If you haven’t realised already I worship Taylor, she is inspiring, magical, true, pure and fearless. I was 12 when I first heard her song ‘You Belong With Me’, and after that I was hooked, I became a Swiftie. So here is a list of reasons Taylor is the Queen :
1. She’s fun.
2. She’s happy.
3. She puts out great music.
4. She’s supportive of people.
5. She loves her fans to the moon and back.
6. Her awkward dancing.
7. Her love for cats.
8. Her ability to make everything okay.
9. Her flawlessness.
10. She’s so nice to her fans and makes them feel special.
11. Her hair & clothes.
12. Wonderstruck.
13. Meredith.
14. The T-Party.
15. All the awesome merch she has.
16. Her songwriting.
17. Being an inspiration.
18. Her sense of humor.
19. Her eyes.
20. Her vlogs.
21. Her goodness and decency.
22. She’s wholesome and not hypocritical.
23. She’s very down to earth and humble.
24. She dances in the pouring rain with 52,000 fans.
25. She’s the reason I learned to play guitar.
26. She taught us how to love.
27. She teaches us to love ourselves.
28. The fact that she believes in magic.
29. She always stops for her fans.
30. Her songs sound like they were written just for us.
31. She makes us feel like we’re not alone.
32. Her tweets.
33. Her videos of Meredith.
34. Her songs are pages ripped from our diaries.
35. Her hilarious, sarcastic sense of humour.
36. The way she loses herself on stage.
37. How she acts with Ellen.
38. Her fashion style.
39. Her love for Christmas.
40. How she goes the extra mile for her fans.
41. How she calls London, Fundon.
42. She’s my best friend when no one else is.
43. Being the one that never fails to make me smile.
44. Her Red photoshoot.
45. Her Grammys.
46. How she always wears dresses.
47. For the one simple reason: “You call me up again, just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest.”
48. How she believes in fairytales and happy endings.
49. Because of her amazing Grammy performance.
50. Because she manages to release the right songs at the right time, e.g. just when I need them.
51. Because she is worth traveling to the US just to see her perform on the Red tour.
52. Because she is friends with Ed Sheeran.
53. Because she loves cats.
54. She raps about living with her parents.
55. She doesn’t talk back to haters.
56. Because she has brought so many people together and created friendships.
57. Because of her vintage style.
58. Because of her old Myspace comments.
59. Because of her Rolling Stone interview in 2012.
60. Because of her glamour 2012 photoshoot.
61. Because of the RED photobook.
62. Because of her lyrics.
63. Never Grow Up.
64. For forgiving Kanye West.
65. She makes us believe in that most maddening, beautiful, magical, horrible, painful, wonderful, joyous thing in the world, love.
66. She genuinely makes me happy.
67. Her natural beauty.
68. She made me the person that I am today.
69. She taught us to be fearless and to always speak now.
70. Her fashion sense
71. She has M&Gs and T-Parties for every show during her tour.
72. The way she holds her pencil.
73. Because she thinks we’re hot.
74. The love she has for each and every fan.
75. Her barefoot performances.
76. Because even when I say I don’t like Taylor, I still cry when I hear her music.
77. Because she sings everything I feel.
78. Because of the way she treats her mom.
79. Because she makes me understand that love is ruthless, but, most of all, it’s also red.
80. Because she makes me feel like someone cares about me and loves me.
81. Safe and Sound.
82. Ronan.
83. Because her music has saved many lives, including mine.
84. Her guitars.
85. She is there every step of the way. When we turn 15. When we had the last kiss we never thought we would. When we turn 22. When we need a friend.
86. "I can’t live without you, I can’t live without, baby"
87. "Because you ate it alone, Taylor. You ate it alone."
88. Her friendship with the members of Paramore.
89. The piano in The Moment I Knew.
90. Her ukulele.
91. "You’re not too short for me, I don’t care what my mother says!"
92. The Vanity Fair article.
93. “So go and tell your friends that i’m obsessive and crazy, that’s fine, I’ll tell mine you’re gay.”
94. Her lips.
95. The fact that she was bad at math in school.
96. Her inability to play sports.
97. Her love for hockey.
98. Her sassiness at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.
