never watched Pirates of the Carrabian, star wars, or harry Potter! Never! like ever.
9. I love pasta!
10. I have never been to a taylor swift concert
11. my Favorite Taylor swift songs are Back to december, Sparks Fly, Fearless, fifteen, invisible, and you belong with me.
12. I have never met taylor
13. I love RED Velvet Cake!

^Credit to rockstaronan for the beautiful graphic

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