99. The fact that she wore something bright to the BMAs.
100. “Who you are is not what you did.”
101. Her ACM voting pun pictures this year.
102. "Ed Sheeran told me you make a really good stir fry…"
103. Her 2012 Elle Canada photoshoot.
104. Because she takes all the guitars she owns with her on the Red tour, even if she doesn’t use them all.
105. Her love for The Hunger Games.
106. Her friendship with Jennifer Lawrence.
107. Her legs.
108. Her hugs.
109. Because she has a hopscotch rug in her kitchen.
110. Because her candids look like photoshoots.
111. SNL monologue.
112. "The one indulgence I allow myself is food."
113. The dress she wears while singing The Lucky One.
114. Her CMA performance of Ours.
115. Sparkly dresses.
116. Her obsession with cats.
117. That “cuddly kittens” book she had.
118. Mine behind the scenes.
119. Picture to Burn behind the scenes.
120. Her handwriting.
121. Her songs with Liz Rose.
122. Because she has safes full of journals she kept since she was very young at her parents’ house.
123. Her koi fish guitar.
124. The koi fish pond in her apartment.
125. Her giant birdcage in her apartment.
126. Because she likes to read.
127. Because she wrote, “Starlight,” for Ethel.
128. All her Glamour magazine photoshoots and interviews.
129. Because she’s obsessed with food.
130. Because I met one of my best online friends because of her (ily, Christina.)
131. "I’m 23 now guys, I’m just going to write dark songs and dance around in my bra all the time.”
132. Her 2am references.
133. Her obsession with good grammar.
134. How she uses the word “like” all the time.
135. Her MySpace blogs.
136. "And you come away with a great little story of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you."
137. Her Alan Carr interview.
138. swiftsecrets.
139. The birthday book.
140. The RED webchat.
141. The fact that her twitter name has 13 letters, and it’s simply her name and lucky number.
142. Her unreleased song, “We Were Happy.”
143. The fact that she wrote the names of the guests on the Speak Now Tour on her arm to thank them at the 2011 CMAs.
144. The fact that Ed Sheeran always has positive and cute things to say about Taylor.
145. Her obsession with Leann Rimes’s music.
146. Because she showed me how beautiful yet tragic love can be.
147. She saved my life.
148. For writing all her music.
149. For turning “Untouchable” from a fast rock song into the beautiful lullaby it is.
150. For winning a Grammy for Safe and Sound.
151. For loving Paramore.
152. For loving Owl City.
153. Because she fangirled when she met Shania Twain.
154. Her Twitter bio.
155. Taylor.
156. "Too many exclamation points? Sorrynotsorry."
157. Singing “Who Says” with Selena Gomez at MSG.
158. Because of her dry sense of humor.
159. Taylor Squared.
160. Because she gives a fan her hat every night on the RED tour.
161. Speak Now.
162. Her perfect skin.
163. Her adorable nose.
164. Her sparkly tops.
165. The purple sparkly dress she wore on the Fearless tour.
166. Her cover of “Ain’t Nothin’ Bout You.”
167. Those cupcakes with 13’s on them.
168. "The l doubles as a 1!"
169. Her tweet about Caitlin seeing a rainbow.
170. How Caitlin’s fiddle matches Taylor’s red guitar.
171. Her “haters gonna hate” unicorn shirt.
172. How she rarely paints her nails.
173. Because she held a koala.
174. Her panda sweater.
175. theswiftfans.
176. How much she loves it when her male fans sing, “She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts.”
177. Tied Together With A Smile.
178. How she, Caitlin and Liz did their own hair and makeup for the Fearless tour.
179. Her 60 Minutes episode.
180. The Fearless album.
181. Because she took a picture with a “lonely looking” tree once.
182. Because she said Caitlin looks like a space stripper once.
183. Her headbands.
184. Because despite what the haters say about her not being country, dozens of popular and legendary country artists have had nothing but praise for her.
185. "Country music will always be your home and we love you for that, thank you."
186. Her CMT awards outfit.
187. How her mom always came with her on tour.
188. Because a lot of Austin’s photos were put into the Fearless tourbook.
189. She always wears eyeliner.
190. Once I went into Walgreens, and they had clips of songs from the RED album being played nonstop.
191. The Everything Has Changed video.
192. She presented Josh Hutcherson with a TCA.
193. Her sarcasm when people ask her mean/negative questions.
194. How she never lip syncs.
195. Her makeup at the Fragrance Foundation Awards.
196. Because it is so obvious that she didn’t ever use Harry for fame.
197. Sticking her tongue out at the Jelena kiss.
198. Because without glasses or contacts she can’t see.
199. Her glasses in the WANEGBT, 22 and YBWM videos are her actual glasses.
200. Because she listens to music on vinyl.
201. Wonderstruck Enchanted.
202. She gets thousands of new Twitter followers every day.
203. She writes most of her really amazing songs in less than an hour.
204. Accepting a CMT award during her Milwaukee concert.
205. The fact that she had taylorswift.com ever since she was in 6th grade.
206. "I like imagining what life was like hundreds of years ago."
207. The letterman tour jacket.
208. The platinum collector’s blanket.
209. Her glue gun scar.
210. Her Teletubby costume.
211. The IKYWT video.
212. The southern accent she used to have.
213. How she got high-fived by Jay-Z.
214. Her cat shoes.
215. Her lace dresses.
216. Her acoustic sets on her tours.
217. taylor-swiftfacts.
218. "Like, ever."
219. How she sells her albums at Starbucks.
220. The Teardrops On My Guitar dress.
221. How she had Starbucks while in her Love Story dress.
222. Her cat ears.
223. The 22 music video.
224. Her friendship with Ed.
225. She always eats at In-N-Out burger.
226. She loves ModCloth.
227. The “The Lucky One” video during the Red tour.
228. The purple dress in the “Begin Again” video.
229. The pictures of her holding Poppy.
230. What a lie “Taylor has no fans” is.
231. The irony in the fact that none of Taylor’s family really thought Love Story would be popular when she first played it for them.
232. She calls herself a cat lady.
233. She reads her Twitter mentions.
234. Because she loves to cook and bake.
235. She buys a ton of recipe books.
236. Her Instagram.
237. "That’s not ladylike, that’s not even cat like."
238. The balconies she sang Love Story on and sings Sparks Fly on.
239. How she brought Emma up onstage during Sparks Fly.
240. Thanking Jennifer Lawrence when she won the Grammy for Safe and Sound.
241. The look on her face when Adele won the Golden Globe.
242. Meredith’s posture.
243. Her friendship with Dianna Agron.
244. Her scene on New Girl.
245. The extent she goes to to make her Christmas presents look pretty.
246. Just because she’s her.
247. She brought us Swifties together!

So glad to call her my Queen / inspiration/ role model / northern star! xxxx

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    Hahahahaha your avatar made my day :')

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    I noticed you changed your profile...and I love it! <3

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    It's been a while since we talked...how are you? Also, isn't Shake It Off AMAZING???

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    I love your profile! :)

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    Cold Holy Ground Songwriting Contest

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    Hi!! Thank you so much for the comment!! I'm so sorry for the late answer, haven't been on TC lately... But I'm great thanks, and you? Have you seen ep. 5x09 of Castle? I died!!!

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    I know right!! I'm looking forward to the Treacherous performance, and WANEGBT, and Sparks Fly, and The Lucky One and of course the Surprise Song, and.. Ugh.Just the whole concert X)

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    can you guys please check out my new tumblr account dedicated to Taylor =)
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    I will post the photo as soon as possible
    submit them in the "submit your "thanks to taylor" here"

    so go and send them in
    heres the link http://thanks-to-taylor.tumblr.com/

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    On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 9:15 AM, -Elle13 said:

    I love the promo sooo much "OMG, you're proposing!!" So awesome =) And yeah, Picture To Burn is great!! I don't know yet.. I'm going to wait 'till I know the concert date. All I know is that it will be red!! What are you going to wear?

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